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  1. dabirk2


    Can I put 2 audible books that are on my ITunes and my Ipod onto my Ipad?
  2. dabirk2


    How do I remove a note from springpad app
  3. dabirk2

    Deep Discharge

    When ? What is The Best Way ?
  4. dabirk2


    How can I connect a Projector to an Ipad
  5. dabirk2


    Having Trouble reading e-mail from different accounts. How do I switch to different accounts (Yahoo, G-Mail, Me) on my Ipad ? :confused:
  6. dabirk2


    Nubie Question. When I turn on my Ipad , if I do not slide to unlock immediately the Ipad closes . Can this be delayed?:confused:
  7. dabirk2


    When I import photos into Ipad using camera connection kit the album is named Last Imported / All Imported. How can these be renamed?:confused: