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  1. The Alternative

    Ipad music App

    I had a similar problem with the native Calendar app. It kept closing each time I opened it. Restored from back-up and all is working fine now.
  2. The Alternative

    Calendar won't open after IOS5 update

    Thanks for the advice. I had to restore from backup to get things up and running again.
  3. The Alternative

    Calendar won't open after IOS5 update

    After the IOS5 update my calendar started acting erratically. I would tap on an event and the calendar would close. Now when I open the calendar it opens for a second or two and then closes. I live by my calendar and have not seen anything posted on this issue. I have tried various methods to...
  4. The Alternative

    Free movies

    Crackle has some very good movies for free. Most are a bit old but they are free. Download the app in the iTunes store.
  5. The Alternative

    What are you listening to?

    Reservoir by Fanfarlo
  6. The Alternative

    Do you own a iphone and an ipad?

    I have had an iPhone for a few years now (3G, 3GS, now 4) and an iPad since June 2010. I love having both iOS devices. I know that there is a lot of talk about sharing apps but I find that I use totally different apps for my iPhone and the iPad. Most of the iPhone apps are for on the go (maps...
  7. The Alternative

    HP Mini won't connect to internet

    Reboot the router... like many here, it's probably lost its mind.
  8. The Alternative

    ipad 2 sync question.

    In Windows 7 click the Start icon, then Music>iTunes>iTunes Media (All your iPad media is stored in this folder under various other named folders - i.e. Music, Books, Apps, etc.) Hope this helps.
  9. The Alternative

    display owners name on lock screen?

    I certainly hope that there is a level of freedom of speech here. Forums, by nature, are for users to express their valid but often controversial or unpopular opinions. What I think you meant is that moderators have the right to edit those who have crossed the line or are not following the...
  10. The Alternative

    Streaming movies from PC to IPAD over wireless

    I not sure why all these apps are being recommended for a function that is already available with iTunes and no special apps. Use the Sharing function of iTunes instead of 3rd party apps to stream your movies from your PC to the iPad. It works perfectly!!!
  11. The Alternative

    Is a wireless keyboard worth getting?

    +1 for the Kensington iPad cover/keyboard combination. Have been using it since Father's Day. The remarkable thing about it is the battery life of the keyboard. Quite impressive!
  12. The Alternative

    Where are you from?

    Southeast Wisconsin
  13. The Alternative

    What are you reading now?

    Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
  14. The Alternative

    What are you reading now?

    The Riftwar Series of books are some of the best fantasy stories ever written. On par with Lord of the Rings. Feist is a genius.
  15. The Alternative

    Games will not load

    +1 for reboot. Every time I download a new app that behaves irratically a reboot fixes the problem.
  16. The Alternative


    Correction... there is a Microsoft Office app Quickoffice® Pro HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store More information here: Quickoffice » Quickoffice Pro HD for iPad
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  18. The Alternative

    Help with iPad CrasH?

    Hold down the power/sleep button again until the iPad shuts down completely. Then with the iPad plugged in and iTunes up and running restart the iPad. (Press and hold the power/sleep button again.) You should be able to synch now.
  19. The Alternative

    What series do you follow / like / love / hate...

    Warehouse 13 Haven True Blood Game of Thrones Empire Boardwalk Falling Skies Wilfred Torchwood Alphas The Walking Dead Fringe Who Do You Think You Are? Vampire Diaries (We watch a lot of DVR'ed TV)
  20. The Alternative

    New iPadforum member

    I feel your frustration with the release of the iPad2 shortly after you purchased your iPad one. Unfortunately, technology is only going to move faster in the near future. Be prepared for many such disappointments. The newest, greatest techno-widget you buy today will be outmoded tomorrow.
  21. The Alternative

    Storage for movies

    Most cloud or web services will cost you $. There are lots of these available, including iCloud from Apple (coming soon). I'm not interested in them so have no experience or additional input concerning them. My solution to the problem, GoFlex, works perfectly for me. I currently have 52 movies...
  22. The Alternative

    Tracking Bank transactions App

    Not sure if this is what you are looking for but I use "Checkbook Free for iPad" which has an option to change your monetary system to almost any in the world. I also like that you can share it between devices. Checkbook HD Free for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
  23. The Alternative


    For those of us who use Netflix less frequently there is nothing good about the price increase. I use to pay $7.99 for a single DVD and unlimited streaming. Now they want to charge me $15.98 for the same service. Sorry, this is corporate greed at it's finest from a company that cares absolutely...
  24. The Alternative

    First ipad

    Open Pandora Radio and start your favorite radio station. Click the Home button on your iPad1 and find whatever app you want to use and tap it. You now have Pandora and whatever app you want to use open and running at the same time.
  25. The Alternative

    Infinity Blade - Is it worth the money?

    I played the daylights out of it for the longest time. Leveled up to 49 and then the game sort of lost it's luster. They added the Arena and I was put off that I had to keep repurchasing equipment every time I played. To answer your question though - yes, it is worth the price. One of the big...
  26. The Alternative


    Here's the lowdown on the new pricing structure... and how some customers can experience a whopping 60% price increase. Netflix's New Pricing Plan Will Cost You - Technology - The Atlantic Wire
  27. The Alternative

    iPad 3, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, and iOS 5 COMING IN SEPTEMBER! Yay!

    It will also make toast and martinis.... It must be true 'cause someone on the interwebs told me so.
  28. The Alternative

    Storage for movies

    Seagate GoFlex Satellite Mobile Wireless Storage (500GB) wireless hard drive. Works great. GoFlex Satellite Wireless | Seagate
  29. The Alternative


    Cancelled my subscription to Netflix with the new policy change. Won't ever go back, either. There are too many other video options out there to choose from. And besides, truth be told? Most of Netflix's movie choices were either very old or very B rated.
  30. The Alternative

    itunes crash adding videos

    Try this... in Windows 7 add the videos to the iTunes Media Folder (Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Movies). Then drag and drop the videos into the iTunes Library. Plug your iPad into the PC. Click on the iPad in the sidebar of iTunes. Click on the movies tab at the top of the screen. Check mark the...
  31. The Alternative

    Upload books I have...

    It will take a while to catalogue your books on but well worth it. And, you're right, it is a total book community with lots of options. The Early Reviewers group is great for getting review copies of new books, for instance. And yes, I have an entire room in the house set off as a...
  32. The Alternative

    Backing Up iPad

    Yes, by eliminating movies and TV shows from my iPad and loading them onto the GoFlex drive I save over 16gb of space on my 64gb iPad1. Apps cannot be used from the GoFlex hard drive.
  33. The Alternative

    What are you reading now?

    Aloha From Hell - Sandman Slim 3 by Richard Kadrey
  34. The Alternative

    Upload books I have...

    Web-based does the same thing and hosts your list of books for you - no need to waste coveted drive space on your phone or tablet with an app and content. When shopping for books, which I do often, I just use my iPhone4 to check my LT account to see if I already have the book...
  35. The Alternative


    Find the movie file on your PC and move (or copy) to the iTunes media folder named Movies (in Windows 7 the path is Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Movies). Then drag the movie you want to move to the iTunes Library in iTunes. Plug in your device and click on the device name in the left hand sidebar...
  36. The Alternative


    Received my iPad1 on Father's Day June, 2010. So its now almost 14 months old. I use it (and enjoy it) as much as the day I received it as a gift.
  37. The Alternative

    Backing Up iPad

    I use the 500gb GoFlex Satellite External Wi-Fi Hard Drive to store my movies, TV Shows, and Photos. You can take it anywhere. It emits a Wi-Fi signal that you can connect to with your iPad using the GoFlex app (free) to watch your movies or TV shows on. It is a little pricey but worth every...
  38. The Alternative

    What's the last movie you saw?

    Cooler than Harrison Ford kickin' alien butt? I think not.
  39. The Alternative

    What are you listening to?

    Mayday - Meet My Love EP
  40. The Alternative

    What's the last movie you saw?

    Almost as believable as glistening vampires and magicians brandishing magic wands....