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    anyone ordered from

    This site says that they sell authentic merchandise but the prices seem too good to be true Apple iPad Smart Cover Leather & Polyurethane Deals Polyurathene Smart covers: * Retail Pack = 29.99 * Non-Retail Pack = 2 for 29.99 Leather Smart covers: * Retail Pack = 49.99 * Non-Retail Pack = 2 for...
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    How much more would you pay for an iPad 4th generation?

    Thanks for the info, but I have already done the comparison. Being that I have been away from the iPad since Generation 1 am wondering if the people on the forum who have much more experience than I, feel the 4 is worth 200 more than the 3 :)
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    How much more would you pay for an iPad 4th generation?

    I am moving back to ipad since trading away my iPad 1 and owning a WebOS and 2 different Android tablets. Wal-Mart currently has the iPad3 64gb Wi-Fi on sale for 499.99 online. The iPad 4 64gb Wi-Fi is 699.99. Is the Ipad 4 worth 200$ more or should I pick up the iPad 3 instead?
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    Best mmorpg on ipad? Or mmorpg like?

    looks like they are acceptint requests to be beta testers :)
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    Most Protective Case?

    defender is only 48$ on amazon right now!!
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    Otterbox defender

    48$ on amazon right now!!
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    iPad Case

    The otterbox defender case is selling for right around 50$ on amazon Sent from my PC36100 using Tapatalk
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    Otterbox defender

    I just picked up the defender case off amazon for about 50$! LOVE IT!
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    Getting Ready for iOS 4.2 - Read This!

    Nope, just stumbled across the link when searching for the 4.2 release date :)
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    Getting Ready for iOS 4.2 - Read This!

    Cydia is Ready and Up for iOS 4.2 Jailbreak | Mobiles DNA are you sure about that?
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    New Ipad

    welcome :)
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    Getting Ready for iOS 4.2 - Read This!

    I thoight 4.2 was already jailbroken?