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    FullForce Will Not Install

    I dunno about that. On my iPhone4 it seems that native 4.x multitasking enhanced with SwitcherMod or Multifl0w and native 4.x folders enhanced with FolderEnhancer blow Backgrounder and Categories away. Even before selling my 3GS to get the 4, I had the same setup as above it and it all worked...
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    Saving 4.1 blobs as per dev team blog?

    If you were jailbroken at 3.2 it might not be too late. Cydia may have saved your blobs. It is still worth a shot with Tiny Umbrella, because if Cydia has them, Tiny Umbrella will show you. And you don't have to be jailbroken to use Tiny Umbrella.
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    Jailbreak 4.2.1

    Just search on Google. Really easy to find.
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    Charging while using video out cable

    Check out RadTech's "ProCable AV Line-Out" (
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    FAQ SHAtter and greenpoison

    Keep in mind that 10/10/10 10:10:10 GMT is an ETA which, by definition, is just an estimate. It's more likely to be released Sunday now that there is an official ETA, however, it is still possible for the release to be delayed.
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    Greenpois0n Official ETA

    10/10/10 10:10:10AM GMT p0sixninja tweeted it about an hour ago. I'd put a link here to his Twitter feed, but I was just told that Twitter links are not allowed... Last edited by col.bris; Yesterday at 09:23 AM. Reason: Removed private post
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    GPS Question

    Yes, you'll need to be jailbroken. You will also need some sort of internet connection otherwise you may not be able to get maps on the fly depending on the software you are using.
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    Wireless Blue Tooth Mouse and Keyboard for iPad

    Unless you're iPad is jailbroken. BTstack Mouse provides the driver, MouseSupport provides the pointer. Both are free and found in Cydia.
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    Your search for an iPad stand is over!!!

    If you eat a lot of pizza, you could make hundreds of them, paint them, and sell them on eBay for $5.00 each. You'd probably make a killing for nothing more than the cost of some spray paint since the pizza boxes are virtually free. :D
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    Rare case ipad3.2.2

    So that's why my iPad, which has never been on 3.2.2, has 3.2.2 SHSH blobs on Cydia. I noticed it the other night and never got around to looking for the reason.
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    Any reason to keep Rock

    For me it was a love/hate relationship. I loved it for all the same reasons as you, but utterly HATED how it would lock up my iPad if there was any less than 100MB RAM available when the app was started. I also hated the fact that you could only install purchased apps on a single device...
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    VLC for iPad Approved by Apple - In Store Now

    I've had it since it was released and still have yet to play a single video. Every time I open the app, it tries to load the video previews and them immediately crashes out to the home screen. I'm just glad it was free...
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    BossPaper rotation on iPad

    My iPad is jailbroken at 3.2.1 and I use BossPaper to change the background every 15 seconds randomly. Unfortunately, the backgrounds don't rotate with the iPad, and since I primarily use my iPad mounted to the dash in my car, I've settled on 1024x768 images in landscape orientation. My problem...
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    Screen protector- necessary?

    The Amazon seller Al is talking about is Tech Gone Wild for $22.01 and $4.99 standard shipping, but I just bought the last one (sorry :D). All the featured sellers have it listed as in-stock for $29.95 with free standard shipping. Here is Tech Gone Wild's storefront - http //www amazon...