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  1. Heaviside

    Strange Alerts

    Since upgrading to 5.0.1 (or maybe it happened in 5.0?) I have been getting seemingly random audio alerts. They sound the same as incoming email notifications, but occur at other times as well. Seems to happen each time I pick the iPad up (maybe the inertial sensor?) and often when I touch the...
  2. Heaviside

    Adobe Indesign

    Does anyone use Adobe Indesign to publish ebooks for the iPad? If so, any comments?
  3. Heaviside

    iSwifter Problems?

    recently saw another thread about Swifter and was prompted to download it, but have been noticing that movies play in a rather jerky fashion---even at times when my wifi service is pretty good. Anyone else noticed this? Know of any fix?
  4. Heaviside

    The future in our hands?

    thought I would share the followin analysis article that I just turned up. It deals with the tablet versus pc's in a way I found to be kinda' provocative. Hope you will find it interesting too.
  5. Heaviside

    Apple Rumors

    In paging through my Flipboard app this morning I ran into an interesting "Apple rumor" article (not from the Apple Rumors website, though, if I recall rightly). Apparently the author of the Steve Jobs bio has just discussed a recent interview with Jobs in which he said that Apple was...
  6. Heaviside

    More about EULA's

    I started a thread some time ago about EULA's, perhaps being a bit too outspoken because of a recent experience trying to wade through all that legalise. But I just ran across an interesting article in today's Wall Street Journal about them and thought I would share it. I know I am not...
  7. Heaviside

    Tab Key in Pages?

    I've found threads about the lack of a tab key on the iPad virtual keyboard, but I am concerned about Pages. I found a site on the web where someone found a menu on the toolbar at the top of Pages on the iPad 2 that had a tab function. But it doesn't seem to be there on my iPad 1. Can anyone...
  8. Heaviside

    Does the iOS 5.01 speed up your iPad 1?

    Does it?
  9. Heaviside

    Rolling Back to an Earlier iOS?

    After upgrading to iOS 5 I, like many others, have found that things on my iPad 1 have slowed WAY down! I am hoping that iOS 5.01 will speed things up. If not, I am thinking of restoring the preceding version of iOS. I seem to recall a thread that mentioned how to do it, but can't find it...
  10. Heaviside

    PBS Commentary?

    Just came across a recent bio of Steve Jobs on PBS, "Steve Jobs: One Last Thing" was the title as I recall. But an interesting thing was that one has to download Flash Player 9.0 to view it! A commentary on the part of PBS?
  11. Heaviside

    An iFaraday Update

    I thought a small discussion of my peregrinations through the stylus world might be beneficial to folks looking for a stylus specifically for handwriting apps. Here 'tis. First of all: categorization. There seem to be six distinct types of styluses available. The first has a rubber semidome...
  12. Heaviside

    Technical Book Authors

    I am a retired electrical engineering professor and would like to circumvent the conventional "establishment" technical book publishers. On the other hand, I would like reasonable compensation for my time and effort. I have a number of ideas of how to explain certain topics in math, physics...
  13. Heaviside

    Airplay Error Message

    I am testing my new Appletv on my iPad1 with iOS 5 using Airplay and have an intermittent problem, getting the message: "Airplay speaker not available. The speaker 'AppleTV' is currently being used by someone else." This happens on an occasional basis on the native apps as well as on third...
  14. Heaviside

    iOS 5 Safari Problem

    On my iPad 1 under iOS 5 I have begun to have an annoying problem. On this forum, for example, when I go back to an already opened tab and try to tap to open a thread I often actually get the one right above it. Apparently the images on the page load after the topic list and cause an unseen...
  15. Heaviside

    New Subforum?

    The pre release info on the Apple web site said that iOS 5 would include the capability of mirroring the desktop to a tv---if I had Apple TV. Maybe in the fine print somewhere was a dislaimer that it would not work on my original iPad, but only on iPad 2. If so, I didn't see it. Anyway, I...
  16. Heaviside

    iOS Mailboxes?

    According to the iOS5 manual (page 115) "Add a mailbox: Go to the mailboxes list, tap Edit, then tap New Mailbox." The implication seems to be that I can now add and name new mailboxes/folders in iPad Mail. But I can't see an "edit" button when I am in the mailboxes list. Another "gotcha"...
  17. Heaviside

    New Mailboxes in iOS5?

    According to the iOS5 manual: "Add a mailbox: Go to the mailboxes list, tap Edit, then tap New Mailbox." The implication seems to be that I can now add and name new mailboxes/folders in iPad Mail. But I can't see an "edit" button when I am in the mailboxes list. Another "gotcha" for...
  18. Heaviside

    Lost Apps! Help!

    Tried to upgrade to iOS5, but kept on getting errors like so many others have reported. I backed up beforehand each time. Then followed someone's suggestion and downloaded the file and upgraded from it. Now all my purchased apps are gone! I don't mind downloading them individually, but...
  19. Heaviside

    The Tot-Approved Method of Using an iPad

    I just thought I would use this method of explaining my new avatar: a photo of my grandson at 1.5 years playing with his iPad on the floor. (That's his diaper, or as he says "dopper," showing!) I'm afraid that if I tried his technique my knees might not unlock when I tried to stand back...
  20. Heaviside

    Moshi iVisor and Stylus?

    Does anyone have experience using a stylus on the Moshi iVisor? I have seen reviews saying that there is a small airgap between the protector and screen that causes an annoying "stickiness" to the feel. I'd appreciate hearing any reactions. Thirty bucks is a pretty steep price to pay to...
  21. Heaviside

    Jot Stylus

    Just got my new Adonis Jot stylus. Though one day of experience isn't nearly enough of a test, I thought I would share my initial thoughts with you. This stylus is the best I have tried! It is long enough, is nicely weighted, and looks nice. With the nib and clear plastic disk on the...
  22. Heaviside

    How do I link VOB files?

    I am trying to convert a "Curious George" dvd for my grandson to install on his iPad 2, but am having some problems. There are a lot of vob files. There are 8 files, each of 15 minute video programs, and one that consists of all of them in one file. I can convert and transfer the...
  23. Heaviside

    Help with iPad CrasH?

    iTunes hung up while trying to sync my iPad and I had to force a quit. Then, when I tried to start it again, it said something like "Sync will not start because a session cannot be initiated." I tried a complete power down, but now the little wheel in the middle of a dark screen keeps going...
  24. Heaviside

    kids's Vids?

    Can someone help? I have searched the forum (and Googled the topic), but don'treally know the answer. My two year old grandson loves the Curious George videos, and I want to put them on my iPad so that he can access them himself. He is a whiz at manipulating folders and apps, but of course...
  25. Heaviside

    NotetakerHD Update

    I just downloaded Dan Bricklin's latest update for his app, NotetakerHD. I must say that the guy really seems to be trying to add useful features for us handwriting afficianodos. This latest version has a moveable zoom window which, to my mind, is a sorely needed feature. I no longer have...
  26. Heaviside

    Sharing apps?

    If I own two iPads and want to share only a few of the apps between them, what do I do? I did a search and found a lot about transferring all apps from, say, an iPad to an iPad2, but none seem to answer my specific question. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  27. Heaviside


    Have you seen this? I think it says a lot that it's only usable at present for ads!
  28. Heaviside

    Latest "Obnoxiosity" from Apple

    Just noticed that I have two app updates at the Apple App Store. Started the download and up pops a notice saying something like "App Store Rules have changed." I was then instructed that I had to agree to FORTY-ONE pages of crap in order to simply get the free updates on my apps. Has anyone...
  29. Heaviside

    New Subforum Suggestion

    I think we need a place to discuss issues on the various apps for the iPad: a place where we can ask questions and get help for apps that other iPad users might be familiar with. Often that is more efficient than emailing the developer. How about it, moderators?
  30. Heaviside

    The iFaraday Stylus---A Review

    I recently bought an "artist's pack" of three iFaraday styli and thought I would report on my findings. First, I will say that I have previously purchased and tested the Targus, the Roger iWand from Stylus-R-Us, and the Alupen. I also manufactured my own from conductive foam and a metal...
  31. Heaviside

    iOs 4.3.3?

    Just saw an item on Flipbook saying that Apple is going to update the iOS to remove the tracking and that it will free up a lot of memory. Anyone know for sure?
  32. Heaviside

    iPads for Tots?

    Are we idiotic? That's what we asked ourselves right after we bought our 22 month old grandson a new iPad! But he can use it without adult help: turns it on, selects the folder he wants, finds the app he is interested in, and watches it at will. Right now, he watches the "Brainy Baby" vids...
  33. Heaviside

    An Apostate Apple Fan is Reborn!

    I started with the original 128k Mac, and was a die-hard Mac fan through the next several generations. Then, for a variety of reasons which I won't bore you with, I had to go over to the Dark Side. Now, in order to support my iPad, I decided to buy a Mac-mini. Aaaaah! It was like coming...
  34. Heaviside

    Handwriting Stylus Review

    Thought some of you would find this review interesting: iPad stylus pen review, finding the best "handwriting" stylus for touch screen devices | iMedicalApps It was done by an MD. Apparently they use the iPad heavily for handwritten notes. After reading it, I ordered an AluPen...
  35. Heaviside

    Desktop Mac to Support my iPad

    I was a mac enthuiast back in the days of the 128k, Fat Mac, etc, but for a variety of reasons I had to wipe out and convert to Windows based machines. Now I am the fond owner of an iPad, which has become my number one go-to device. But I do have a problem because my desktop is a Toshiba...
  36. Heaviside

    App for a Two-year Old Boy?

    My twenty month old grandson is already an iPad nut! He can turn it off and on, find the folder with his apps, and remember which is which. He loves apps such as those with animals which make their sounds when touched---and vehicles that do the same. However, his attention span isn't long...
  37. Heaviside

    PDF Editing?

    I have been using Good Reader for reading pdf's since day 1, and think it is great---but I would like to be able to cut various passages and pages from a pdf file and paste them in other apps---or send them as emails. Does anyone know of a product that will allow me to do this? I can certainly...
  38. Heaviside

    Audio Output Jack?

    I tried plugging my earbuds into the audio output jack the other day for the first time. The plug fit the jack, but no audio! Can someone tell me why? (Nope, the audio wasn't muted!) Added Later: Sorry, I finally decided to look in the manual---and noted that it is a mike jack and not an...
  39. Heaviside

    3G Router?

    I have a Verizon USB760 stick that I use for my laptop when on the road in my rv. Is there a wireless router that I can plug it into that will allow me to connect to the internet with my iPad?
  40. Heaviside

    How do I turn off an app update alert?

    I have downloaded several apps that I did not care for, so I trashed them---but I keep getting alerts on the App Store app that they are available for download. Ho do I turn off those alerts? (I do sync my iPad periodically, but this doesn't seem to solve the problem.