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  1. ReneAZ

    Resolved / disregard

    Deleted (sorry - could not find a way to delete post)
  2. ReneAZ

    Here's my new Mini..

    Hi, Yes, the iPad mini 1. Just got it a couple of days ago and love it. (my first Apple product) So nice and light (compared to my Kindle Fire). I'm still learning my way around, but so far so good. Got the Kindle apps, and connected it to my Amazon account. I think I need to read through the...
  3. ReneAZ

    Here's my new Mini..

    Hi there -- Congrats on your iPad 3!!! Wow, that's great. I see you started with the iPad 1 - and I just got that (actually should be delivered this week). So I know who to go to if (when) I need help!! Rene
  4. ReneAZ

    New member intro

    Hello everyone, Just a quick little intro - just joined the forum. I have always been a PC person but just bought my first iPad (mini). Why? I don't know... :) I guess just because it sounded like a good deal (it's a Mini 1) and I was intrigued. I haven't received it yet; it should be...