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  1. Coffeeboy

    Be gone, ye foul stock icons! Pretty please?

    Hi all, and the bestest new year to all and everyone! Just (well...) finished jailbreaking my Air with 8.1.2, but now it seems that Winterboard (which IS stated in Cydia as "work-ish") wont change themes for me and, thus, I'm stuck with the ugly stock icons! Anyone who can point me in the...
  2. Coffeeboy

    Cannot access stored files on iCloud

    Cannot access stored files on iCloud (fix on page 2) Since a little - to me unkenned - time back I cannot access handling stored files on iCloud, through Settings on my JBed iPad Air. I only get the little spinning time-thingy for a brief time and then the bracket-like arrow returns. And...
  3. Coffeeboy

    Changing icons manually?

    Since I can't seem to get my downlaoded WB-themes to work (and not being friends with the search function :p ), I was wondering where I can find - or indeed if it's possible - where (in iFile) to change the icons manually. I'm on an Air running 7.0.4 (JB-ed of course), and I do strongly dislike...
  4. Coffeeboy

    JBed iPad2 (5.1.1): Where did AirPlay go?

    The last time I used AirPlay I was on a JBed 4.3.3 (I think; could've been the 5.0.1 aswell), and I had the AirPlay button in appropriate apps. Now, however, this is nowhere to be found! I've made sure I'm on the same settings, hardwarewise (ie all on the same network; I have an accesspoint...
  5. Coffeeboy

    Back up before upgrade...

    I'm sorry if this makes me sound stupid (in this case I probably am), but I was thinking of upgrading the pad to 5.1, since there is a JB available. So. The thing is I don't know how to (if there are any way) back up the present set-up with all the apps, lockscreen, layout etc, to apply the...
  6. Coffeeboy

    Winterboard on 5.01?

    How come none of the themes I had on my 4.3.3 work on 5.01? I have the same settings and all the files at the same place as before updating. However, the stock slider and the hideous slide show icon, are still present. Even with the themes activated in WB... Also, is SmartScreen incompatible...
  7. Coffeeboy

    Facebook for iPad - troubles, questions et al.

    Since the news thread about the Facebook app for iPad tends to fill up with things not going right with it, I thought it might be a good idea to start a separate thread about that sort of stuff. I mean, the app doing this or that or malfunction at times, is not really news, is it? So, here...
  8. Coffeeboy

    Protecting the protection (SmartCover)?

    Dunno if this is quite the right department for this, but here goes: In a, not so distant, future, I'll be the proud owner of a hand drawn SmartCover (I just have to drive the 400 some kilometers first to get it), illustrated by my brother, the artist. Thing is - even though the pens used...
  9. Coffeeboy

    Oh, movies, where art thou?

    I've managed to locate my mp3s in iFile, but where does the movies end up? Been looking and looking, but nowhere are they to be found. Not by me anyways... Also, I believe I've read 'bout an app used to search 'anything', but the knowledge of this is sadly and temporarily lost... Enlighten...
  10. Coffeeboy

    Scrolling not possible sometimes?

    I know you need to use two fingers to scroll inside a frame, but what's the reason for this not working in some places? I've authored a site where two fingers work at all parts except one, and I'm quite sure all frames are written the same... Could, in this case, be frames within frames, if I...
  11. Coffeeboy

    Changing statusbar only

    Is there a theme or tweak that allows me to switch only the statusbar? I'm so content with the Graphite-theme, but I have a hard time noticing how much battery is left. Brown on black might not be the optimal combo? Or do I have to alter Graphite or write/create this myself (kinda same thing...
  12. Coffeeboy

    Post your cup

    Heck, why not? Can't be the only coffee imbiber here, can I? Let's try a tad different pic post, eh? Post your cup! Whether it's coffee, tea or what not (just the cup will do fine too): go ahead and post! Could be fun. Or not... I'll go first... //Stefan
  13. Coffeeboy

    Missing file warning using Cydia

    I keep getting the below text almost everytime I download from Cydia. What does it really mean? I've checked for the requested file in iFile and, yes, it's there alright... The only difference is that the file on disc has a small 'h' instead of a capital one ('H')...
  14. Coffeeboy

    Change boot logo on iPad2, 4.3.3, possible?

    Well, suppose the title says it all? Where do one find the files to alter to achieve abovementioned result?
  15. Coffeeboy

    Inctive select image button in Safari... Why?

    Inactive select image button in Safari... Why? In several places, sites and forums alike, I've noticed that the button for selecting pictures from your computer (here iPad) is inactivated. Why is this? Sure, I could upload to Photobucket, but would find it much easier to get the pics from...
  16. Coffeeboy

    Removal of lockscreen images icon?

    Is there any easy and simple way of removing only the annoying icon to the right of the slider on the lockscreen? I don't want it to interfere with the theme elsewise. Tried Springtomize, but the dock icons all huddle together when rotating the iPad, and this can't be fixed by respringing...
  17. Coffeeboy

    BlueFire reader freezes iPad2

    BlueFire e-book reader freezes iPad2 Since I JB-ed my iPad2 (4.3.3 32GB WiFi) my BlueFire e-book reader freezes it on exit. When starting the app, and whilst reading, there are no problems, but exiting the app causes the iPad to freeze for about two minutes and then respring. After this it...
  18. Coffeeboy

    Bluetooth connectability?

    To kick off: I´ve tried searching and I´m not altogether friends with that function... ;) The query om my mind is why the pad (iPad 2, ver 4.3.3) refuses to connect to my phone via Bluetooth. It sure finds the phone, but when I get so far as to pair them the pad states that the device...