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  1. K

    Updated apps stay in update list

    Hi, I updated to iOS 7 on two iPads (2 and 3). Everything went smooth. When I am now alerted from the AppStore that new app updates are available, I can update them. The tag changes from update to open, everything is fine. BUT, after the update, they stay in the list of updates. Is this...
  2. K

    App recommendation – for singer

    Hi, a friend of mine is a singer in her own band. She asked me to help her with an app for the iPad. Here is what she wants: She wants to use an iPad to display the lyrics to her pre-recorded soundtracks if she is to perform without her band. She simply wants to touch the song and then the...
  3. K

    How to avoid roaming charges

    Hi, I do not know whether this is the right place to post but I might have an idea for those of us who travel abroad and want to avoid high roaming charges. I would love to have place here where I can find someone from say the UK, or France or the Netherlands or Italy or the US who could...
  4. K

    Photo Upload to Facebook group album

    Hi, does anyone know an iPad app to upload photos to a Facebook group album? I already tried iFace and the iPhone Facebook app. But neither shows the group albums. Thanks. Knut
  5. K

    Prepaid Sim for data in US?

    Hi, I live in Germany and want to go to the US in June for about 3 weeks. I plan to travel with my iPad Wifi only. And I do have a smartphone which I use to setup an access point for the iPad. I already found a prepaid sim card for my phone to make inexpensive calls home and within the US...