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    The irony of it all

    I ordered an ipad 2 case from SwitchEasy, the Canvas case. My patment went through and I thought everything was cool. Here I am waiting for the item to be shipped to me and wondering after after over week how come it hasn't got to me yet. Then I checked my email and I saw that they said they...
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    Carbon Fibre Skin with Smart Case?

    I would like to ask if the Carbon Fibre skin for Ipad 2 works with the Apple smart cover. So while the skin is on, you can still use the smart cover?
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    iPad 2 in the U.S.

    Has the craziness stopped re peeps lining up to purchase? Are they easily available in the stores now or is there a shortage?
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    Simple Question

    Not sure if it has been asked before but here goes: I live in Canada. If I were to purchase the new iPad 2 in the U.S. Will it work in Canada. Of course I am talking about the 3G model now? There is no AT&T or Verizon in Canada, at least not where I live.
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    Apps Updating

    Is there a way to to delete an update if you don't want it? I am speaking specifically of apps now.
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    Is it possible to use this app over 3G? Is it possible to get audio using this app remotely? Would love to get some reviews from persons who have used app. Thanks.
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    The Powerstation

    Just got the Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation. Any reviews on this?
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    Ipad Killers? What do you think?

    Checked out the Samsung Galaxy tab recently. I actually saw it in a Costco store in Canada. Looks neat but there two big drawbacks for me; I think you have to sign up for service as you would a phone and the second is that I am not so sure about the apps available for this device. I have...
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    Document Downloader for Ipad

    I have a concern. There is an update for Document Downloader for iPad that is suppose to incorporate iOS 4.2 printing. I am somewhat afraid to do the upgrade because, as of now, I have access to my printer while under the new iPad upgrade I do not have access to my printer. Should I upgrade...
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    Splashtop Remote

    Is there anywhere on the internet or anyone out there who has an easy way to set up Splashtop to be used over 3G? I would appreciate the link or the instructions.
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    iPad and Cydia

    Can get access to Cydia apps for iPad without jail breaking?
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    FarmVille on the iPad

    I am looking for Farmville friends. Any out there?
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    iPad Mail app

    As noob, I need to ask, how easy, difficult would it be for Apple to make the mail app capable of uploading files directly from the iPad as attachments?
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    Traveling with the Ipad

    Here is a question I saw someone ask on another forum. No one had yet given an answer but I thought it was an interesting question so I will pose it here. If you travel to, let's say the US, would it be possible to purchase a micro sim card for a carrier there and use it in the iPad so as not...
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    Something About Bell and the IPad

    Had a horrendous experience recently. Bought a 250 mb data package from Bell just to test out how the IPad consumes data. It happened that the 250 mb lasted for ten days. Just before that package was finished, I decided to buy the 5 gb package. To my horror, within five hours of use , I got a...