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  1. LannyC

    Battery replacement

    My first-generation iPad Pro is in a local shop getting a new battery. It took awhile to find a shop still willing to do this work, but I didn't want to wait for Apple's two week turnaround, or worse, being sent an empty refurb unit needing a whole day to reload all my content--in my experience...
  2. LannyC

    If you have an Apple TV 3 not update it to OS 7.6. Mine now crashes every time I pause a YouTube video, requiring a hard reboot. Other sources still work OK, so I guess today's OS update broke the YouTube app.
  3. LannyC

    Suspicious battery status

    Since updating to 13.6, the battery percentage remaining seems only loosely related to usage. I just made this screenshot: The iPad was asleep from 1500 to 1700 today, yet the charge reportedly dropped from 50% to 16%. I have rebooted multiple times, and charged 4 or 5 times from <20% to 100%...
  4. LannyC

    iPadOS/iOS 13.2 battery usage

    There are lots of reports of terrible battery life on certain iPhone models after each iOS 13 update, with 13.2 being even worse than the other four releases of the past two weeks. Some users are seeing half the charge disappearing overnight, even in airplane mode with no apps running. This...
  5. LannyC

    Change order of photos

    I have photos on my iMac organized into folders. These may include images taken with my iPad, another iPad, or scanned from slides or prints, and may be edited on the Mac. When I sync my iPad, they currently appear in the From My Mac section of iOS Photos (the stupid interface seems to change...
  6. LannyC

    Good U.S. weather app?

    Since the old Intellicast app was abandoned when Weather Underground bought up and killed all the competition, I've not found a decent weather app. Storm was bad, Storm Radar was worse, and is slow, inaccurate, cumbersome, and self-contradictory. I don't want a touchy-feely...
  7. LannyC

    Good weather app

    I have not been able to find an acceptable replacement for the late, lamented Intellicast weather app, which was not updated to run under recent iOS versions. It was "replaced" by Storm, an OK app with fewer useful features, which was in turn "upgraded" to Storm Radar, a total piece of junk. Why...
  8. LannyC

    YouTube picture-in-picture

    I want to play a video picture-in-picture from the YouTube website. I can do this with YT videos embedded in other websites, but not from Is there any way around this apparent limitation of the YT player, short of buying YT Red?
  9. LannyC

    Feature request?

    If Apple still has a place to suggest new features, I cannot find it. I have two iOS keyboard ideas to add now-missing keys using swipe gestures: 1. Fix the long-lamented lack of a forward-delete key by adding a swipe-right function to the existing delete/backspace key. It's a natural gesture...
  10. LannyC

    Free today: Prokeyboard

    I haven't tested it much yet, but if you're running iOS 10 or later you might want to give this keyboard a try while it's free. Search the App Store for"prokeyboard." Hint: it has numbers and arrow keys! It also uses lots of gestures, which I'm still learning.
  11. LannyC

    Home Sharing videos? SOLVED

    iOS 10.2 deleted the Videos app. Now there's apparently no way for me to stream Library videos from my iMac to my iPad. Yes, Home Sharing is on, yadda yadda. Apple's support website still says to use Videos, so it's in total cerebral-anal displacement mode. Has anyone found a solution for this...
  12. LannyC

    Cheater glasses

    ...a.k.a., reading glasses for codgers. Not electronic, but possibly of interest to certain forum members (you know who you are). Since cataract surgery left me with excellent distance vision but no ability to focus closer, I've needed 2-diopter readers to read anything smaller than the...
  13. LannyC

    Interactive Tree of Life

    See this very cool web page: OneZoom Tree of Life Explorer: euryarchaeotes
  14. LannyC


    Does anyone get good results from Auto-Brightness? On my two iPads, from iOS 7 to 10, the automatic adjustments are hardly ever appropriate, usually either far too light or dark to be useful. As a result, I switch it off and control the brightness level in the Control Center. I tend to set the...
  15. LannyC

    Reduce Motion and slow page loading

    This strange issue still exists in 10.2: if Reduce Motion is DISabled (in Settings > General > Accessibility), then page loading in Safari often hangs for many seconds, as long as a minute. Not all sites are affected; this one certainly is. I have no idea what's going on, but the effect and...
  16. LannyC

    Notification pull-down

    Can this be set to stay on the widget (left) side? Half the time, it pulls down on the Notification side, which is totally useless to me. The Control Center is bloated, too, but at least it seems to stay where I left it. Stupid Apple codemonkeys, keep "fixing" things that aren't broken...
  17. LannyC

    Microscope for iPad

    I see prices for wifi microscopes have fallen a bit, but I still haven't seen one under US$100. Anyone have experience with a portable 'scope that displays on an iPad? There are dozens of cheap borescopes, but they don't seem to offer any magnification, and I'd like at least 50X. AFAIK, USB is...
  18. LannyC

    10.2 = poor cell reception?

    I got a new iPad Pro 9.7 cellular today. It came with iOS 10.0.2. Restoring from my iPad 3 backup was uneventful, except few of my photos and none of my music transferred. Oh well, perhaps an ordinary sync will fix that. I popped in an H2O Wireless sim and saw five dots/bars. Yay! Then I...
  19. LannyC

    FYI: Best Buy sale ends today

    Best Buy has new iPads for $125 off. I just ordered a Pro 9.7 from the website.
  20. LannyC

    Oh no, not another no-sound thread....

    My mother-in-law's iPad Mini stopped ringing for incoming FaceTime calls. Bearing in mind that she's 90, and lives in Mexico, and her first language is Russian, I phoned to walk her through the usual issues. Mute is off, Do Not Disturb is off, master volume is maxed, alert volume is maxed...
  21. LannyC

    iPad Photos -> Apple TV

    l tried tonight to show some photos from my iPad on a friend's TV, via Apple TV and AirPlay. I could mirror everything up through the album thumbnails, but when I selected any individual photo the TV went black. When I got back home, I tried it on my own ATV; occasionally photo would appear...
  22. LannyC


    Ugh. Update went without incident, but they've "improved" the multitasking bar/thingie yet again, making it even less useful. Now, when you doubleclick the Home button, all you see is one app and slivers of two others, and the icon of only the one in the middle. Sometimes the slivers show no...
  23. LannyC

    This forum software

    Mods, please move this if there's a more appropriate area. Since the recent switch in forum sotware, it's become challenging to navigate on an iPad (go figure). It's fine on my high-end iMac, but it seems my iPad3 must be too old to deal with all the herky-jerky floating stuff. I...
  24. LannyC


    I'm typing this in the just-released Firefox for iOS. It's not at all like desktop FF, and there are plenty of rough edges, but you can at least sync bookmarks from your existing Mac or Windows FF installation, though not the other way. It seems about as quick as Safari. Sync is still limited...
  25. LannyC

    Over capacity in sync? FYI

    The first time I tried to sync my iPad after updating my iMac to 10.11, the iTunes Summary page had this graphic at the bottom: iTunes refused to sync, saying the iPad could not be found. Quitting and relaunching iTunes fixed the issue.
  26. LannyC

    Netflix Watch

  27. LannyC

    Alternative to the Remote app?

    First, let's be clear that I'm not playing music that resides on my iPad. I have about 120 classical and jazz CDs ripped to my iMac, which I play on my stereo through my Apple TV and a Fiio DAC. The iMac is in my office, and I've been using Apple's Remote app to control the music from my iPad in...
  28. LannyC

    Screen magnification mystery

    A friend called me today for help. On his iPad 3 running iOS 8.1, the screen was so zoomed-in that the battery percentage and adjacent battery icon nearly filled it in landscape mode! He has ALS, and struggles to do anything with his hands, but I talked him through a hard reset (Home + power...
  29. LannyC

    iTunes remote widget

    If you have iOS8 and play music from your Mac's iTunes library, you'll love this: Today Remote is a free Notifications widget that provides basic music controls in the pull-down Today screen, even if the iPad is locked. No need to launch Remote to pause or adjust the volume quickly, like when...
  30. LannyC

    Solution for gesture failure

    In iOS 8, occasionally the four-finger swipe gestures for switching and closing apps stop working. I've found that I can get them going again by simply swiping up the Control Center then putting it away. No need to toggle the switch in Settings. Hope this helps everyone.
  31. LannyC

    Another forum "upgrade?"

    OK, where did the "mark forums as read" button go, please? Was someone "inspired" by Yosemite to remove features, or at best hide them from view? I hate mystery meat navigation...
  32. LannyC

    8.1.1 on original iPad Mini

    Can anyone comment regarding performance versus iOS 7? Did 8.1.1 help much over 8 or 8.1? Thanks.
  33. LannyC

    Invisible over wifi

    Since updating my iPad3 to iOS8, iTunes on my iMac does not see it over wifi. I can only sync via USB cable, and when I unplug the cable the iPad disappears from iTunes. Ideas?
  34. LannyC


  35. LannyC


    Yes, this is about the iOS8 Photos app. One of the main reasons I bought my iPad was to share photos with friends. In addition to taking lots of photos with the built-in camera, I have scanned hundreds of 35mm slides from 40 years of vacation trips. Naturally, I want these organized into albums...
  36. LannyC

    Text selection

    In iOS8, it seems no longer possible to move the insertion point with a tap, nor to select a word with a double tap. I have to press/hold until the magnifier appears, then move my finger to drop the insertion point, THEN pick "Select" from the contextual menu. :P This is ridiculously slow and...
  37. LannyC

    Apple TV

    I finally broke down and bought an Apple TV. As I type this, live video from the Brooks Falls brown bear webcam is playing across the room on my 50" Panasonic plasma TV, from a background browser tab on this iPad through the Apple TV. Pretty flexible. Of course, there are also YouTube, media on...
  38. LannyC

    Spectacular live webcam, bears catching salmon

    Alaskan brown (grizzly) bears fishing at Brooks Falls:
  39. LannyC

    Certain apps not downloading

    Every so often, I'll choose an app or an update from the App Store, enter my ID if necessary, and watch the download fail to get past the "waiting" or "loading" stage before it eventually times out. It leaves a darkened icon on the iPad, but there's no app under it. Quitting and restarting the...
  40. LannyC

    Sandhill Crane migration webcam The crane migration stops for several weeks on the Platte River near Kearney, Nebraska. The number of birds is peaking now, hundreds of thousands resting before continuing on a journey that will take some as far as Siberia to nest. Best...