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  1. peled

    "Find my iPhone" changed to iCloud as of today ?

    Yesterday I played with that application and I got a different screen on my PC, then what I got today. Seems to me that the application started to use the Apple iCloud as of today. Here are the new screens that I got regarding the application. By the way it works great. My wife traveled out of...
  2. peled

    What is the name of the "mail" application ?

    Sunds simple, but what if you delete the original mail application, and you Want to re install it. You go to App Store and look for what ???? Reason I ask, is a friend of mine upgraded to ios5. Now when ever he reply to mail, the target is getting corrupted fonts. I want to suggest delete and...
  3. peled

    How do you clear updates suggestions from "App Store"

    When you open the App Store application, selecting the Updates, you get a list of current available updates. That is great. But !! I am on version 4. I didn't update to 5 yet. Nevertheless some of the updates are only for iOS-5. I don't want them on my list any more. How can I clear them out ...
  4. peled

    "App Store" - how can you control the list of updates ?

    His is great apple application. Problem is you can either update applications one by one, or update all of them. Never found a way to select just a group Of updates you want, and leave the others untouched. It became more important these days, where some of the updates are only for The new iOS5...
  5. peled

    Why "Numbers" app must have ios 5?

    It works fine with version 4. Now you get a message that there is a new Update, Problem is that it says that ios5 is mandatory for the update. Now if you do not have yet ios5, you can do nothing. How to get rid of that update notification in the "App Store" application ? Think before you Sync
  6. peled

    how to perform a real full reset to iPAD ?

    I know I know. Every one will jump here and tell me: - to hold the power for 3 sec, - then hold home for 12 sec, - release the power button, - and wait for the Apple icon. True it takes few minutes, and the iPad is being reset. (leave the iPad alone , and come back after 10 minutes) But...
  7. peled

    iBooks App was deleted - But books still OK

    My wife deleted the iBooks application. I was sure I lost all books and Magazine. I Re Installed the App, and opened it. 1st sign of hope was that I noticed all my Collections were still there ( a list of about 15) I noticed the iPAD is working hard on some background job. Left it that way, and...
  8. peled

    havn't been to the forum a while - it looks awful

    One of the best things was the "CP User" that gave you a list of all new threads you participated in. Where is it ??? Sorry I don't like it one bit.
  9. peled

    Every 2 weeks the iPad is getting into Safe Mode

    Not that it bother me that much. All I have to do is a "full Reboot". But it seems as if Apple were right, not to allow all kind of unsafe tweaks, that unstable the operating system. I have close to 20 tweaks, and I don't know which one of them may cause the problem. It is not like I am...
  10. peled

    Free Memory on iPAd - What's the Algorithm ?

    Since I added the tweak showing the current free memory I have . I really am amazed at what is going on. I assumed that the more applications I am running, the less memory Ill have. But No Many times I get to the point of say 20MB , and then I activate AppStore, and suddenly my free memory...
  11. peled

    Would too many tweaks slow your iPAD

    I have iPAD 1 that started to be loaded with tweaks. Now tweaks are not like regular applications, that go to sleep, when you move to another app. Tweaks are utilities that needs to be on alert to serve us on any screen, any application. To be alert and not to sleep, required some extra...
  12. peled

    Got a problem with SBVolume Tweak

    It is supposed to be a nice tweak that allows you to control the speaker volum by adding two little iCons on the screen one of them control the up Volume and the other control the down volume. It is working fine. BUT... although the program is supposed to work on the iPAD as well. it is puting...
  13. peled

    JailBreak features that are better then iOS-5

    I was watching Apples video regarding iOS-5 here: Apple - iOS 5 - See the top new features in action. Trying to figure out what features we already have on a jail-broken iPAD, 4.3.3 and realized that it might be nice to accumulate a list compering between them. And I am not talking about full...
  14. peled

    How do I select the right App from Cydia ?

    Although I already got quite a few applications from Cydia ( paid and free) I still don't seems to understand what should I select after making a search. Why do I get the same Application name on a number of found files through the use of Search. I know that the one in blue you need to pay...
  15. peled

    Problem with 5-row keyboard - Show only 1 half row.

    So I decided to get the 5-row application from Cydia. Made a quick search, found more then 10 entries. Selected one of them and downloaded (Didn't get any prompt for payment !?!?) Got the application. Activated it through Winterboard application. Went to setup and defined a new 5 row...
  16. peled

    Just Gave 100 books away. iPad is the replacment

    I finally realized that I'll probably wouldn't need my paper books any more. The iPad will become my reading books. Not that it help me much with that, since3 I keep reading magazines, and can't find the time for books. But anyway one thing was sure - No need for 100 book to sit there...
  17. peled

    What do I loose installing "pdf pATCHER 2" ?

    There are recompilation after JB the iPAD to run the application "PDF Patcher 2 " Question is do I loose something ? While Comex is trusted, there is the possibility that someone less trusted could eventually use the same exploit to do something naughty to your iPad. This tweak will close...
  18. peled

    Can you list App's needed to stay in 4.3.3 and feel like 5.0

    We all know that in about 2 month version 5 will come out. I am sure that since the last JailBreakMe, that was so easy to release Apple's iOS, they will speedup Version 5 release date. Since 5.0 is already in Beta, we should have a general idea, regarding some major features. We need to...
  19. peled

    Memory Stolen from your iPad - Did you Know that ?

    There are really nice applications that can run on your iPad. Only problem is that you never know how much memory it is using on your device. The Apple iOS wouldn't let you guess. It is especially true when it is a program that accumulate data like news applications. One of the most popular...
  20. peled

    Any App that lists iPad content with memory allocation ?

    In Windows you just run Explorer ( I personally love Total Commander) , and you get a list of all your files with their corresponding memory size. So Simple. But how about the iPAD ? My 32 Gig is running out of memory. Got 5 Gig left. I have lots of Applications. Before I clear some...
  21. peled

    Got HP 8500A - Airprint not responding properly

    By Properly I mean, the iPAD detects the printer always. But when I hit the print, it will either get stuck with the message "Connecting Printer..." for almost ever. Or sometimes it will act as if the page was sent to the printer, clearing the screen, but nothing comes out of the printer...
  22. peled

    Why don't we merge "iPad" Forum with "iPad 2" Forum

    I am looking at the Q & A going on the iPad 2 discussion forum, and let me tell you that the majority of it, has nothing to do specifically with iPad 2. Just because some one has iPad 2 on her/his hand, doesn't mean that the problem or Question he/she has can't be shared and answered in the...
  23. peled

    Got 2 iStore Accounts - How to Sync

    In my Country I can't get the Google Earth Application. There are no problem getting it from the US. So I created an Apple iStore new account for the USA. Very easy to do it, and I logged-In and was able to Download through iTunes the "Google Earth" Application. I can even see it on my iTunes...
  24. peled

    Starting to sale iPad-2 in Israel this Fri Apr 29th

    iPad -1 started selling 8 month after US. Now it is only 2 Month the 16G only Wifi is about $600 here. or 400 euro
  25. peled

    Magazines (PDF) Cover page Show on iTunes - not on iPad

    I noticed that from time to time a Magazine that shows a perfect Cover page on iTunes, gets missing once it is being transferred to the iPAD. On the iPad I'll get a brown page with some title like 11-2010.
  26. peled

    See what happens to a HOT roasted iPAD

    It's a sunny day here in Israel. My wife was sitting outside. She got a phone call and left the iPAD outside Baking in the sun . (more like roasted..) She came back and the iPAD was turned off. Tried to power up and got that nice picture Ye.. We cool it inside for 10 minutes and it came...
  27. peled

    Advice for getting Google Earth when restricted.

    In my country (Israel) there is no way I can install the Google Earth Application. I have no idea why. I assume that there are more countries you can't install it. I found out an Application name "iGIS HD" that is using the Google earth maps and satellite view. Not exactly Google , but at...
  28. peled

    A killer PDF on the iPAD

    My hunt (89 years old) wanted to get her own iPAD. She reads only German. So in order to test her ability to navigate with the iPad I downloaded some newspaper and Magazines in German. I was amazed at how quick she got the hang of the iPAD. It was love on 1st site. ( we are waiting now for the...
  29. peled

    Just Some Tips I came to use on my iPAD

    1. Put your most used App on the DocK ( the 6 iCons at the Button) 2. Put the most used applications on the Home Screen ( the 1st one after search). A Single Click on the Home Bottom will bring you there. 3. Leave the Screen after the Home Screen Empty (except some Folder with something in...
  30. peled

    What do you think about my iPIG ?

    Got it to save money for my 2nd iPAD. Here is the pictures. You wouldn't find it in the Sotre:
  31. peled

    How sad not for iPad

    My dream is that all the competition form other Tablet, will force Apple to allow flash on the iPAD. That way we would enjoy the best site for quality videos such as "". Take a look at that video on your PC , and see what we loose: The Aurora on Vimeo
  32. peled

    How many books per shelf in iBook ?

    I was trying to get that info, but couldn't. I already have 12 libraries full with Magazines. One lib has already 35 magazines. any idea what is the maximum, or maybe it is unlimited ?
  33. peled

    How can I install app allowed only in US

    There are applications I can't access due to my location (israel). Any way to overcome that limitation ? Last one is the Sky news. It wouldn't allow me to install it. No. Mine is not Jail broken.
  34. peled

    Here are my "Dock Icons" at home screen. What are yours

    There is no question, the most used applications that any one is using, are the ones on the Bottom of the Home screen. What is called "iPad Dock Icons" These are mine, What are yours ?
  35. peled

    Problem with full cover on iPAD-2 due to Camera

    I like my fully covered iPAD-1 cover. Makes me more conferable throwing it any place without thinking. With iPAD-2 there is a Camera on the back. So if you are looking for a full cover (unlike the magnet on side cover) , you may have a problem , since they must put a hole in it. Not that it...
  36. peled

    iPAD-2 New features. Most of them - Not for me

    It look nice, but bottom line for me personally, and the way I use the iPAD, I don't seem to lose that much. I am not into creating Music. I am not into editing Video. I am taking pictures with a real Camera. Video conf is nice but I hardly need it. Smart Cover ? big deal It is...
  37. peled

    iPad IOS 4.3 Officially out

    No date yet for downloading. See here: Apple - iOS 4.3 Software Update
  38. peled

    Ipad-2 Live here . Steve Jobs is ON !!!

    Greatest Book For All And Pictures here: (Have to refresh
  39. peled

    Updating Applications - Why the Password

    I noticed something funny with regard to application updates. If you go to the App Store Application and you activate the Update ICON, the program will ask you for a password. On the other end if you do nothing, you will noticed, that your updates are done in the background, with no need for a...
  40. peled

    Sharing an Idea for tracking current reading.

    One of the nice things in ibook application is that you can put a sign on the current page of a book or PDF you are reading, but there is no way to put a sign on which Magazine you are currently reading. On my iBook application i got lots of PDF documents and magazines. They are all devided...