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  1. Richard Brown

    After the London Olympics - 12+ months on

    There has been quite a push in the UK to keep the Olympic Spirit in sports going. Last week we were at Stratford where the Olympic park is being developed for its new uses. The park is called the Queen Elizabeth Park. The swimming poll will reopen soon. The Stadium will reopen in a year or...
  2. Richard Brown

    What's the last show you went to?

    I thought I would start this thread to compliment the What's the last film you saw thread. Theatre and live music are seen as the mainstay for this thread. Then of course you may have been to see a TV or radio show being made. Studio audiences usually get in for free in the UK. I feel that...
  3. Richard Brown

    Attractions in Lisbon

    I have posted lots of photos comments etc about our week in Lisbon in March 2013. However, I felt I should post one or two photos here as, IMHO, Lisbon is an unknown gem. The city is historic and has been the base from which many famous travellers and explorers have set off into the world...
  4. Richard Brown

    Attractions in London

    I am starting this thread so that members can talk about little known ceremonies and attractions in London. OK, there is a place here for the well known places such as the Science Museum in S. Kensington ..... These places are great and do deserve a place on this thread, but lets...
  5. Richard Brown

    Mainstream Broadcasters

    The BBC has launched a free app for radio. It's a better app for the radio stations than their iPlayer. :) This is a link to the site Sent from my iPad using iPF
  6. Richard Brown

    Imaging Discussions

    I'm starting this thread to encourage us to share tips and ideas for photography and art related subjects. Under the Architecture thread there is an interesting discussion about digitally scanning slides. BTW there is scope here to discuss scanning film negatives, which I've done in the past...
  7. Richard Brown

    Tongue twisters

    This thread is for you to post Tongue Twisters you know. It will be great to see whether there are regional ones about ;) It should be fun! Enjoy... Now, please stick to the forum rules. That's all, folks For starters try this one.... Strange strategic statistics. :) Sent from my iPad 1...
  8. Richard Brown

    A cruise via the Panama Canal

    My wife and I went on a cruise from Acapulco to Barbados via the Panama Canal. By doing this we achieved 2 must-do experiences. A holiday on a cruise ship, and a visit to the Panama Canal. We travelled BiPad (Before iPad). The camera I used was a Canon Powershot S2 bridge type digital with a...
  9. Richard Brown

    UK Broadband providers

    I'm starting this so that UK users can inform members and guests of changes to broadband services in the UK. Also, problems fixes etc could be reported and discussed here. There are single posts about broadband providers scattered around this forum. Sent from my iPad 1 using iPF - Greetings
  10. Richard Brown

    Apps for iPhones

    This is free today. Note that its for the iPhone. As a consequence, I have started this thread under which offers of free apps for iPhones may be announced. Enjoy. :) Sent from my iPad using iPF
  11. Richard Brown


    I have started this thread to publicise stories about unusual uses for iPads. *This excellent tablet can be used for the greater good, and in some surprising arenas. *Have you seen a news story about how iPads are being put to good use? I recently saw a story in a UK newspaper. *The story...
  12. Richard Brown

    Music Compilations

    In various threads many of us discuss songs we know etc. I have started this thread for us to suggest and build up music compilations based on themes. Others could add to the themed compilation(s). The rules are simple. Keep it clean and decent, and no piracy. Keep within the overall iPF rules...
  13. Richard Brown

    The London Olympics 2012

    I have set up this thread as a continuation from the Olympic Torch Relay thread. Please post thoughts, discuss and your pictures in this thread. Do not post other folks images or artwork which could be copyright. Respect and follow the forum rules. Enjoy. This link takes you to the...
  14. Richard Brown

    Diamond Jubilee 2012

    I've started this thread so folks can post pictures and stories of their jubilee experiences. I feel this topic deserves it's own thread rather than posts being swallowed up in a general thread, such as anything goes. Remember, celebrations are going on world wide. Let's see what is...
  15. Richard Brown

    The Olympic Torch Relay

    This thread is simple. Have any of you witnessed the Olympic torch relay? Have you taken any photographs? If so, then you are invited to post your photos here with a note as to the date and place. I'm sure this is something forum members will enjoy seeing. If you witnessed the event, but...
  16. Richard Brown

    Brain teasers

    I'm starting this thread to encourage folk to add educational questions or memory joggers. The idea is to challenge us, and hopefully to provide material which can be used in schools. The subjects can be varied - from the sciences to geography, history and the arts. This why I have used such...
  17. Richard Brown

    Energy saving

    I am investigating the usefulness of an intelligent socket which turns off the power to a phone charger when the phone is fully charged. There are good energy and cost savings claimed. Would such a device be worth using with an iPad or iPod charger?
  18. Richard Brown

    Family History

    A thread has been running on family history under iPad Apps - RootsMagic 4. Two of us are exchanging messages. I hoped other forum users would join in, but not yet. This underlines my feeling that the thread is wrong. I will copy my latest posts into this thread. Hopefully others will join...
  19. Richard Brown

    British Library app - new!

    The British Library has launched a book reader with antique books in the list. The App is free and looks like it is at a "Beta+" stage. It shows promise, and could be an alternative to Kindle and Google Books and the University developed library of historical books. Sent from my iPad 1 using...
  20. Richard Brown

    More laughs than Funnies

    Do we have any amusing advertising slogans, sayings etc which we would like to share? To kick off, I was amused when Waitrose added a new line to their healthy eating range. Perfectly Balanced raspberry fool!   
  21. Richard Brown


    Isn't our weather changeable. Well it certainly is here in Britain, which is why we Brits are renowned for discussing it. I thought this topic would give us an opportunity to post weather related photos and to discuss aspects, such as cloud types, what they mean and forecasting - good or...
  22. Richard Brown

    Architecture - buildings that is

    I have a love of buildings and architecture in general. I love old buildings and enjoy seeing some of the details and design solutions. I have started this thread so that we may share pics and views - written as well as pictorial that is. A couple of shots taken around London Bridge are...
  23. Richard Brown

    Setting Profile

    I want to use a picture on my iPad as my Avatar (see attachment). However the upload from computer button is greyed out. Why? Also, I cannot upload pictures from my iPad into a photo album buttons greyed out. Are these features still to be enabled? Some aspects of tweaking a profile are not...