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    Silly me

    I opened up a pdf in my gmail account and I now can't go back to my inbox.... what do I do?? argh I feel so silly as I have done it before I know.
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    How do I move

    My pdfs from my Pc to my Ipad? I have mine set up all for that and while I don't "need" them on my ipad it cuts me out having to print it all out over and over when I take my ipad with me most everytime I leave my house
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    Yay I have my ipad

    It came yesterday along with my iPhone 4. Sqeeee Kids are trying to take over my iPad lol It's a 64 wifi and I am in love with my Tardis. My phone is a 16 It's like Christmas around here!
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    is it better to download them to itunes or mess with the dvd's to mumbo jumbo to ipad? I do not have the dvds but debating to buying them and moving them ipad or just downloading.. I really need my Doctor Who with me.
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    best app for tracking

    milage/gas/oil changes?
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    Showed the man the ipad

    at bestbuy today. He is not a tech type person at all, that I find funny as most of his work is GPS/wap type singles. He works for a agri sprayer company So I bought and ipad to use as more or less net lite. He was playing with apps on it and was excited to see see how many back roads showed...
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    New Ipad and I phone on the way

    to kentucky :) I am so excited to get my ipad in hand (just a tad more then my phone) People can call that and bug me LOL I just ordered the 64gb wifi ipad... and already wishing that it would ship now. As of now, my confirmation as it delivered the 21 :( then my phone the next day...