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  1. Bremen

    Some good games on sale....

    Link below.... some good stuff.... don't know how long the sales last, but get'um while they're hot! UPDATED: Select Gameloft and Capcom Titles On Sale | Touch Arcade
  2. Bremen

    HP Photosmart D110a

    Last Sunday, 7.18.10, I picked up the new HP D110a printer. These are the first wave of HP printers with the “ePrint” technology. We seldom have any need to print from our iPads, but were needing a new printer...
  3. Bremen

    New iBooks update!

    Check your app store, you have an update for iBooks :) Works good, improved PDF support, and some other little things..... There is also a new iTunes update
  4. Bremen

    Free drawing app today 7.17.10

    Cool drawing app, get it while it's fresh! App Shopper: Abstract Glowing Art HD (Photography)
  5. Bremen

    TowerMaddnes FREE 7.16.10 only

    An excellent Tower Defense game that is regular priced at $7.99.. free today 7.16.10 only!!!!! GET IT!
  6. Bremen

    Listen to iPod app while you Pad?

    I often do.... This very moment it's "Sober" by Tool.....
  7. Bremen

    Kindle App updated

    The Kindle app is updated today for iPhone 4 compatibility (the super screen). The big news is that the next Kindle update will have a built in dictionary, and be able to look up words in Wikipedia and Google. And search for words in the book itself.
  8. Bremen

    Free Book at Smashwords

    Free book at Smashwords Smashwords - Daughter of Elysium - An Elysium Cycle Novel - A book by Joan Slonczewski Get the ePub format for iBooks or the PDF for Goodreader Put in code KQ25S at checkout.... good until end of June.... Enjoy! :)
  9. Bremen

    O'Reilly 2 for 1 code

    If you are interested O'Reilly books, here is a code... Purchase ebooks at — Buy 1 ebook, get 1 free. Buy 2 ebooks, get 2 free. Buy 3 ebooks, get 3 free. And so on... DRM-free. Lifetime access to multiple formats. Free updates. Use discount code MBRBG in the shopping cart. Note...
  10. Bremen

    If you ever wondered about the "myipadmedia" scam

    If you ever wondered what is happens behind the myipadmeda scam, here is the scoop. The sucker gives them $50, of that $50 the spammer who sent the sucker to that site gets $34. The other $16 goes to some clickmedia ripoff outfit. Then the sucker that spent the $50 gets redirected to Feedbooks...
  11. Bremen

    Sex and Murder

    Okay, for you extreme horror types (I am not one of you) ...... Sex and Murder magazine is offering a free issue. Go to the link below on your PC/Mac.... Click the ePub option, download .... Then import into iTunes and sync..... Warning, explicet, adult.....etc. It's not my thing.... But Its...
  12. Bremen

    Prince of Persia 99 cents

    The original from Ubisoft.... and yes, there is an iPad version.... brand new just released and only 99 cents for a limited time..... I need another game like I need a sweater in Texas in July, but of course I could not resist this...
  13. Bremen

    Sale...fighting game .99 reg $4.99

    If you like console fighting games, you have to get this. Regular price is $4.99 on sale for a limited time for 99 cents... As I post this it went on sale 30 minutes ago...... Bruce Lee Dragon warrior.... iPhone game, but runs and looks good on the iPad (99 cents!)..... 2X it and you are good...
  14. Bremen

    Free game today only 5.29

    The game "Defend your Castle" is free today only. Regular $2.99 Defend Your Castle for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store It is silly, but fun Also Secret of the Lost cavern is 99 cents instead of $4.99...
  15. Bremen

    Free book - This Weekend Only 5.29&30

    If you have a Smashwords account go on over and get this book free.... Smashwords - The Second Coming - A book by David H. Burton at checkout enter code NQ83R Download in ePub format and it will work in iBooks with no problem... If you don't have an account you can sign up, it's free of...
  16. Bremen

    Got my el-cheapo leather iPad case....

    About 2 weeks ago I took a gamble with some excess paypal bucks and ordered this case **Brand New Apple iPad Leather Case with stand + Screen Protector** FREE SHIPPING !! . That's right $17.99 total, free shipping........ I expected with free shipping for it to take a while to get. I was right...
  17. Bremen

    This forum is growing fast!

    I pay attention to such things, pretty sad I know................ but almost every day the record number of users online at once is shattered..... today we broke 1400!!! That is amazing considering the short about of time this forum has even existed... and the fact the focus product has only...
  18. Bremen

    An indepentant ebook store

    Just to maybe broaden your reading options a bit... this site has ebooks written by indie authors. Not the big names, but self publishing and small publishers. The books are DRM free and iPad/iBooks friendly. Prices are pretty good as well. When you buy a book, just...
  19. Bremen

    Apple now bigger than Microsoft

    Check out the BBC link below BBC News - Apple passes Microsoft to be biggest tech company
  20. Bremen

    More free Kindle app books...

    If you got the Kindle app.... here are some more for you Also look at the "customers also bought" and see several more free titles..... at least one might be...
  21. Bremen

    Another free one from Barnes and Noble

    And again if you have the Barnes and Noble free app.... here is another free book for you :) The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker, Leanna Renee Hieber, Download - Barnes & Noble
  22. Bremen

    B&N Free: Sidney Sheldon Rage of Angels

    If you have the free Barnes and Noble app from the app store..... This is free for a limited time... Rage of Angels, Sidney Sheldon, Download - Barnes & Noble
  23. Bremen

    Is this offensive?

    Am I overly sensitive, or is this game offensive to you too? Game is called "drive-by" in the app store, check it out......
  24. Bremen

    Don't forget Kindle for free book

    I'm sure most everyone knows we have a free Kindle app for our ipads. It works like a Kindle, including getting the books wirelessly without the use of iTunes. Also realize that there are many free books, and not just out of copywrite classics. Often Amazon has free books as promotions, as...
  25. Bremen

    Free ebook sites, already in iBook (ePub) format

    I have posted a few of these in various places, but thought I would tie it together here. These are some sites that have FREE ebooks that are already in ePub format. They will import and read as is in iBooks. ePub Books - MobileRead Forums - Free eBooks for your iPad...
  26. Bremen

    Texas iPad'er

    Been on for a few days and thought i had better make it official. :) Wife and I each got a 16 gig WIFI, and love it. We have both already sold our Sony readers. This (I'm on it now of course) is a great device and I see a bright future for it. See you in the threads......