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    iPad Mini's space 'cheat'?

    I had this kind of thing happen on my 16GB wifi model before I upgraded to a 64GB Celular. I seem to remember I disconnected and restarted Itunes. That sorted it. I was also kidna confused and thougth woa *** ;-)
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    Wrong music syncing to ipad mini

    Provided her ipad has a different name to your devices, all you need to do is to create a play list for Brenda's music and select that play list only. What is happening (assuming that it is on the same iTunes account is that other play lists are selected - bin ther sin that ;-) hope that helps
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    Synching calendars - mission impossible

    I tried to sync my outlook calander with a Goole Nexus 7 and couldnt - it was the nail in the coffin so I stayed with IOS cos it worked and bought an iPad mini instead. Sorry it doesn't help though.
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    Is iPad mini works with Windows 8 properly?

    Kevin you are quite correct, but was that the OPs real question? Whilst the Ipad mini is an IOS device, it interfaces with windows PCs and these indeed do use Windows. I don't have Windows 8 on my laptop but I can see no reason why Itunes would not work on a Windows 8 PC and hence the Ipad...
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    Ibook question

    Have you tried the following? 1) Stop iBooks from running then restart it? (double tap the home button, scroll across to iBooks then hold the iBooks icon till the red sign apears on the icon then select the red sign to delete it) 2) Hard reset the Ipad (Hold the home button down and the power...
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    iPad Mini So Popular it Could Become the Main iPad

    I have big hands and dont find it unusable at all!!! I also dont consider my eyesight to be that good and have no problem with the display. Its horses for courses as usual. I didnt want a full size Ipad, all I initially wanted was a device to read with but the mini gets used for much more than...
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    Battery under ios 6.0.2

    No difference on either mini or 5 here. Then I havent used them much today.
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    Color of your mini

    Black - what other colour is there for an ipad???? White is so girly ;-)
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    New Ipad mini has shipped - Excited

    Got an email this morning telling me my new Ipad mini 64GB Celular has shipped - But its expected delivery is 28th Grrrrrr. I cant complain too much I suppose since its a merge in transit. So excited that I keep refreshing the tracking details on an hourly basis lol How long does it take to...
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    Cover or not

    Interesting. I had an Iphone 4 for a couple of years before I upgraded to the 5. I gave the 4 to my brother and he commented on how scratch free the glass was. It never had a screen protector on it and I was never careful with it! I just used my shirt sleeves (yeah I know) to clean its face now...
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    What case do u use?

    I use a Sondstrom leather case. Makes it thicker but protects the mini well. Still fits in my pocket!
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    Celular mni

    Thanks for the info scudder. Lookinf forward to 2nd Jan ;-)
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    iPad mini with Windows 7 - USB device not recognised

    I had my phone be not recognised by Win 7. As it previously worked, it had to be the cable - I just gave the contacts a clean and it worked.
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    Ipad mini wifi only and turn by turn directions?

    Just to chuck my two penneth in here.... IOS 6 on the mini - and probably full size version apparently does not allow the Bluetooth COM port to be used for data transfer so you cannot get it onto the phone. I tried pairing my bluetooth GPS with my mini and it refused to pair. There are however...
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    Bass. Treble

    Go into settings, scroll down to music, there are a number of EQ settings available, but no manual or user defined EQ settings Hope that helps Cheers n beers Ian p.s. drats beaten to it lol
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    Should i or shouldnt i????

    Decision was made by the time I typed my post mate ;-) Ordered my upgrade, bummer is I cant have it until the end of the month - At least I still have my 16gig to play with hehe. Cheers n beers Ian
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    Celular mni

    This is going to sound stupid. but I have ordered a celular mini with an O2 sim card. But I know I have a better signal with Orange where I work, there is a mast very close. My question is to do with sim cards. If I get an O2 sim with the mini, will it be locked to O2 or can I just swap sims over?
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    Should i or shouldnt i????

    I know that my eyesight would not tell the difference between retina and non retina, I have had my 16GB wifi mini for about 3 weeks in total and regret buying it! I have already had it replaced due to screen problems - black bar down the screen - and decided today that enough was enough! It has...