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    ipad2 with 5.0 (9A334) iOS - JAILBREAKABLE?

    As the title suggests, I got myself an ipad2 few months ago, came preinstalled with 5.0 iOS, never upgraded or anything. And since I've already got an iPad 1st gen which I have jailbroken I'd like to do the same with this one. And also, can my version of iOS be jailbroken at all? Sorry if my...
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    battery drains twice as fast than usual/before

    Hi, I have the 1st gen iPad (wifi-only, 16gb model) and I've got it last February, so that would make it 1 year and 4 months old aka in usage. It's been used on a daily basis, mostly for surfing, reading the books or playing games (but nothing of high system requirements, more like plants vs...
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    Is it dead?

    I refuse to believe that it's really dead - i've got it 5 days ago. I was just transferring some subtitles (.srt) to my ipad wifi 16gb via ssh (winscp) and when i placed the files onto ipad i closed the winscp on my pc and ipad just went black, dead...nothing...holding start button doesn't help...
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    Safari (download manager) reinstall

    Hi, i'm experiencing some difficulties with my safari download manager. I got my ipad a few days ago and first thing i did was installing that torrent plugin for safari which was very slow and lurking via 'save to' tab i accidentally deleted one or two files/folders.then i installed the download...
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    Question about video streaming

    So, without the flash support I guess video streaming on ipad is limited or totally nonexistant. Tomorrow's the Academy Awards ceremony and there'll be lots of online streams to it and since I'm from a small European country which tv stations decided not to broadcast Oscars this year - i'd like...