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    Forgot to post an introduction thread

    -Sean -I live in upstate new york -21 years of age(April fools baby) -I lifeguard all year around - will be graduating in may -I love sports and Charlie Sheen -I love all apple products and alcoholic beverages If you want to know more message me.
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    All apps crashing on start.

    So a few hours after I updated to 4.3.2, all of my apps started crashing upon opening them. Not one app is working, any suggestions?
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    Cheap carrying case for ipad 2

    The targus slipcase is only $16.99 on . It kinda looks like a man purse but it has a lot of padding and is easy to carry!
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    How reliable is fedex?

    Share you're stories if you have any good ones!:)
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    My ipad 2 is finally stateside

    It arrived at the fedex facility in anchorage Alaska this morning:)
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    My birthday present from apple

    Today is my 21rst birthday, so among other things I was hoping to hear an update from apple on when my iPad 2 would be coming. So I checked my email and they shipped it this morning, 11 days before it was supposed to be shipped. Needless to say this birthday is starting off very well!:)
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    Im confused

    I guess shipping times are improving and international buyers where seeing 2-3 week shipping estimates. So does that mean I'm still stuck waiting the 3-4 weeks? I ordered it the day it came out, I guess I can live with it but it seems unfair.
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    iPad 2 shipping

    I ordered my 16GB white wifi only iPad 2 yesterday at 2:06 pm. Just about 15 minutes ago I received my confirmation. So I am a little frustrated that the confirmation took this long. To go along with that, it said 3-4 weeks for shipping. That's all fine and dandy but on the confirmation it said...