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    iPad CONTEST for iPadforum members

    contest: WHO WILL BE THE FIRST PERSON TO POST A PICTURE OF THEMSELVES USING THE IPAD TO VIEW THE IPADFORUMS WEBSITE. prize: all the fame and accolades of being number 1. (maybe someone could develop a special tag for their account name so instead of 'ipad fan' or 'ipad enthusiast' it...
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    iPad syncing with other apps

    Has anyone heard about whether or not the iPad has a coded lock feature? I wouldn't want a device that had access to my email but did not have a way to secure it when i was not using it. also does anyone know if the contacts application for the iPad will sync the the contacts application in...
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    Where do you plan on purchasing your iPad?

    So are you going to get it at the apple store, or online, or bestbuy ( i heard that was going to be a possibility), or what? i realize that this is kind of a dup post, but the other did not have a poll.
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    Hi, im windex. I can't wait for the ipad. i have never really wanted a particular gadget so bad. Not becuase it is new, but because of all the things i can use it for and WILL use it for. it will become my day planner. I don't care about all the complaints people seem to have for it, i...