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  1. f4780y

    Safe Mode, not just for iPads [HUMOUR]

    Saw this, and could not resist... Perhaps a respring would help?
  2. f4780y

    HOW-TO Upgrade your 6.x Jailbroken iPad

    Welcome to the iPadForums guide to upgrading your 6.x iPad jailbreak! From time to time you may be faced with the opportunity to upgrade from one jailbreakable version of IOS to the next. For example, this guide could be used to upgrade a jailbroken iPad on IOS 6.1 to 6.1.2, maintaing all of...
  3. f4780y

    WARNING - iOS 6.1.3 patches Evasi0n Jailbreak

    20th March 2013 - iOS 6.1.3 has been publicly released and cannot be jailbroken at this time! When iOS 6.1.3 Beta 2 was released to developers the sad, although expected, news was that the Evasi0n Jailbreak time zone exploit was patched. With the public release, Apple has taken the opportunity...
  4. f4780y

    WinterBoard - Update 0.9.3909

    Winterboard received an important update today which adds a couple of critical fixes relevant to the iPad: Notifications now correctly appear in front of themed lockscreens Sound themes now work again All in all, a great little update :D NOTE: Mobile Substrate was also updated today, and...
  5. f4780y

    DB iPad Weather Lockscreen - PAID Winterboard Theme

    DB iPad Weather Lockscreen is an awesome new lockscreen weather widget available for $1.99 on Cydia. There isn't much point in writing too much about it, as a picture paints a thousand words... :) The only thing to say is that the weather is configurable, either by using a specific Yahoo...
  6. f4780y

    IOS 6.1.1 Beta - WARNING!

    As some of you may have read, Apple are already testing IOS 6.1.1 in beta. The first beta has been seeded to developers, but it contains no fixes to patch the evasi0n jailbreak as of yet. It is primarily a feature enhancement for the Japanese market relating to Maps. HOWEVER, all jailbreakers...
  7. f4780y

    Confessions of a Jailbreaker

    Was just moving the download of evasi0n 1.1 into my "IOS" folder a few moments ago, and I looked at the screen... ... and I thought to myself... "How cool is that?" Then I thought.. "How sad is that?" You decide :D
  8. f4780y

    YFiSelect 5.0+ - Quickly Change WiFi Networks - $2.49

    YFiSelect is an excellent little productivity tweak that allows you quick access to the list of available WiFi networks and to quickly change to another. For me, this is a boon as I regularly have to switch around at my office :) The tweak can be launched either from SBSettings, by holding...
  9. f4780y

    TUTORIAL - Jailbreak the iPad with IOS 6.0 to 6.1 using evasi0n

    Welcome to the iPadForums tutorial for jailbreaking your iPad with a 6.0 to 6.1.2 firmware using evasi0n from the evad3rs! Preparation Download the latest version of the evasi0n tool for your desktop PC OS from the official site here - The minimum requirements for the tool...
  10. f4780y

    evasi0n IOS 6 Jailbreak - RELEASED!

    4th February 2013 - evasi0n Jailbreak Released That's right people, the first jailbreak for IOS6 has now been released by the evad3rs Team - evasi0n is here! Download it from See our tutorial guide for evasi0n here - iPadForums Tutorial -...
  11. f4780y

    iFaith 1.5 - RELEASED!

    ih8sn0w has just announced the released of iFaith 1.5 for Windows - iFaith v1.5 Whilst the new version of the tool does not add the capability to retrieve blobs from the currently installed version of IOS on your device (booooo), it now has the feature to retrieve the latest blobs...
  12. f4780y

    Proud Parent - iPad4 Wifi 32GB

    With the imminent release of the 6.1 jailbreak, I'm happy to announce that I am today the proud father of a new iPad4 WiFi 32GB, soon to be enhanced with evasi0n ;) So far... so quick (even compared to my iPad3 :D)
  13. f4780y

    iOS 6.1 Released !

    Looks like Apple has just released iOS 6.1 to the public. Stay tuned for updates regarding the impact that has on us jailbreakers. Resist the urge to install until you hear it confirmed as safe ;)
  14. f4780y

    Zeppelin Tweak - V1.1 WARNING [FIXED]

    ----- ----- iPad Jailbreakers who use the Zeppelin tweak for custom carrier logos please beware! The latest update, V1.1 is seriously broken on the iPad and will cause some extremely strange behaviour. If you have V1 installed, do not update to 1.1 via Cydia. Several members, including...
  15. f4780y

    iOS 6.0.1 released by Apple - Jailbreakers Beware!

    Apple has just released IOS 6.0.1 for OTA and iTunes update. Anyone interested in potentially jailbreaking their iPad2, 3, 4, or Mini, in the future is advised to steer well clear of this update until such time you hear it is safe to install:D And don't forget to save those blobs! ;)
  16. f4780y

    TUTORIAL - Re-restore IOS 5.x on iPad2 and iPad3 using redsn0w and SHSH Blobs

    Welcome to the iPadForums tutorial on how to re-restore your iPad2 or iPad3 device to a 5.x firmware using SHSH Blobs and redsn0w! redsn0w continues to evolve to be far more than just a jailbreak tool, and the latest iteration delivers something the community has been eagerly anticipating...
  17. f4780y

    redsn0w - Restoration reinvigoration

    Great news for jailbreakers this morning, with the release of the long awaited new version of redns0w, including restoration options for iPad2 and iPad3 owners on 5.x firmwares looking to re-install 5.1.1 and re-jailbreak! :D redsn0w version 0.9.15b1 is available from the dev-team blog -...
  18. f4780y

    IOS 5.1.1 - Final Call for Saved SHSH Blobs before IOS 6 is released!

    With the released of IOS6 imminent, iPad2 and iPad3 owners have limited time left to save their SHSH Blobs for 5.1.1 if they haven't already done so via TinyUmbrella or Cydia. Whilst there is no guarantee that 5.1.1 blobs will be of any future use, it is still recommended best practice to take...
  19. f4780y

    Official IOS6 Jailbreak Status Thread

    Welcome to the iPadForums Official IOS6 Jailbreak Status Thread! §- This post is regularly kept up to date. Factual news on the status of the IOS6 jailbreak will always be reflected in the first post as soon as we are aware of it! =§ IOS 6.1.3 was released on 19th March 2013 and CANNOT...
  20. f4780y

    Ambriel by flybritn - Winterboard Theme

    Ambriel is a new paid theme by flybritn for all current iPad models on IOS5! Yes, that's right, the iPad1, 2, and 3 versions all in one theme! This review shows the theme running on my iPad3. It's another very high quality theme from flybritn, author of other iPad and iPhone classics such as...
  21. f4780y

    boss.iPad by FIF7Y - Winterboard Theme

    boss.iPad is a new PAID theme by FiF7Y with separate versions available for both retina display iPad3 and SD iPad1 & 2 owners, as well as iPhones! This review shows the iPad3 version. The theme demonstrates FIF7Y's considerable graphic design talents and delivers another quality theme to his...
  22. f4780y

    What's your favourite Car / Vehicle?

    Hey guys. We had a little problem with a thread similar to this one, so I've created a new one for folks if they wish to contribute! :D To get things re-started, I'm a BMW man. Previously had a 318, then 330. Currently got a 530, but would love an M5 :)
  23. f4780y

    HOW-TO - Activate DFU Mode when you have a broken button!

    Welcome to the iPadForums guide on how to get your device into DFU mode, even if you have a broken Home or Sleep/Wake button on your iPad! redsn0w continues to evolve to be the jailbreakers Swiss Army Knife, and the latest iteration (0.9.14) delivers the ability to upload a specially corrupted...
  24. f4780y

    Vacation to the USA from UK - 4G / LTE?

    OK my American friends. I will be taking my vacation this year in the cities of Boston and Washington DC. This will be my first trip to the States since the iPad3 was released, and as such I am very keen to try out 4G / LTE when I get there. It may be the only chance my iPad3 ever has to use its...
  25. f4780y

    AfterMathHaz3-HD Special for iPad3

    Time for another great iHaz3 theme for the iPad3. Hot on the heels of BlackHaz3 and Blad3Haz3, comes the retina remix of AfterMathHaz3. The Cydia package title is AfterMathHaz3-HD Special for iPad3 Only. Make sure you purchase the correct one, as the iPad3 has specific theme requirements! ;)...
  26. f4780y

    PlatinumRed iPad by Jonathan Seals - Winterboard - FREE Theme (inc. iPad3)

    PlatinumRed iPad is a new FREE theme by Jonathan Seals for all iPad models including the new Retina iPad3!. The theme is based on a red & grey (platinum!) colour scheme and whilst simple it is also extremely effective. All App store and stock icons are nicely themed, as are many UI elements...
  27. f4780y

    BlackHaz3 HD Special for iPad3 - Winterboard

    Here it is folks! One of the first full themes to support the iPad3 retina display. BlackHaz3 has been around for a while on both the iPhone and previous generation iPads, but this is a full iPad3 retina update! BlackHaz3 has always been for those that prefer a really dark theme.... Here's the...
  28. f4780y

    TUTORIAL - Downgrade your iPad2 or iPad3 using SHSH Blobs and redsn0w

    Welcome to the iPadForums tutorial on how to downgrade your iPad to a 5.x firmware using SHSH Blobs and redsn0w! ---------- redsn0w has been slowly evolving to be far more than just a jailbreak tool, and the latest iteration delivers something the community has been eagerly anticipating for a...
  29. f4780y

    IOS 5.1.1 released - Jailbreakers take note

    Apple has just dropped IOS 5.1.1. Until we know exactly what has been updated all jailbreakers (or those waiting for one) should stay away, in particular iPad2 and iPad3 owners. Also, make sure you have your 5.1 blobs saved NOW before the signing window is closed. More news when we get it! :D
  30. f4780y

    Funny Dragonvale Screenies!

    Once in a while something funny happens on my islands... I thought it might be nice to start a thread! :D Teleportation Transport Overcrowding on Gold Island! Look forward to seeing yours!
  31. f4780y

    Epic Gold Mine (EGM) Guide for Dragonvale!

    Welcome to fatboy's Epic Gold Mine (EGM) Guide for Dragonvale! Now you are hooked on Dragonvale you'll know just how important the games resources are! Gems, Gold, and Food all play their part. Whilst Gems are very limited and can only be received as gifts from up to 6 of your friends (limited...
  32. f4780y

    iPhone 3GS, 4, and 4S Unlock now possible on JB phone regardless of baseband

    JMills87 over on our sister site,, is currently covering some of the most exciting carrier unlock news we've had for a very long time. It appears confirmed that there is a vulnerability via SAM which will allow any iPhone 3GS, 4, or 4S running 5.x firmware to be unlocked...
  33. f4780y

    New redsn0w Released - Version 0.9.10b7

    Today we get a new version of redsn0w from the iphone dev-team. Don't get too excited yet. There is no brand new jailbreak support in this release, but there are certainly lots of interesting new features and some really exciting hints about what is coming in the future! Here's the blurb from...
  34. f4780y

    Winterboard Updated - 17/04/12

    Winterboard, everyones favourite IOS theming platform (;)) has received an update from the developer Jay Freeman (@saurik) which includes significant performance improvements and bug fixes. Grab it whilst it's hot! I can confirm it smooths out springboard scrolling which some users have...
  35. f4780y

    All-In-One Breeding Guide - RETIRED VERSION

    PLEASE NOTE - THIS VERSION OF THE BREEDING GUIDE HAS BEEN RETIRED AND THE THREAD CLOSED. The latest guide, maintained by kryp2n8, can be found here - :D
  36. f4780y

    Official Dragonvale Fans Chat Thread

    Welcome to the Official Dragonvale Fans Chat Thread! The various Dragonvale threads in our forums have become a little messy recently. This thread is intended to give all our members who are also Dragonvale Fans a place to chat in an "off-topic" area without disrupting the other DV threads...
  37. f4780y

    Exciting SHSH Blobs news for iPad2 and iPad3 owners

    ***** UPDATE - The latest version of redsn0w now supports A5 device downgrading! See our tutorial here - ----- Prolific SHSH Blob master ih8sn0w has made...
  38. f4780y

    TUTORIAL - Downgrade iPad1 to 5.0.1 using SHSH Blobs and redsn0w

    Welcome to the iPadForums tutorial on downgrading the iPad1 to IOS 5.0.1 using SHSH Blobs and redsn0w! At the time of writing, IOS 5.0.1 was the latest version of IOS which has an untethered jailbreak available. iPad1 owners who have updated to 5.1 and want to go back to the untethered...
  39. f4780y

    Official iPad3 Jailbreak Thread

    Welcome to the iPadForums Official iPad3 (iPad 3rd Generation) Jailbreak Thread! §- This post is regularly kept up to date. It is not necessary for you to read all the pages in the thread to get the latest official updates (unless you want to ;)). News will always be reflected in the first...
  40. f4780y

    No Update - FREE Cydia Tweak

    This little tweak has been mentioned all over the forums since the release of 5.1. You simply install it and from that point forwards you are protected from "accidentally" choosing the OTA (Over the Air) update for IOS on your iPad via Settings > General > Software Update. Nice and simple...