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  1. yellowhorse

    Air music

    Okay so I searched for threads, didn't find air play. I can find it on the ps3 but no music shows up. When I play a song, it says on my iPad it's recording. What? Lol. Then I hit manual refresh which is what a site suggested through a browser search. I still see the directory on my sons ps3 but...
  2. yellowhorse

    Weather ios7 ipad 2

    Okay, am I the only person who doesn't have weather in notifications for ios7 and ipad2. If someone has it can you please walk me through finding the settings.
  3. yellowhorse

    Podcasts 6.1 iPad2

    Okay so I never made the connection when I saw the podcast icon in the app drawer that podcasts had been eviscerated from iTunes. I just wanted to say this since I didn't find it in a search. I'm assuming I'm gonna have to boot my machine, which I was avoiding, to pull out my other podcasts by...
  4. yellowhorse

    Partially loaded updates

    Hello forumers! I agreed to update like 30 apps. Then I had no idea later that they were still in progress, and left that network. Needless to say the only thing more irritating then updating apps constantly is seeing them disabled on my iPad2. They won't reinitiate the download, and I've...
  5. yellowhorse

    Wifi problem

    When I go to my sons school they have an open network. Both my htc and my laptop pick these up. But my iPad gets errored and wont hook up to the net citing appledotcom is restricted on a blacklist. Do I have to get a 3rd party wifi finder? Or is there a setting on my iPad I'm not finding?
  6. yellowhorse

    Support link to iPad forum Leads to Apple Store

    I've had a few questions that I've used popular search engines to find answers. And answer links come up from apple support page linking to iPad Forums. But if you click that link, at least on my iPad, it takes you the apple store. If someone could try this we can narrow it down to if it's just...
  7. yellowhorse

    How on earth does anyone get the screen protector on?

    How can it be done without the gawdarn bubbles and I had no idea there was so much lint in the air!