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    Bye-Bye Stanza

    what's iPF?
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    5.0.1 and battery life

    try a soft reset - press home button and lock button until ipad turns off (don't use the slider)
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    Bye-Bye Stanza

    yep, same here
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    Bye-Bye Stanza

    Amazon's Stanza app in limbo after iOS 5's release | Macworld
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    Bye-Bye Stanza

    Just saw this "I had an email exchange with Customer Service today about this very issue. Here is their response to my query. "Iâ€Â™m sorry to hear that youâ€Â™re having issues with Stanza after updating to iOS 5. An update will be available in the coming weeks that will...
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    Looking for foreign language ebook reader with dictionary...

    i2reader can give you that feature - pm me for dictionaries
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    Bye-Bye Stanza

    did you gyus try i2reader - I love it
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    Best movie app

    I use GoodPlayer and OplayerHD - no need of formating files - reads avi and stuff just fine Or you can use GoodReader
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    Best password protection app

    cool, thanks as 49,99 is a lot of dow for such an app
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    Best password protection app

    do I need to install the windows app to be able to synch with dropbox?
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    Good email app

    good to know - I like it too very much
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    Alarm clock for IPad2 that will GO OFF even when it is hibernating

    is alarm clock hd pro using up the battery a lot?
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    Good email app

    its not taking over standard mail app - apple does not allow that - just like safari, but I only use ibis and that way no double feature. Aynway all my accounts are imap so there is no trouble with double stuff anyways
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    Ipad Memory optimizing...

    there is one xsysinfo - cleans your ram
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    Good email app

    it really is - if you want to, testrun the free iphone version - just to check
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    Good email app

    as I said try ibisMail - all available ():-))
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    Good email app

    I started to use ibisMail for Ipad and I love it. Different signatures, folders, filters - Its just very good - and yes it works on ios5
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    Goodreader a iCloud working?

    and how do I access those documents from another broweser, like when I am away from my ipad? Only way I can get a link for them so far is using the publish feature which will prepare an email for me