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    iSteve: The Book of Jobs

    Apple co-founder Steve Jobs broke with expectations on Sunday after Simon & Schuster said he had agreed to participate in an authorized biography. Aspen president chief and former Time managing editor Walter Isaacson is penning iSteve: The Book of Jobs with an expected shelf date of early 2012...
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    New avatar for me!

    Marie thought that my avatar was getting a bit "stale" since I have used that same picture since I got here. I miss my dog, but I do think it is time for a fresh new look! Thank you for helping me stay focused!
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    No more Atomic web browser?

    I know there are many people who favor the Atomic web browser over Safari mainly because it offers the ability to change the user agent. This means you can set the browser so that web sites think you are using non-mobile versions of Safari, various versions of InternetExplorer and Firefox. It...
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    HD radio tagging - this will cost me money!

    I finally joined the 21st century and installed an HD radio in my Jeep. So I am reading the manual (which is something I very rarely do!) and I find out that I can hook up my iPad through the USB port (instead of using the AUX in port like I had to do on my "old" radio). Big deal, right...
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    Before you rush out and get a Xoom...

    Android hit by rogue app viruses --
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    US Justice Department and FTC looking into Apple's new subscription policy

    US Justice Department and FTC looking into Apple's new subscription policy -- Engadget
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    Borders near bankruptcy after e-books weigh it down

    "The bookseller is now believed to be filing a non-permanent Chapter 11 bankruptcy as soon as Monday or Tuesday." Borders near bankruptcy after e-books weigh it down | Electronista Back in early December 2010, Borders was even considering making an offer to buy Barnes & Noble that has been up...
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    Mobile Terminal won't work

    As many (some?) of you may have already found out, MobileTerminal won't work. You tap it and it instantly goes away. I tried adding the xSellize repository where there is supposed to be a beta Terminal for iOS4, but that barfs all over itself when I try to add it to my list of sources. Anyone...
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    How many forum members does it take to change a light bulb?

    How many forum members does it take to change a light bulb? 1 to change the light bulb and 1 to post that the light bulb has been changed 14 to share similar experiences of changing light bulbs and how the light bulb could have been changed differently 7 to caution about the dangers...
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    Congratulations BrennB!

    I guess it happened just around noon today (central time)... Who's coming to the party to help her celebrate???
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    The other McIntosh!

    For those of you who are into vintage audio gear, McIntosh Labs has a free app that plays your music with the look of a McIntosh amp! McIntosh AP1 Audio Player for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store No, it doesn't do anything that the iPod app won't do, its just neat...
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    Teaching iPad 101 class

    I have been recruited by my local library to conduct a basic introductory class about the iPad. While I may know quite a bit about the iPad, I have never actually taught a class. Has anyone done this? Do you have a PowerPoint or some other presentation that you use? All suggestions...
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    I spy with my little eye...

    No, I am not talking about the children's game or the 1960's TV series starring Bill Cosby and Robert Culp, but an iPhone/iPad app called iSpy. With this app, you can look at webcams from all over the world in real time! When the app opens, you see a screen with 36 thumbnails of webcams in...
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    iBooks update!

    Maybe Apple does listen after all! The latest update now has a Collections options where you can separate your books however you want. The app keeps getting better, but unfortunately their offerings still leave a lot to be desired.
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    Winter begins on Dec. 21st

    It has already started here in "flyover" country!
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    Borders is buying Barnes & Noble

    While this is not really an iPad-related story, it will certainly effect the electronic publication business. Barnes & Noble Surges as Pershing, Borders May Team Up on Takeover Offer - Bloomberg
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    New iPad User Guide includes iOS 4.2.1 features

    How does multi-tasking work? Where is the screen orientation lock?? How do I put apps into folders??? Answers to these any many more questions can be found in the latest edition of the iPad User Guide. It is available in three forms: 1) As a free PDF from the Apple website: Apple -...
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    Halfway there...

    Just after 2:00pm CST... I wonder if today will be the day we break the record?
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    Did you buy your iPad or was it a gift?

    I see so many posts, especially in the introductions, where people say that they received their iPad as a gift from a "significant other". Me? Mine was a birthday present from my wife. I have been a long time iPod user and had two iPod Touches. So you see, the fact that I eventually became a...
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    When is the party?

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    Is that cooking goddess Rachel Ray...

    Is that cooking goddess Rachel Ray holding an iPad on the QuiBids banner ads? You decide!
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    Only 100 more to go!

    I see him here once in a while. Doesn't he post any more?
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    New Social Group - Missouri iPad Users

    1991-C4 has created a new social group called "Missouri iPad Users", with the following description: To join this group visit the social groups homepage where this new group will be listed.
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    Spycam from SweetPoison's office! Now is where we find out if she really has a sense of humor!
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    First its "adult content", now its fart apps!

    Apple to Developers: ‘We Don’t Need Any More Fart Apps’ C'mon, can we actually have too many fart apps??? Apparently Apple thinks so!
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    SweetPoison... I don't know any other way to do this!

    But you are at your maximum number of PM's and you have to delete some before you can receive any more!
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    PG17 - I thought the iPad was supposed to be "family friendly"

    A month or two ago, Apple removed the "adult" titles from their top sellers list in the iBook store. They still sell the books, but they were simply removed from the list. Well someone at the App Store didn't get the memo! Here is today's (9/16/2010) 76th top free app --
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    iTunes 10 is here now!

    Actually I don't know why I am so excited to announce this since I am not entirely sure there was anything I was missing from iTunes 9! And here's a hint... it took like maybe 20 minutes or so to do the whole download (without MobileMe) and then when you start iTunes, it goes through your...
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    Kindle update

    Looks like mostly bug fixes, but also includes the New Oxford American Dictionary Second Edition. Hmmm... I guess the language we speak over on this side of the pond isn't the same language they speak over there in Oxford! You know they say if we hadn't won the revolution in 1776, we'd all...
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    Gutenberg didn't include a User Guide either!

    Hilarious! YouTube - Introducing the book
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    Why do they call it the Sleep/Wake button?

    You know, that button on the top right edge of your iPad. Apple calls it the Sleep/Wake button. So given this name, one would assume that pressing it would put the iPad to sleep and pressing it again would wake it up. BUT NO!!! According to Apple, pressing this button does not put...
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    Will this work?

    Without a doubt, the battery life on the iPad is terrific! There have been a few posts from people who claim to have been able to watch things like streaming video for much longer than the 10 hour "average" use time. But I want to take the opposite approach. For shitums (as one of us likes to...
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    For those of you who think the iPad sucks...

    We are hardcore about tablets - Ballmer We are hardcore about tablets - Ballmer |