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  1. dabirk2

    Amazon Takes a Shot at the iPad's Screen Visibility in New TV Ad

    Whatever you can read on a Kindle YOU can read on an Ipad
  2. dabirk2


    Thanks for info. My audible books are now on my ipad
  3. dabirk2


    Can I put 2 audible books that are on my ITunes and my Ipod onto my Ipad?
  4. dabirk2

    Survey finds that most iPad Owners Like to Keep it Safely Tucked Away at Home

    It greatly depends on where I am going
  5. dabirk2


    How do I remove a note from springpad app
  6. dabirk2

    Deep Discharge

    no need for politics
  7. dabirk2

    Deep Discharge

    When ? What is The Best Way ?
  8. dabirk2


    How can I connect a Projector to an Ipad
  9. dabirk2


    Hi Figured it out. But let me hear your solution anyway
  10. dabirk2


    Having Trouble reading e-mail from different accounts. How do I switch to different accounts (Yahoo, G-Mail, Me) on my Ipad ? :confused:
  11. dabirk2

    3 Word Story

    as smart as
  12. dabirk2


    Thanks for info
  13. dabirk2

    3 Word Story

    but she does
  14. dabirk2

    Official iPad Owners List

    New Owner 64 Boca Raton FL Mob scene always
  15. dabirk2


    Nubie Question. When I turn on my Ipad , if I do not slide to unlock immediately the Ipad closes . Can this be delayed?:confused:
  16. dabirk2


    When I import photos into Ipad using camera connection kit the album is named Last Imported / All Imported. How can these be renamed?:confused: