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    Dropbox and saving files to IPad for manipulation...

    Thanks that worked perfectly :thumbs:
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    Voice dictation

    Hey... I had second thoughts... Since it's now activated... What would happen if I reverted to French as a language?... (Rollling drum) Ta da DAM! "Dictée" - Dictation option is still there and activated! I officially pronounce SIRI as being bilingual... Or should I say multi-lingual? I...
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    Voice dictation

    New IPAD (3) + on-screen keyboard is the related problem. Found my answer and solved the problem in another forum thought I'd post it here so that it can help others... It was indeed language related... I had to: 1. In international keyboard select an American one (I can toggle between both...
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    If you are new, please post an introduction thread.

    Hi my second post (first one was for help of course :rolleyes:) Thanks to all moderators for this facility! Cheers.
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    Voice dictation

    I have the same problem wonder if it's not language related? I chose French as system language, the onscreen keyboard shows up in French and no microphone icon...