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  1. Z

    App for RSS feeds?

    On my MacBook I use the mail app to read multiple RSS feeds. I have not found a satisfactory app or a way to do the same thing with my ipad2 Any suggestions?
  2. Z

    Car charging

    Ok I have a 32gb Verizon ipad2 and a 2010 Nissan maxima premium package which includes Bose stereo with iPod integration. The center console has a USB port which charges your iPod while allowing the stereo to control it. I am sitting in my car playing the iPad through the stereo and posting this...
  3. Z

    Verizon question

    I have been using and loving my 32gb since it arrived 8 hours ago. I thought when I was buying it you could pay for 3G as you needed/wanted it but when I go to cellular data it seems like it is trying to make me choose "recurring plan" can some one help me understand how this works?
  4. Z

    business apps

    I own a bowling alley pro shop and I am considering getting an ipad to help me run the business. I have binders of literally hundreds and hundreds of sheets of fit sheets These are one of the main reasons I am considering an iPad. Is there an easy way to essentially keep a blank fit sheet...