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    Alarm Clock Advice Needed!

    Does anyone know if there is a third party app that would work like the iPod Touch's or the iPhone's clock app? Meaning in the iPod/iPhone app when a preset alarm goes off the lock screen awakes, and you can hit snooze directly from the lockscreen or choose to slide the lock open and disable...
  2. M App and Bandwidth Usage?

    Hey everyone, I recently had to purchase a WiFi hotspot for my office due to a 6 month building renovation and my normal office wifi connection has been disabled. In order to prevent me from going over my monthly data usage limits, does anyone have an answer to the following. What is the...
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    Renaming Apps/Homescreen Bookmarks?

    Is there a way to rename folders, apps, homescreen bookmarks, etc. on the iPad? I suspect the answer is "no" and you would you need to do this while syncing with the mac. Any thoughts? MSax
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    Development of an App?!?!

    All, I have a unique and what I think may be a very creative concept for an App for the iPad. However, I am not a developer. Nor do I know any developers. Are there any resources available that can help me move this idea from concept to practical application? I appologize if this is in...
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    Suggestions on Business Card Reader?

    Doesn't look like there are many options for a business card reader for the iPad2 yet. Anybody out there that has an iPhone have any suggestions for a business card reader that may work on the iPad2? Thanks, MSax
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    TV and Video Output!?

    I had brought up a similar question a few months back on this forum and my options were to say the least limited. However, with the new iPad2 I thought I would reentertain the question due to some of the improvements presented yesterday. OK, so with the onset of the coming Major League...
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    iPad2 Upgrade? Data Swap?

    I'm not sure if I'm going to upgrade to an iPad2 yet, but I'm sure the thought is running through alot of our minds right now. Anyway, IF I were to upgrade, how do I: 1) Swap all of my apps/data/etc. onto the new iPad? Is it simply just docking to iTunes and syncing? 2) How do I clear out...
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    Cannot Turn Passcode Lock Off!!?!?

    I recently synced my iPad to my office Microsoft Exchange account from work. However, now when I turn on my iPad it is asking me for a Passcode. Not a big deal, but also not needed. So I go to the General tab in settings to turn this feature off, but unfortunately, the "Turn Passcode Off"...
  9. M + iPad + Apple TV

    I know we are still a long way from opening day, but I wanted to check and see if anyone had any success streaming Baseball games to there TV via the iPad using either cables or Apple TV? How's the quality and what's your thoughts? I typically subscribe to the baseball package from my...
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    Multi-Tasking Question with iOS 4.2.1?!?!

    Well the long wait was over and I've been goofing around with my newly updated iPad now running iOS 4.2.1. So far... so good! One question that does strike me as intriguing right off the bat relates to multi-tasking. When you run an App and then hit the home button the App remains open and...
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    Home Pages

    Is there a way to insert a new blank home page without moving all the Apps around? Thanks MSax
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    Offline Reader?

    What's the best App for downloading articles and info from the web and reading offline later? MSax
  13. M Question?

    I have a quick question about if you click on the "Buy It" button it appears to switch over to Apple's app store but if the application is not available does that mean it's not available at all or is there another location to purchase the application? It seems that AppShopper is...
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    Question: Hard Candy Bubble Case and Belkin Grip Vue!

    Does anyone have a Hard Candy Bubble Case and know if it will fit an iPad that is also equipped with a silicone sleeve similar to a Belkin Grip Vue at the same time? I'm wondering if the Bubble Case has enough room to also fit the sleeve without having to take it off each time I'm going to use...
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    How to tell the difference between chargers?

    My wife threw both my iPod and iPad chargers in a desk drawer. How can I tell the difference between the two? MSax
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    World Cup Live on iPad?!?!

    Well another 4 years has come and gone and we are on the verge of another World Cup, this time from South Africa! I beleive here in the states the majority of the games will be covered by Fox, ESPN and possibly ABC? Does anyone know if it will be possible to live stream the games to an iPad...
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    Change App Icons?

    Is there a way to change the Icons on a particular application. For example, I have a favorite web-paged lined on my homepage. How can assign a different icon to it? MSax
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    Hello Everyone from the Striper Coast....NJ!!

    Hi all! Thanks for having me. Picked up an iPad about a week ago and just found this forum as I was searching for some apps. My screen name is short for Monroe Saxatilus, which is Latin for Striped Bass. I am a big fisherman in addition to being an fan of the iPad. Look forward to browsing...