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    Can't sync my ipad I get an error from Itunes

    Hello, After I installed an app from cydia Itunes won't let me sync my Ipad : i get this message itunes could not connect to the ipad3 because an invalid response was received from the device. Any ideas ? Jonathan
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    Last jailbreak question, I swear...

    Ok! I'm finally ready and I learned that Apple has released a 4.3.4 firmware. So, I own a ipad first generation. I'm on a 3.2 jailbroken IOS. I updated my Itunes but I can't update because of the recent 4.3.4 firmware. What are my options ? Should I downloaded the 4.3.3 firmware from the...
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    jailbreak confusion

    I own a IPAD first generation. I'm currently running IOS 3.2 jailbroken. I was wondering, can I use a payload update or I.m obligated to use a custom firmware ? Should I update my ipad with Itunes and after this part, running any jailbreak version. Is the latest update 4.3.3 ? What is the...
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    Jailbreak with 4.2.1 on a 3.2 jailbreak IPAD ?

    My ipad has the IOS 3.2 jailbreak and I would like to update it with the latest 4.2.1 jailbreak firmware. Can I only use the jailbreak version 4.2.1 from greenp0ison or should I update with the regular firmware and after that jailbreak with 4.2.1 ? thanks for the help
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    Upgrade with an older version

    Hi folks I want to updated my jailbroken Ipad. I'm running an older version (3.2) of the Ios. Can I just download the lastest the GreenPoison and run it ? thanks for the help
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    Directory for Images & Video

    Hi I would like know if there is a specific directory for the images and the video on the IPAD ? thanks
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    Jailbreak question

    Sorry folks, some people talk about 4.2 but am I wrong or is 3.2.2 for the Ipad ? If have a 3.1 jailbroken ipad, could I use the new jailbroken Limera1n ? or I have to updated my os with before updating with the new one. thanks
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    Procedure to downgrade my os

    Hi Is there is thread with a detail procedure on how to downgrade an os on your Ipad (OS 3.2) ? I have done a backup of my file on cydia. I would like to know if i want to test the new 3.2.2 release by Apple and then go back to my 3.2 jail broken Ipad Thanks for the help
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    the Pros of upgrading to 3.2.1 (with JailbreakMe)

    Hi I'm just curious to know the pros (and cons) of updating my super jailbroken Ipad (3.2) to 3.2.1 :confused: I'm might be wrong but people seems to experience all sort of small problems. thanks
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    jailbroken apps

    jailbroken downgrade ? Sorry guys, where can I asked a question about jailbroken apps ? I also want to know how to retrieve my SHSH from cydia if I want to downgrade my os.
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    Printing with the IPAD and Canon Pixma MP560

    Hi I recently bought Print Magic HD for my Ipad but I can't connect to my wireless printer which is a Canon Pixma MP560. I added the printer but nothing is working. No test page with the verification code. Any help would be greatly appreciate! Thanks
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    Ipad and multiple itunes

    Hi I own a windows laptop and during I would like to sync my Ipad with my laptop but now I'm using my desktop computer at home to sync my ipad. Am i allowed to use multiple Itunes to sync my Ipad ?
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    USB is not recognized by my ipad

    Hi I'm trying to access my usb using ifile (i hope i'm allowed top asked) and i have nothing in the mount directory ? It worked the first time. any ideas ?
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    File Sharing section of the apps tab in Itunes

    I have a couples of apps from which I can added documents in the file sharing section under the apps tab. I bought Cloudreaders from which I added 4 of my comics and the next app on the list is Pages. But because Pages doesn't have any documents, what I get is the same 4 files from Cloudreaders...
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    Jailbreak and Itunes

    Should I shut down my Itunes before jailbreaking ?
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    App with folder capacity?

    Is there an app or anything jail broken or not that will allow me to create directory for my photos ?
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    Jailbreak with 3.2 but what will I do when 4 is release

    Hi I'm curious to know my options if I jailbreak my iPad with spirit 3.2. Will I be able to upgrade with the new os 4.0? Wil I have to wait for a jailbreak version of os 4.0 ? Thanks for your help Jon
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    jailbreak necessity ?

    Hi I'm new to this forum and the Ipad is my first Apple products. The first of many I hope. I already own a lot of comic and epub books. Will I be able to added my own material to my Ipad ? In order to that, am I obligated to jailbreak my Ipad ? thanks for your help,