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    Not all contacts syncing from GMail to IPad

    I have the iPad set up EXACTLY like I have my iPhone set up with an exchange account. All 274 contacts syncs to my iPhone. Only 25 to the iPad. It's been 30 minutes with no change. Why are my contacts not getting pushed to my iPad like they are the iPhone.
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    No red eye removal apps???

    How is there nothing that can remove red eyes? The few actual apps called red eye removal are JUNK and someone said that Photo FX Ultra has a preset, but I used it and all it does is throw some disgusting gray splotches over the eyes which looks even more ridiculous than the red eyes.
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    Looking for hard shell/case with kick stand

    I swear I saw a case that was a snap on (not a leather book style and not one with anything that actually coverste screen only a backing) that had a little kickstand that snapped into place in the back. Thought it was skymall but I don't see it on their site. I don't want ANYTHING that looks...
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    iOS 5 and importing the keyboard shortcuts from iPhone 4S

    I have an iPhone 4S with about 1k (no I'm not really exaggerating) keyboard shortcuts I've made since I got the phone a few months ago (any time I misspell something I make a keyboard shortcut, for example if I accidentally type "neighborhoo" and misstype the "d" I make a shortcut). I am...
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    Still using jailbroken 4.0, any real reason to switch?

    Title says it all...better battery life or performance or anything on 4.2/3? Don't really care about multitasking because I have true MT with Backgrounder. Don't really care about folders because I've got like 7x7 rows of icons on the first screen. I don't even have enough icons to fill up 6...
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    Crap. I can't remember how to get shows to show up under TV Shows in iTunes

    I looked at the ones I had in TV Shows already...all I have is the album listed. Yet when I do that with some of the movies I have (scrubs, for example) they don't move over to the TV Shows. What am I forgetting?
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    Any new good two player games out?

    Wife and I haven't used our iPads much in the last few months, and wondering if there is any new games worth checking out that we can play at the same time. We've played the shuffleboard, Scrabble, etc. But mainly looking for stuff that's been released within the last couple of months.
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    Starcraft II

    Anyone buy this? I bought it today against my better judgment (usually I might try it out first via a torrent, then if I like it, IMMEDIATELY go to Best Buy and buy it) for 60 bucks and frankly I was bored after the first mission. I'm not going to give up yet, but I am definitely having second...
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    Used my iPad exclusively for 5 weeks overseas, here are my thoughts

    Pros: - Battery life was amazing, the iPad easily lasted my entire 8.5 hour flight from Chicago to Munich and Munich to LAX on the way back (12.5 hours) - Easily completed everything I needed to do like making basic documents, email, surfing etc. Email app did act weird though...
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    What do you use for video editing?

    I have a few videos, including one that I think is going to make some German guy a Youtube sensation but I think MS Video Maker is crap. Is there something that I can use to easily import videos, add text over the video, and run an audio track and pictures in between the videos?
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    Easiest way to xfer photos from the iPad?

    When I try to cut or copy and paste from Windows Explorer (using the iPad as a connected camera basically) it says cannot complete the action.
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    Hey everyone, I'm back in the States :)

    Yeah yeah I know most people probably didn't even realize i was gone but i was in germany for language refresher training for five weeks...did a lot of vacationing and whatnot while i wasn't in class. I hiked up the tallest mountain in Germany in eight hours, hiked up another really tall one...
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    Is there any way to set a program to say NEVER auto shut down?
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    Email app acting super odd

    So lately, and this doesn't happen constantly, but the email app will refresh (inside the app while I'm watching) and download a new message. In the left pane the preview pops up for like a second, then disappears before i can even click. Then it says under the list of previewed messages for...
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    What limitation prevents me from updating my status on

    I'm using atomic and wondering if this is a problem with atomic or the iPad in general.
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    Does anyone have a picture of a Decal Girl skin?

    Not the ones that are computer generated, like an actual real photo of their iPad with a decal girl skin on it....
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    Any last suggestions for apps before I head off to Germany this weekend?

    I'm going to be gone 36 days... I have: - Whistle - Text Plus - Air Video - Some German speak board with basic phrases - An iPhone app that has a searchable train route (Bahn) sort of thing - My porn stash in a hidden file app
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    For the Artists

    Maybe it's not great or maybe it is, but a new app was released today, that is FREE, for sketching, etc. Looks pretty simple...but if you are an artist, perhaps this will be of use to you: App Shopper: Wondershare iDraft (Productivity) Wondershare iDraft iPad Only iDarft is a...
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    Is there a way to reinstall an app without losing data?

    My wife is about 1/5 through Angry Birds HD and it keeps crashing...a LOT. I have it on my iPad and I am about 1/2 through and it has never crashed once. I can't figure out why, so I figured I'd ask if this could be done. We both have 64GB WiFi only iPads. And yes, the apps are paid for, not...
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    How well does Air Video work on moderate to slow connections?

    Just if I wanted to watch a movie via public wifi which is usually slower, or speed equivalents to 3G or overloaded networks, etc. Does it just buffer longer or it will play choppy?
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    Pen Ultimate Update Released!

    Some pretty good updates in this release, so I thought it was worth mentioning: - Different colored pen colors - The ability to choose from three sized pens
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    Any way to disable the search screen?

    I never, ever, use the search screen located one swipe to the left of the home screen...yet I accidentally select it often either by accidentally swiping left or hitting the home button while on the home screen.
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    App for logging workouts?

    Is there a good iPad app out there for logging your workout routines, sets, reps, weights, etc?
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    One more win for the Constitution of the United States

    High Court’s Big Ruling For Gun Rights June 28, 2010 - 10:07 AM | by: Lee Ross In its second major ruling on gun rights in three years, the Supreme Court Monday extended the federally protected right to keep and bear arms to all 50 states. The decision will be...
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    The spacebar has been driving me a little nuts lately

    Am I just hitting it at the wrong angle or something? It seems like my biggest hold back on this keyboard is typing words as one without a
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    ZooGue Case Review

    Thanks to Tim from ZooGue for getting me this case so soon, I needed it in time for my trip to Germany next week. That being said, it's still an unbiased review...he didn't give me a discount, pay for me to review it, or anything. I paid full price and shipping for the case. :D I have a...
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    Anyone else having a problem with brightness/SBSettings?

    When I set it, and then lock the iPad, often it doesn't save the changes. Like the screen will still be dark when I unlock it, and as soon as I tap the slider (even if I don't move it) it fixes...annoying.
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    Apple computers in Hollywood

    I think it's funny that apple has something like 7% of the market yet 99% of computersin Hollywood productions are Apple. Anyone else notice that?
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    Does anyone have an extra long Apple charging cable?

    If so, where did you get it from? I'm talking about 10+ feet. The Bluetooth keyboard really drains the battery and I wouldn't mind having the iPad plugged into the wall while using it, but the cable the comes with the charger isn't long enough. Could I just get something like this...
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    Apple Wireless Keyboard, First Thoughts

    Ok I had a Freedom Pro keyboard that folds up, but I realized I really don't need a folding keyboard, so I shuffled over to Best Buy actually hoping to buy an iPhone 4 to resell on eBay for profit (no dice, they never got a single one in) and picked up an Apple wireless keyboard. First...
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    What is the best way to join two video files together?

    I have Blackhawk Down as two "CDs" and want to join them together in the best, easiest way possible. Any suggestions?
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    Will Whistle/TextPlus work in Germany?

    If I get some sort of location spoofer or something? And if so can someone recommend one that works with the iPad? I am going on this trip to Germany that I have been talking about for a few weeks around here, and want to make sure I will be able to make free calls/send texts to my wife.
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    Verizon is better than AT&T, again

    Verizon announced their Droid X today (awesome!). Someone asked if the unlimited data plan had a cap, and the CEO confirmed that it is a completely unlimited data plan for 30 dollars. An extra 20 bucks if you want to use the WiFi hotspot feature.
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    IM+ question

    I am either blind or just baffled by the choice in IM+ where new Tweets are displayed oldest to newest in order from top to bottom. Has anyone found a way to make them display with the newest at the top?
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    VZW Moto Droid X to be announced on Wednesday

    Now this throws a wrench in my plans to get the HTC DI. On one hand the Droid X is going to be huge like the EVO 4G so I don't doubt the battery life might be crap, but then again it's not going to have 4G and it's running some form of MotoBlur with inline battery profiles. If I pre-order it...
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    OpenDNS has made my iPad web browsing twice as fast

    There's no real solid way to tell on the iPad but it's just a gut reaction. Speedtest will not show an increase most likely because it's not download speeds that are generally improved. I signed up for free, set up within minutes, and changed my dns server to theirs instead of my isp's, and I...
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    My internet is crap

    I feel like when I reset my router I must have forgotten to change a setting or something. The last day or two is the only time it has been slow and I reset my router last week so on the other hand I doubt that's the problem. Any suggestions?
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    Is anyone else's iTunes movie section scrolling painfully slow? and other iTunes ?s

    I suspect it has to do with all the thumbnails which are worthless to me (I wish I could turn them off)...but I have about 800 movies ripped in my iTunes library. When I am scrolling through my choices under the sync options to add movies or remove them from my device, the scrolling is...
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    Saving blobs

    How do you do it with Cydia doing all the work for you? I don't see the option in Cydia, I must be blind. And how do you restore using Cydia if it is saving the blobs for you if you upgrade, how would you be able to access Cydia to access your backed up blobs, if that makes sense...
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    iPhone 4 - if you have the money and the ability...

    I would buy as many as possible, and then resell them on eBay for 100 or even 300 or more profit. Hell a 30 dollar camera connection kit sold for 180 bucks not too long ago, you could make a killing on iPhones - IF you can get your hands on them and ESPECIALLY if they are unlocked (according to...