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  1. henry2

    Tethering for the ipad2

    money saveing tip for those who use a ipad2 Ok i have gotten rid of the Iphone and went with a Cricket Phone plan with the phone that has bult in Wifi hotspot to allow me use the phone as my personal hotspot set up .. The phone is there LG Optimus C with there Android phone plan for a...
  2. henry2

    Here is something i'm hateing about the whole smart phone data plan's

    I have rid of the Iphone & Verizion Data plan for the iphone and now useing a Cricket cellphone & it plan for my phone calls that i need because of the cost and not working as much because of beening in & out of the hospital and not beening able to stand for long hour's so work has not been...
  3. henry2

    Children behaving badly

    Tonight i went to denny to get something to eat before turning in for the night ..There was this lady and her kid there and i swear i know my grandson who has Autism is a hand full at full throttle when he ging out all at the time's .. But this kid need a belt taken to his butt and the mother...
  4. henry2

    Simple question for the people here ?

    Here is a Question for the people here ?.. Could you live with just a Dumb Cellphone and Ipad as your main Electronic device in one life and here is my reason behind the idea .. Something that i have been wondering about getting rid of the desktop computer and just liveing with the Ipad and...
  5. henry2

    My only Dislike of the Ipad2 is ?

    My only Dislike of the Ipad2 is the rear camera set up..To me that is a waste of space on the unit and i cover the camera with a piece of tape before putting on the hard rubber case on the ipad2 model .. I do like the face time video with the family and kids along with makeing video message to...
  6. henry2

    a question for about the ipad 1 & 2 accessories

    Will any of the ipad one accessories items i have all ready will they fit the ipad2 model without any problems . the reason why if i buy the ipad 2 i do not want to have spend alot of the extras again
  7. henry2

    Have you ever gotten this question asked by someone you know

    She was jokeing abit about the socalled manpurse thing..but she notice that i have my sling bag around with me everywhere i did tell her i do not carry into the bathroom or the showers in the house and only carry it in the bathroom stall if i useing a public bathroom without someone at the table...
  8. henry2

    The Ipad & the USMC pilot's

    here is a couple of shot's of the USMC polit's overseas useing the ipad to carrying alot of the maps that they use .. in the first photos show the ipad second photos shows the ipad and how many map case must carryed compared to the one ipad and all the maps and manuals loaded onto it . third...
  9. henry2

    this is a two part question post

    1ST part who use Amazon app and how well does it work on the ipad for ordering things and haveing them shipped to a APO set up .... 2ND part What to take with me on a four to six month trip out of the country as i'm takeing the ipad with me as my all around device to use in my off work...
  10. henry2

    You really have to learn not to double talk around your mate on the phone

    My loveing woman has been with me a long time and she has learn to read between the lines when i'm on phone with people at the NTC and she goes after the phone call i guess your going out on monday to help with the project She goes i get your cloths washed Sunday and we have dinner early so...
  11. henry2

    Put two outcover's togerther to form a single unit

    Here is a question for the people here .. Someone i worked with put two case togerther to form a single unit and it allow her to be able to grip the unit as need and also allow her to protect the back area that open in the case to keep the unit back cover from beening statched up by many diff...
  12. henry2

    I tried this at Kinko's and it did not work

    I tried the other day to go through Itunes when i was in another city basically i wanted to synch up with Itunes and load some music i like onto the ipad and the Itunes would not let me do this ..I went to Kinko's to use there computer to do the work and Itunes would let me log in but will not...
  13. henry2

    Why do people do this

    I have a question for the people here??? Explain to me the reason why do we get something that good for general use and then a month later the rumors start about the next upgrade of the probuct .. I'm surpised at the whole idea of overloading the ipad with so many extras features that it no...
  14. henry2

    here is my next toy when i win the lotto

    There is a company that bult a super bike in Europe that is a one of a kind custom bult super bike and the company is called Peraves AG and it bult in Switzerland and it called MonoTracer motorcycle The bike is hand bult and will do 150 miles a hour and the body is bult out of Kevlar and...
  15. henry2

    so how is the head feeling right now ..

    my lady and i went out last night and she still passed out and not yet moveing from the land of the hangover ..i did take her in a couple of aspin and a bottle of soda to wash them down and made her a pitcher of hank bad bloody mary mix if she want that to have a couple of drinks when she up and...
  16. henry2

    how to freak out your girlfriend or wife in one easy step

    Every year i get a letter from the US Army telling me to report to the nearest base to update my Clearance paperwork. so i can work on project here and there for them ..i work about one project a year for them so i keep the Clearance up to date and she also knows that i got out on a medical from...
  17. henry2

    Look for this game Application for the ipad

    Looking for the Age of Empires game 1 .2.3. verision of the games with all the extras set that are add to the regular game but for a ipad ..i love the game and would like to have it for the ipad to be able to play it here and there ..
  18. henry2

    Gifts For three women

    Ok here goes iam needing ideas for gifts for the three women in the house .. one of the idea is she been wanting a new computer for the house and so my idea is get a brand new computer from apple and have the best buy greek squad come out and hook it up all the new computer items that i am...
  19. henry2

    ok ladys i have a question for you to answer

    Ok ladys i have a basic relationship question to ask you .. the reason behind this post was a lady who is my girlfriend freind said something to her about me today watching women walking by in highs heels at the mall that we where at shoping at the time for they where on a hard marble type...
  20. henry2

    keep your kids under your control when out in public

    I ride the light rail alot in LA and i watch people when iam on the train for some of the stations we stop at is not allways in the best areas of the LA and i keep a watch out for the trouble when the trains are around this stations and stoped to let people get on and off the train .. Everyday...
  21. henry2

    my son asked me a question and can anyone in the military answer it

    My son who is Afghanistan asked my a question about a battie device that allows you to power the ipad for a very long time ..he been seening a lot of them lately over there beening used by personal to power the personal electronic devices that they carry with them Does anyone knows what type...
  22. henry2

    simple question what did you buy your ipad for

    simple question why did you buy your ipad for so what was the rea reason why you bought the ipad in the first place ?? -as a secondary device inside the house to use for diff fuctions inside the home instread of getting on the desktop or laptop inside the house hold .. -As a way to check...
  23. henry2

    we got my girl friend mother a ipad

    we got my girl mother a ipad dureing the black friday deals at the local Electronics store ..she was useing everyone ipad and made a comment about how nice they are .. so we picked her one as a early Christmas present and she loves it for she is sitting there in front of the computer right...
  24. henry2

    black friday deals

    did anyone get any good black friday shopping deals ..they where up at midnight and out the door for the shopping for Xmas and they got home about this morning with a car load of bags and picked up the girls and left again for another round of shopping with the girls..
  25. henry2

    i can not make this up people ..

    i had gone early to the store with my girls daughter and my kid to get last min items for the dinner tommorow ..Kat had the list loaded onto her ipad and we where working off the list on the ipad and was crossing each items we need off the list as we went ..for we where in the frozen foods asile...
  26. henry2

    when traveling do you want the ipad or laptop

    ok here is a simple question for those who travel alot 1-take the ipad and leave the laptop or desktop behind for your basic everyday computer fuctions when traveling 2-take the laptop and leave the ipad behind for your basic eveyday computer fuctions when traveling so do you take ipad...
  27. henry2

    beside the ipad what else do you carry in the ipad case

    what else do you carry in your ipad travel bag that you use daily travel for work and pleasure ..beside the ipad items and get out of town items ..i carry the following items for my travel around the city -x-surefire-led flashlight -x-surefire-sc1 spare carrier for blubs and batties -x-work...
  28. henry2

    raising boys or girls

    ok which is hardest to raise boys or girls .. i have four childern by my wife two boys and two girls with add two girls to the family by takeing in girls that where from my wife side of family and raiseing them as our own ..for they where just about three years older than my youngest there...
  29. henry2

    All right my fellow Californians do you have a get out of town bag set up

    All right my fellow Californains you have some basic cloths and other access packed ready to go for just in case for the Earthquakes and fires and anything else could bad happen in the middle of the night type problems that comes up .. about four weeks ago the farm next to us caught on...
  30. henry2

    a simple question for the people of the forum

    I have a simple question for the people here on the forum .. could you live with just a ipad and your cell phone as your main source of internet connection to the outside world. iam thinking about retirement for medical reason and packing everything up and moveing back home to AZ full time...
  31. henry2

    i sold a lady in the ipad today

    i sold a lady a ipad today at wal-mart ..i was at local wal-mart shopping when i went through the electronics section to get a couple of dvd movies i wanted and wandering through the electronic section looking at the ipad accessorices items that they had and the lady was standing there looking...
  32. henry2

    CSi forensics and use of the ipad in real life

    i been takeing class part time on CSI Crime Scene Forensics photos ..basically it teaching me how to take crime scene photos and the set up of the takeing the photos for plotting out the crime scene in the grids or patterns that we are learning to shoot in or the CSI effect as it know in the...
  33. henry2

    ipad is on criminal minds

    there is useing ipads on criminal minds right now ..
  34. henry2

    how many games and website do you have on the ipad

    i have about 10 games on the ipad and website bookmarks- for the websites i go to daily which is about 25 websites a day total on the ipad .. i went today and cleaned out a lot of the books marks i had and reloaded them to the back onto the desktop to clear out or decutter the ipad ..for i had...
  35. henry2

    military guys your thought on the military applications and use of the ipad

    At the Army AUSA Expo and meeting in DC area this year a few applications have been bought out to run on the iphones and ipads and droid phones systems that have everything from the mapping software to run secured video download from the overhead drones on a secured channels running on a...
  36. henry2

    hey guys are swimming yet there in no ca area

    i been watching the weather right now in for the Northern Ca area around Sacramento area and it going to get worse for the night it seams .. plus the northern area going toward Reno seams to be going to have snow before halloween
  37. henry2

    ipad for business in the next few years

    Ok here is something i been seeing more and more of that the ipad is beening intergrated more and more into the business world with diff applications that bring out everthing that you need to do with it in the world of business without the bulk of a laptop when on the road or paying a vist to...
  38. henry2

    all right people i have a question for you that was asked of me today

    Ok fist off it not let put on the tinfoil along with the men in the white coats are comeing to take me away today . about 7 months ago i wrote to a online newmagazine that deals in what if think tank articles that the magazine does.for the national defense and the politcs of the world arena...
  39. henry2

    ipads are on CSI new york right now..

    the ipads are beening seen in the csi new york right now on the tv.
  40. henry2

    i know that it a not a computer

    tonight at dennys i was enjoying a little game playing on the ipad waiting for breakfast to arrive at the table and this guy was sitting across from me and when i put the ipad away and i was eating my breakfast .. the gentlemen told that me that ipad was not a real computer and i would do...