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    Looking for smallest sleeve that will hold iPad 2 with Smart Cover

    I know there have been a lot of threads on cases but I have not seen discussion of the smallest case possible. I don't want it to hold cables or keyboard or anything other than the iPad2 with Smart Cover. I want it to be as small as possible. A plus would be for it to have loops for a...
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    Anyone else taking forever to restore their ipad 1 backup to their ipad 2?

    I started at 6:30PM and it is now 3:00AM and it is still not done! I have a 64g ipad that was pretty much full but this is nuts!! I want to play with my new iPad 2!!! I may have to leave it for the night - tired. I just hope I don't run out of battery! It seems to be holding up pretty...
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    Will 3ed Party Web Browser Apps Speed up with iPad2?

    I have been reading about how the new version of safari is much faster than the old one and wonder if this will also result in speed improvements (beyond the impact of the CPU bump) for the 3ed party Web Browser Apps. I use iCab Mobile due to the additional features it provides and it is pretty...
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    Can I restore an iPad 4.2.1 backup onto the iPad 2 with 4.3?

    I've already wiped a bunch of stuff off of my original iPad in preparation of giving it to my wife and daughter. I did a backup before removing anything but it occurred to me that perhaps I should have upgraded to 4.3 and backing that up before removing anything since the iPad 2 will have 4.3...
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    Best way to go from JB 3.2 to Stock 4.2?

    I want to start off with a Stock 4.2 and work with it that way for a while. I do plan to JB again down the road but for now I want to get a feel for the experience Apple intends us to have. This helps me appreciate the JB even more when I get there. My concern is that if I upgrade to 4.2...
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    Car Mount for use in Rental Cars?

    My car has a built in GPS so don't need to mount my iPad there but when I'm on travel I need a GPS solution. I would love to use my iPad if there is a safe legal and removable solution. Removable is obviously key for travel. So far the mounts I've seen have required a serious installation or...
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    Just received my Vaja Leather Case!

    Vaja - Leather Products I received this as a birthday gift and really love it! It is hand made in Argentina and they make amazing cases for just about every device and is the 3ed or 4th that I've owned. It is bit pricey at $150 but it looks and feels amazing! It even smells great (love the...
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    Mod/Site Admin - Please update our cool signature with the proper 3G wait time!

    Now that we have a real date for the 3G iPad, please change our signatures that we generated via this site to read the correct days! It shows an extra 3 and frankly, none of us can wait that much longer and still be sane (some would argue that it is too late already....) so why torment us with...
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    With the the release of the iPad WiFi imminent I think it would be helpful for those of us who are waiting for the 3G version to have a place to come and vent and hate and share evil thoughts about waiting and those that are happily enjoying their WiFi versions. If you are a WiFi iPad owner...