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    Otterbox case / Zagg screen protector mess

    Have you done it yet? I have the same problem too. If i can find a solution ill post it. I wont even try whit a saw or something. I'd rather try to pry it apart. Or something there must be an other solution. Or ill contact zagg or otterbox.
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    ZAGG invisibleshield front for original ipad

    hi guys i'd like to ask you about zagg's invisibleshield first impression and if you used it for a long time how does it work? 1Does it get scratched easily? Whit what did you scratched it and when(first day, not yet)? 2How do you like the material? 3How long do you think will it last( not...
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    Downgrading ipad from 3.2.2

    help error 3002
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    Need help

    The same story. Brand new 64gb ipad ios 3.2.2 first connect itunes10 up to date, cant rostore it to 3.2.1 No jailbreak for 3.2.2 because 4.1 is bigger and stronger and more important. I am working hard on it to find a soulution.