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    JB battery life?

    Just a quick question here. I've jail broken all of my iPhones in the past numerous times for all kinds of reasons, and am thinking about doing so for my iPad as well. The only issue I ever had with my iPhones was that battery life seemed to significantly drop. After a restore to factory OS...
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    Boaters: iNavX

    Just another app recommendation for any boaters out there. I do a lot of boating on the Great Lakes and find this application very useful. I have had the application on my iPhone for a few years and love it, and it can be synchronized with iPhone-iPad-Mac or PC software as well. This...
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    AT&T Customers now know what life is like in Canada

    We've been dealing with terrible data plans for years now, and being offered one thing and then its gone the following day. AT&T has just pulled a Rogers, and Bell, and Telus! Welcome to Canada, folks! However, at least we have had tethering since day one of OS 3.0 and it has always been...
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    Pulse News Reader

    Check it out if you haven't already. It is $3.99, but it is unlike any other news reader you've ever used. Check it out and let me know what you think, 5/5 in my opinion! FYI this is just a recommendation. I'm not affiliated in any way with this app or company, I just wanted to share it with...
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    Canadians: What city are you closest to?

    Just performing a quick survey to see which areas in Canada bought an iPad more than others. Where are you located? Where did you buy your iPad? Did you line up early? Did you have any crazy launch day shipping stories with FedEx? Post a reply with the name of the store that you purchased...
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    Telus in Canada shows the worst iPad plans

    Telus iPad Data Plan $20 for 500MB, additional usage up to $30 charged...max usage of 5GB, making it $50 for 5GB. Bell and Rogers have $15 for 250mb, $35 for, nice work Telus? Terrible decision. They must not want iPad strain on the network...even though it's shared with Bell anyways.