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    Juice pack powerstation - iPad 3 higher capacity

    The iPad 3 battery (4200mAh) exceeds the current capacity (4000mAh) of the Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation. Before I contact them and ask if they'll release a new higher capacity version, I just wanted to know if anyone has spotted a good quality external USB battery suitable for the iPad 3...
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    No iPad 4 section?

    No that the iPad 3 is out and is old news, I was expecting a rush of speculation & wish-list threads on the iPad 4...
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    TuneIn car mode

    Hi How do you enable the car mode in TuneIn for the iPad? I saw how to do it on the iPhone version, but haven't found it on the iPad version. Thanks
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    iPad SlingPlayer - Audio only mode?

    Hi Has anyone found a way on the iPad client to go into audio-only mode (like th PC app can)? Thanks
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    LCD backlight bleeding?

    Hi On Engadget there's an article about buyers reporting LCD backlight bleeding. How many have experienced this with their iPad 2? I've got an iPad 1 and would like some feedback, in order to decide if I wait while they fix early production bugs, or if I buy right away Thanks
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    iPad - adding videos from NOT the regular iTunes'd computer

    Hi All my ipad files (songs, photos, etc) are on my home desktop (Windows). I'm now on business travel with my iPad and my laptop (Windows). How can I add videos to my iPad without "erasing" what's currently on my iPad? If I install iTunes on my laptop, add videos to it and then connect my...
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    Starfall HD - tower defense

    I bought thi game a few days ago Best tower defense game I've played so far on the iPad!
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    iPad Slingplayer app released - for Pro-HD and Solo models

    Finally! Doesn't work with the Slingbox Pro. Only with the Pro-HD and Solo models I don't have a slingbox and was waiting for the app to be released. Those that gave a one star rating have the Pro box and obviously were disapointed. Those with Pro-HD boxes gave the app a five star rating...
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    Belkin Bluetooth receiver - alternatives WITH volume control?

    Hi Is there a Bluetooth receiver like the Belkin, but one that lets you control the volume from the iPad, without jailbreaking or beta software?
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    Atomic browser - can't reply/create threads

    Hi I like the Atomic browser, but on this forum I can't reply to a thread with Atomic, the text entry box is greyed out. Same issue for creating new threads...I can type in the title, but not the main body of text. Any suggestions?
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    Virtual keyboard with numbers

    Hi Is there a way to change the virtual keyboard layout, with slightly smaller keys but with a fifth row for the numbers?
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    Hotel internet

    Hi I'm going into a hotel where the internet is wired. It's one of those that require you to open the Internet Explorer, type in a code (given at the front desk) and then you're in. How can I use that for my iPad... I can't just plug in my wifi router in there, since it requires typing a login...
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    car GPS software for Canada

    Hi I'd like to get some feedback from Canadians using a car GPSsoftware on their iPad...I'm looking for a good oneto use in Canada, to sort of replace my garmin Nuvi The reason I'm asking Canadians is for Canada road coverage thanks
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    hotmail email - can't see pictures in emails

    Hi I have a few emails in hotmail and I can't see the attached pictures ... is there something I'm missing or a function I don't know about? thanks
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    Gravity HD

    Hi I'm stuck at levels 24-25-26 and I'm out of hint points. Is there a web site with solutions? thanks
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    how to search within a web page

    hi is there a way to search within a web page once it's ctrl-f on a pc using mozilla? thanks