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  1. robertlc

    Phone Stacking - Think You Can Do It?

    Just saw this over on Yahoo! It seems like a cool idea. I wonder how many of us can do this without breaking. Who wants to try it? Phone-Stacking Craze Teaches Dinner Etiquette When you grab a bite to eat with friends do you have a problem turning off the urge to digitally connect even...
  2. robertlc

    Viewing purchased TV episodes on 2 different iPads

    Say I purchased a few episodes or an entire season of a TV show from/through iTunes. If my wife and I each have an iPad, with our own individual Apple ID, and we wanted to watch an episode separately, would she be able to download the episode from iCloud and watch it if she used my Apple ID and...
  3. robertlc

    Adobe Abandons Mobile Flash Development

    Adobe abandons mobile Flash development, report says - In an abrupt about-face in its mobile software strategy, Adobe will soon cease developing its Flash Player plug-in for mobile browsers, according to an e-mail sent to Adobe partners on Tuesday evening. And with that e-mail...
  4. robertlc

    Siri says the darndest things...

    I have an idea. Anyone that uses or has used Siri and asked it any type of question and got an amusing or unusual or highly appropriate or inappropriate answer, please post it in this thread!! Someone will have to start us off, as I don't have an iPhone 4S yet. Discuss....
  5. robertlc

    Trooper iPad ClamCase channels 'Star Wars'

    Trooper iPad ClamCase channels 'Star Wars' | Crave - CNET This case looks pretty cool! How "Star Wars" can you get without actually paying George Lucas? ClamCase may be testing the Force with the new limited-edition Trooper case for iPad. The Trooper logo design looks mighty familiar...
  6. robertlc

    True Blood

    So, did anyone watch the season 4 premiere last night? What did you think?
  7. robertlc

    Digital Copy - Transfer or Share Possible?

    Suppose I by a DVD or set of DVDs and it has a Digital Copy option. I can enter the code and have transferred to my computer, either from the extras DVD or the Internet, a good digital copy of the movie. I have the option of doing this with Windows Media or iTunes. Since my wife has an iPad...
  8. robertlc

    Richard Dreyfuss Dramatizes iTunes Legalese

    CNET got Richard Dreyfus to conduct a dramatic reading of the most recent iTunes EULA. I think it's pretty funny. Here's the link.
  9. robertlc

    Guide - Videos/DVD to iPad

    I've seen a lot of questions and some answers on how to best get videos and DVDs onto iPad. While this isn't a definitive answer, I find these 2 pieces of software and the processed describe below help me to get any video/DVD I want onto the iPad with a minimum of fuss and trouble. I hope this...
  10. robertlc

    You're stranded on a desert island...

    ...with your iPad as your sole source of entertainment. It's a 16GB wifi model. What apps, music, books and videos/movies would you want on it that could keep you occupied for a long stretch of time, in between finding food and shelter, while awaiting rescue? For reality's sake, let's assume...
  11. robertlc

    The "Anything Goes" thread

    Welcome to this thread. Consider this thread a place to carry on ongoing conversations, or a place for so-called "postwhores" to run up their postcount. Kind like a TiVo for chat. Anything can be discussed here within the rules of the forum. Keep it clean and let's get to know one another...
  12. robertlc

    IRC app for IPF chat?

    Is there an iPad app that can be used for the IRC chat on this forum? Thanks!
  13. robertlc

    Rubber Gasket Coming Out

    I have discovered a rubber type gasket beginning to work its way out of the top corner of my iPad1. The iPad has been dropped twice before from knee height, but always in its zippered padded carrying case. The metal case of the iPad itself is not deformed in any way that I can see. I'm getting...
  14. robertlc

    SweetPoison At The Apple Store

    For those times when she can't make it to her local Apple Store, where they all just love her, here's this new product: ThinkGeek :: PLAYMOBIL(TM) Apple Store Playset April Fool!!
  15. robertlc

    Congratulations Sweetpoison!

    Our newest Moderator! WooHoo!!!! You're gonna do good girl!
  16. robertlc

    Prevent "accidental" in-app purchases

    If you have a kid(s) and they like to play with your iPad like mine do, you may be worried/concerned/anxious about them accidentally purchasing items while they're playing with apps. I know I am. I found this tip from an iPad user on his blog and thought I'd get the word out. How To Turn Off...
  17. robertlc

    Looking for Twitter app with certain features

    I'm looking for a Twitter app that will let me do a few certain things: 1. I'm not a Twitter user and don't want to be or sign up for an account. 2. I want to be able to see certain Twitter users' tweets, stars of a favorite show, for example. 3. Would like the "feed" to be updated...
  18. robertlc

    Help with PrintCentral

    Just purchased PrintCentral for use with my Epson Workforce 600 printer. It prints the 2 line text test fine, but that's it. Everything else is just a line of characters or gibberish. The developer's website is no help as they want you to install software on a computer to print to the...
  19. robertlc

    PortaBrace iPad Case

    For video professionals that would like to use their iPad at work in the field, here's a case made by PortaBrace. I've always used PortaBrace cases for my video equipment at work. They're well-built and protect the equipment very well. No reason why their iPad case shouldn't be the same...
  20. robertlc

    Games between 2 iPads?

    My wife just got her iPad this weekend. We both have the 16Gb Wifi version. Are there any cool 2-player games that can be played between 2 iPads? Thanks, Bob
  21. robertlc

    Can anyone get to College Humor?

    Week or so ago, CollegeHumor - Funny Videos, Funny Pictures, Funny Links! started using a splash screen to promote their iPad app, which while nice, doesn't provide the complete experience. Up until couple of days ago, was able to select the "use mobile site" button to get into site. Now, it...
  22. robertlc

    Two free DVD rippers for Windows and Mac

    Two free DVD rippers for Windows and Mac Let's say I own the box set of TV's most criminally canceled show, "Firefly." Now let's say I want to watch some episodes on my iPhone. Or iPad. Or even just my laptop. Do I really have to spend more money to buy or rent them from Amazon or iTunes...
  23. robertlc

    Apple reveals plan for AirPrint wireless printing solution

    Apple reveals plan for AirPrint wireless printing solution A longstanding complaint with the Apple iPad is its inability to print content directly, and the best answer used to be third part apps like Air Sharing Pro and PrintCentral that use Bonjour to share over a network. At Apple's music...
  24. robertlc

    Happy Birthday SweetPoison!

    Everyone say "Happy Birthday" to SweetPoison(Marie)! Today's her 29th birthday!
  25. robertlc

    Bob from MS

    Well, since I've been a member of this forum since June 1, and an iPad owner since shortly after that, I guess it's time for me to post my introduction. My name is Bob, although my username is robertlc. I go by Bob. At work and on another board, I am sometimes called "Video Bob" since that's...
  26. robertlc

    New iOS 4.2 Announced

    Just announced at today's Apple webcast. iPad will receive iOS 4.2 in November. It will feature Airplay, Game Center, Folders and Printing.
  27. robertlc

    Camera Self-Timer Save iPad!

    This is interesting and a lucky shot. Camera on self-timer captures bag theft | Technically Incorrect - CNET News
  28. robertlc

    Free - Daniusoft's DVD to iPad Converter - Limited Time

    Watch DVDs on your iPad with free converter | iPad Atlas - CNET Reviews The normally $29.95 converter is free until August 31. All you have to do is go to their facebook page, "Like" them to unlock access, and then enter your name and e-mail address, click "Get Keycode" and they'll e-mail you...