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  1. Z

    Anyone Use Their iPad At The Office/Work?

    Yup, I'm an Assistant Editor for film and TV, I use drop list to sync a check list of tasks with drop box, Great way to cover my butt with a paper trail and not forget things when tons of tasks pile up, Also iPad is great for reading scripts in PDF and searching within a PDF for specific...
  2. Z

    It is possible to attach more then 1 photo ?

    Go into photos, click the arrow thing in the top right. Select the pictures you want to email, click email. OR if that doesn't work, click copy instead, Then go to mail and compose a new email, then double tap the text filed and click paste.
  3. Z

    I got the Camera Connection Kit!

    Can't wait to get mine, it's going through Fedex right now. I jail broke my ipad so it can read hard drives and USB sticks with the camera connection kit!
  4. Z

    Did you know your iPad had this keyboard?

    Funny how something like changing the color of my iPad keyboard to black can get me THIS interested...... What have I become?!!!! :(
  5. Z

    Play subtitle in video

    I know air video supports subtitles, that's another option.
  6. Z

    Do you regret jailbreaking your iPad?

    There is a reason to jailbreak when Ios4 comes out because you still aren't able to do a lot of things in ios4 that you can do now with jb. For example ios4 doesn't leave an app truly running in the bg like the jb app "backgrounder"
  7. Z

    Can't post in forums on the iPad??

    I'm using icabmobile I just set it to safari iPad in the settings
  8. Z

    Do you regret jailbreaking your iPad?

    Lol I did have an iPhone for about a year or two now, but it's never too late!
  9. Z

    Do you regret jailbreaking your iPad?

    Backgrounder, lets you actually run apps in the background. Ifile, let's you treat your device with a folder structure. Pwntunes, makes your device bootable via USB on PC like a memory stick, and you can also dump mp3s and it'll sync with the ipod app. Mywi, more for my iPhone, but makes my...
  10. Z

    ipad 3.2 not restoring 3.2.1

    Here's an idea, Here's a link to download the 3.2 firmware, iPad Firmware 3.2 Now Available for Download I believe you know how to set your ipad to DFU mode and install custom firmware right? To install custom firmware you have to hold down alt for Mac, and I believe shift for PC, Says so...
  11. Z

    Ipad 3g 3.2.1 jailbreak now works!

    You mean jailbreak compatibility list? Here it is:
  12. Z

    Jailbreak 3.2.1 iPad With JailbreakME

    I have that too, Youre not alone.
  13. Z

    Jailbreak 3.2.1 iPad With JailbreakME

    After you installed cydia and booted it up, i believe it will ask for an update, did you choose "complete"? Was Categories the first app you installed on the jailbroken ipad and nothing else?
  14. Z

    Jailbreak 3.2.1 iPad With JailbreakME

    Categories does work on the iPad, i had it running smooth on 3.2 with spiritjb and 3.2.1 with I even use categoriesb along with it.
  15. Z

    Do you regret jailbreaking your iPad?

    I jail broke mine right when i got it in 3.2 with spirit jb, no problems. When came out i jail broke mine after updating to 3.2.1 no problems. Jailbreaking is amazing, I jailbreak so many iphones of my frds/coworkers/bosses and they are totally fine. I have a feeling it is...
  16. Z

    does owning an ipad make it ok to have a man bag?

    And we all know no one dare calls Jack Bauer a sissy!
  17. Z

    Documents to go needs folders!

    Just found out you can make folders for it within the jailbreak app "ifile" Documentstogo reads the folders in "Local Files" sweeeeeeeet
  18. Z

    Mahong Elements HD with Authentic Xiesheng Art Coming Soon to iPad

    Thats weird, mah Jong is a 4 player game like poker. Never knew it was a puzzle thing.
  19. Z

    Documents to go needs folders!

    Is it just me? I use my ipad a lot for documents and I have a lot of projects going. Within "Local Files" we definitely need folders! If not everything is just cluttered like crazy and unorganized. At least there is a sort by last modified, but that's no excuse!
  20. Z

    the Pros of upgrading to 3.2.1 (with JailbreakMe)

    Imo better wifi connection, my wifi connection is horrible and with 3.2.1 its so much better haha
  21. Z

    Perfect Web Browser

    I actually use icab mobile, Its not bad
  22. Z

    best browser for tabs, gestures, speed

    For some strange reason perfect browser tends to crash on me when using tabs. Cant find a consistent crash problem so it still seems to happen at random when using tabs.