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  1. Samana

    Vacation planning!

    Hey everyone! I just wanna know what everyone's planning to do for vacation. I have no idea what I'm going to do, but I'd like to go on a cruise… -Samana
  2. Samana

    My iPad hates me a lot.

    My iPad mini keeps crashing a lot when I'm on this site, and just a minute ago, I went back to safari and found that it removed both of my pages. It works fine on apps, but every time I was trying to post a comment on KevinJS's YouTube thread, it crashed and I was immediately logged out of the...
  3. Samana

    iPad app recommendations, please.

    I'm bored. I can't find my thread "exciting activities if bored", and I'm tired of playing the same apps over and over again. I need free apps that don't require my location or email address. -Samana
  4. Samana

    Exciting activities if bored.

    Hey, does anyone have any suggestions on activities to do? My exams end on Thursday, and after that, I have almost nothing to do at home. Suggestions for activities would be helpful. -Samana
  5. Samana

    Meet Samana... Yes, it sounds like American Girl.

    My name is Somana Titanice. I am new (and sick at the moment) and just would like to thank KevinJS for helping me with a new thread. I am a big time writer and Author-to-be when I finish my current book and publish it under Titanice (if you want to read it). I am currently stuck on Chapter...