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  1. King Hal

    Goodreader & iCloud

    Hi all, Goodreader is one of the best iPad apps around and I've been using it for a couple of years. I was lucky enough to get the original iPad the day before its launch date and stuck with it until the iPad 3 persuaded me to upgrade. All my apps restored from iPad 1 to iPad 3 without any...
  2. King Hal

    BeoSound 8

    Collected my BeoSound docking station yesterday. It looks great with the iPad installed, though I'll mostly use it with my iPod touch. It's an outrageously expensive bit of kit but it sounds fugging awesome.
  3. King Hal

    iPad & Snow Leopard Server

    I have an ageing Mac Mini that I'm considering replacing with the latest Mini. My question is: is it worth going for the Server version? What benefits would there be in connecting my and my wife's iPads and my and my wife's iPhones? I currently associate the iPads and iPhones with my Macbook...
  4. King Hal

    Apple store employees

    I visited an Apple store yesterday and was struck by the number of posseurs working there. A number of the males seemed to think they were on the catwalk rather than in a SHOP. Various hats, flat caps, scarves, heavy jewellery etc, etc. One guy looked a total cockhead! Maybe it's me and I'm...
  5. King Hal


    I'm off to Europe on a HOG tour tomorrow, iPad safely packed for travelling. I phoned O2 today about data roaming. The answer? Nothing doing. "Buy a local micro sim card" was the only advice. So I need to find a shop in each of France, Belgium, Germany & Austria to buy a micro sim card and...
  6. King Hal

    Motorcycling holiday

    Some advice please fellow forum iPad gurus. I'm off on my holidays in four days time. A HOG European tour, 13 days, taking in European Bike Week in Faaker See which is a beautiful lake in the Carpathian mountain region of Austria. Now Harleys aren't exactly as smooth cruisers as, say, a...
  7. King Hal

    Facebook on iPad version of Safari

    Facebook on the the iPad version of Safari doesn't seem to have the IM applet or "who's online". Am I just missing it, or is it not there?
  8. King Hal


    Much as I love my various Apple products and I think their packaging is second to none, I just don't understand all the mental masturbation and videos of unpacking the iPad, unpacking the iPhone 4, etc, etc. Can anyone explain? Where did it start? Hal
  9. King Hal

    Slow backup

    I posted on a previous thread about slow backups that my Ipad with around 48GB of apps, music, films etc, took around 11 minutes to backup. Then suddenly a couple of days ago after about 5 hours I cancelled the backup as it was only about half way through. I worked out what had changed and...
  10. King Hal

    Who bought an iPhone 4 on 24 June?

    Well, I did my best today but no luck. I had a meeting this morning in the House of Lords, (Westminster) and had found out a number of O2 stores were opening at 0802 on a 1st come 1st served basis. Got off tube at Victoria Station and walked to Westminster along Victoria Street passed an O2...
  11. King Hal

    iPad addiction

    My wife and I seem to have become addicted to our iPads. Is there a help group we can go to? How about a new group in the forum called IAA, iPad Addicts Anonymous? Help;)
  12. King Hal

    iPhone battery life

    Has anyone else noticed that since getting an iPad the battery life of their iPhone has improved markedly;) Hal
  13. King Hal

    Hi from UK user

    Hi all. We've only had the iPad here for just over a week. I preordered a wifi only 16GB & received it the day before official release. My wife loved it so much I had to hunt around to find one instore on the Sunday! I slipped her mine and bought a 3G 64GB telling her they are both the same to...