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  1. epoche

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    Yah, mine has been sitting in Ontario CA since Sunday. Wonder how will get to AZ by tomorrow if truck dosen't leave dock. Ordered 64GB WiFi on the 7th, early in the cycle. Says will deliver before 4:30 tomorrow.
  2. epoche

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    My 64GB WiFi black left Ontario, CA, on the 11th in route to Green Valley, AZ. Has to shown up in Phoenix or Tucson yet. Wonder What happened to shipment.
  3. epoche

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    Ordered mine -Black 64GB WiFi -on the 7th, soon after store opened, Fed Ex tracking shows left Ontario CA on the 11th. Shows delivery on the 16th, although would not seem that it would take that long to get to Green Valley, AZ; but I'm assuming Fed Ex will not deliver until the 16th. Had a...
  4. epoche

    Ipad 2 cases

    Targus 360 I have the Targus 360 and to answer your question the 360 ring sets below the whole turning back case, so there is no marking on the rear of the iPad 2. I just looked at mine from several weeks usage and no evidence of the ring on rear of iPad.
  5. epoche

    Where will you buy your Ipad 2 and why...

    Ordering from Apple Order from Apple March 11 12:01 PCT. I'm in Mountain Time that puts me ordering a Black 16GB Wi Fi at 1:01. I gave my 64 GB Wi Fi iPad 1 to my daughter recently, and since I have a top end recent MacBook Air (4GB RAM, 256 Flash HD) I don't think I'll need much HD...
  6. epoche

    Purchased iBook missing

    I had to do a hard restore on iPad. Now one of my purchased books is missing from "Purchased" tab. Is there a way I can assess my Apple iBook purchases in lieu of calling Apple?
  7. epoche

    Apple hurting Adobe?

    Easy. When I run Flash on 15" MBP for any length of time both fans start running at 5,000 rpm and above. That tells me mucho heat is being developed.
  8. epoche

    "All the world's websites in your hands"

    Flash Heat I did not understand issue with Flash until iPad came out sans Flash. Now I remember that my 15" MacBook Pro runs both fans at 5,000 rpm+ when Flash videos are running for any period of time. Problem is Flash is apparently driven by not software not dedicated hardware. I miss...
  9. epoche

    Cannot publish from iPad to MobileMe

    Lying in bed thinking Was too tired to try possible solution to failure to save photos to MobileMe, but did so this morning with success. Seems that the Nikon NEF RAW files are the root of the problem for when I sent a regular jpg from "Saved Photos" album the transfer was successful.
  10. epoche

    Cannot publish from iPad to MobileMe

    Apple Help Went to Apple iPad support. Said to make sure Album allows uploads from web, iphone etc. Check All. Still no Go.
  11. epoche

    Cannot publish from iPad to MobileMe

    Yes I have the Gallery app installed. Have been looking on Apple iPad support be continued.
  12. epoche

    Cannot publish from iPad to MobileMe

    Just tried again, same results. No publish.
  13. epoche

    Cannot publish from iPad to MobileMe

    Selecting the icon next to slideshow top right iPad yields 5 choices: Email Photo Send to MobileMe Assign to Contact Use as Wallpaper Copy Photo Choosing "Send to MobileMe" yields A Screen Mobileme with Title and Description and "Publish" in upper right corner, which is inactive until...
  14. epoche

    Photo album colors not correct

    We're in the process of building a new house and are choosing granite colors/patterns. Have been using the iPad to show vendors what we have in mind for preferred granite. However, the colors that show on my 15" MBP are not what shows on iPad. The reds are almost washed out on the iPad. I...
  15. epoche

    New Photo Kit for iPad is qurky

    Have downloaded RAW files from Nikon D90 to Photo ap with virtually no problems. Easy to delete unwanted photos.
  16. epoche

    No sound in headphones

    I found same solution, issue. Just push Jack clear to bottom not being afraid to use a little force.
  17. epoche

    CNET: Real world iPad annoyances -what do you think?

    Flash Downer I thought I'd be able to replace my 15" 5.5 pound MBP in my Great room with the iPad. However, I spend several hours, in the morning, reading the NYT and other digital news, and am frustrated at not being able to view embedded videos supported by Flash. So I guess the iPad will...
  18. epoche

    Importing Images Mac Book Pro to iPad

    Lazy Me OK. So I was trying the easy way when it should be obvious that since the iPad lacks a file system (waiting for 4.0) that would behove me to go back to iPhoto and organize into named folders, then sync with iPad the image/files that I'd want on the iPad. As it was my first sync...
  19. epoche

    Connecting iPad to HDMI TV Input

    Have a MBP which I connect to Sony HDMI input coming out of MBP mini video out to male DVI to male HDMI. MBP screen appears on HDTV. When I connect iPad 30 pin/female Apple adaptor to male VGA /female DVI to above male/male DVI to HDMI cable I get no Sony HDMI picture. Is there some reason...
  20. epoche

    Importing Images Mac Book Pro to iPad

    No Luck Tried above procedure. "Photo" page on iPad when linked to MBP shows 2 taps top center--PHOTOS ALBUMS top right SLIDESHOW and arrow coming out of box that yields "Select Photos" and then DELETE. No SYNC button. What am I missing?
  21. epoche

    Page Scrolling in Safari

    Thanks. Got that, but if I want to do a slow scroll that is when blue screen occurs. Will try to be more conscious about moving finger up/down and not pausing.
  22. epoche

    Page Scrolling in Safari

    Suggestions. When I scroll down a page in Safari I use my thumb along the right side to scroll; however, often times the screen turns blue signifying a copy/paste, not what I want to happen. Using the text area to scroll one needs to be careful not to open a "hot" link to another web page...
  23. epoche

    Importing Images Mac Book Pro to iPad

    Thanks. Will try more direct way.
  24. epoche

    Importing Images Mac Book Pro to iPad

    IpadOne, Many thanks. Worked perfectly. Selected iPad in iTunes on MBP, then Photo tab, then selected folder to sync. After a full backup to MBP the photos loaded onto iPad.
  25. epoche

    Importing Images Mac Book Pro to iPad

    I'm not clear how you accomplish the last step in iTunes..."choose this folder as picture place". What do you mean by Picture Place? Or what specifically in iTunes do you go to to choose the folder on MacBook Pro?
  26. epoche

    Importing Images Mac Book Pro to iPad

    I went to my "pictures" folder on Mac Book Pro and dragged to iPad in iTunes. iPad icon does not appear on Mac Book Pro desktop, or in Finder, for importing directly outside iTunes.
  27. epoche

    Importing Images Mac Book Pro to iPad

    As we are waiting for connectors for importing images. Tried to drag and drop jpg files from Mac Book Pro. I get a message saying that image.jpg "cannot be played on iPad". What format is acceptable, or cannot iPad import this way?
  28. epoche

    256 MB enough?

    I'm not a computer programmer but wouldn't it be possible for the "new" OS (4.0?) to use some of the flash memory to run 2 or 3 aps at the same time?
  29. epoche

    Useing the Wifi in public places..

    Wi Fi Connection Issues I'm currently sitting in a HOA board meeting. Initially had established connection to Camera Club Wi Fi. Got of line and when I went back iPad was looking for my home network even though in Settings menu showed full bars to club. Turning iPad off and on did't resolve...
  30. epoche

    Cleaning the Screen

    I have iKlean for cleaning my Mac Book Pro and 23" Apple cinema display for Mac Pro. However, found that best way to clean oil from fingers is with the black velvet-like cloth that came with my iTouch; no solution necessary. Indeed although I cannot remember the name of the screen protector...
  31. epoche

    iPad locking up

    Mine locked up whilst working with e-mail. Also, Wouldn't send mail. POP and smtp were correctly entered. Called tech support. Deleted account info and reentered. Now sending mail with no problems.
  32. epoche

    Look ! Where my iPad is !

    Finally Arrived at 3PM yesterday. Took it to large gathering at 5 and showed it around. IPad makes one a good salesperson.
  33. epoche

    AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!! still not delivered

    Still Waiting 1:58 here in Green Valley, AZ. NO Brown truck yet. Universal Package Tracking Service @ Packagetrackr says it has been in Green Valley since 10:08. Addition posted 4/6: Mine came about 3PM on the 3rd. UPS delivery driver said he had 40 to deliver in my area. Got so excited to...
  34. epoche

    Look ! Where my iPad is !

    Whew! Finally arrived in Phoenix at 5:04. My spirits are revived.
  35. epoche

    Look ! Where my iPad is !

    looks Bad Mine still in KY and it is 10:45 here in AZ 11:52 still not reported out of Ky Guess I'm a 1% that's not going to be sliding my fingers across glass tomorrow. LOUISVILLE, KY, US 04/02/2010 11:06 P.M. IMPORT SCAN 04/02/2010 2:52 P.M. ARRIVAL SCAN ANCHORAGE, AK, US 04/01/2010 9:13...
  36. epoche

    Look ! Where my iPad is !

    Still in Ky AZRaptor, Tracking still shows not left KY. I live in The Springs at Santa Rita. Other forum says that UPS is behind in their computer updates. Not clear why my tracking hasn't updated last 6 hours.
  37. epoche

    Look ! Where my iPad is !

    here's hoping past me by in Arizona. Trust the iPads for the SW are on their way as I "speak" I'm used to seeing on UPS tracking the expected arrival date. Wonder why that aspect of tracking isn't listed? Location Date Local Time DescriptionWhat's This? LOUISVILLE, KY, US 04/02/2010 2:52...
  38. epoche

    Express shipping

    delivery date Thanks CaptKirk for the reassurance that Saturday delivery will be pretty much guaranteed. I'll sleep better tonight.
  39. epoche

    Express shipping

    Keeping us Guessing Today I saw my UPS guy Larry. Asked him to verify Saturday delivery. He called his supervisor and she said they were hiring extra drivers for the Apple iPad delivery. My tracking says: CHEK LAP KOK, HK 04/02/2010 4:23 A.M. DEPARTURE SCAN SHENZHEN, CN 03/30/2010 4:52 P.M...
  40. epoche

    Express shipping

    Shipping Arrival My tracking says still in China. Trust that isn't up to date.