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    Any program that allows files to be attached to a website?

    Is there a work around or app to use so one can attach files to a website? For example on job posting sites, most require attaching a resume when applying for a job. There is no way that I know of to 'browse' and attach a document saved on the iPad.
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    Unable to Change Auto Fill Email Address

    Went to Settings ---> Safari ----> AutoFill ---> My Info and confirmed that my email is listed correctly, which it is Each time I go to an online form and try to use the AutoFill button it always enters my old email address and not my current email address. Does anyone have any idea how...
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    How do I alphabatize my bookmarks on my iPad2??

    I looked all over and could not find an answer except to create a drag a folder to my desktop; I assume this was meant for desktop or laptop users Any suggestion? Also, anyway to backspace without deleting what I typed?