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    What's your favorite carry bag for the iPad and stuff?

    look at the following bag,it is mine.
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    Screen Protector Smudges

    My SGP Verizon Screen protector touches with silky smooth and no smudges,Matte Type (Anti-Fingerprint) Soft Skin Shield, Try to google it,you can get the answer.
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    Best Bluetooth headset for Ipad2

    Qoopro headphone on Amazon would be fine.
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    ipad 2 case for ipad2 and apple bluetooth keyboard?

    Yep,like this one and this style ??
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    ipad 2 case for ipad2 and apple bluetooth keyboard?

    Ever catch one sight on a bluetooth keyboard with case on It was on sale that time. But not sure by now. Hurry up,maybe you can catch it.
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    New IPAD 2 user

    Not even jailbroken for os4.3.5 by now,but 4.3.3///
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    Facebook for ipad release?

    so the iphone 4s was announced,while no facebook yet... what is going on?
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    Facebook iPad App to Launch at iOS 5 and iPhone 5 Event?

    Macrumors rumored the ios 5 released date Oct,4th will not only be the launch of iphone 5,but also the facebook ipad app processed. here is the details:Facebook iPad App to Launch at iOS 5 and iPhone 5 Event? - Mac Rumors No need to confuse on the facebook issue on ipad again. The official app...
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    ipad 2 bluetooth keyboard to buy.

    thanks for your tips,cayleg Since my ipad is not jailbroken,this kind of matter would not happen. I will go and see the zagg in the mall again and compare with others.
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    Rumored iphone 4s and 5 are about to release gather.

    Is that true? Anybody get any news about the release. I have just heard about the rumor today. Still wondering?
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    Facebook App not working

    Since the official facebook app for ipad did not release by now,there is always some technical or any problems..
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    Forum's New look...seems to crash on PC

    Seems hard for me to get used to the new look by now. While hope all will be better a little later..
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    App Store Blocked

    Since the apple store itunes was blocked now,it would be better for you to contact the apples.
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    Uploading pictures with itunes

    there is maybe some setting on replace the old ones to the new ones. And once you upload,the old one gone. You can check the setting of the photo upload. There you can find the answer..
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    Cover the Screen or Not.

    It is much valuable to get a protective case or screen protector than thinking over how to resistant scratches.. The case would not cost you too much.
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    Need to return an ipad2

    go to the shop you bought the ipad,ask for replacement or refund.
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    Ios 5

    but it rumored that the ios5 have the feature of wireless sync,is not it?
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    New iPad2 only shows USB w/arrow

    make sure the itunes to be the latest versions.
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    Home button problem

    Maybe that can help you at some time. While it will be better for you to contact the apple or go the native apple store. You can get good answer there,maybe a replacement or some fix. That can be fast and effective.
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    That what I do with my facebook. Just looking forwards to the release of official ipad facebook app.
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    Help With Safari

    Go to settings, then safari, then it will give you the option to erase caches & history etc Sent from my iPad 2 using iPF NO external links! Member banned!
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    HELP - iTunes not showing apps; afraid now to sync to i[ad2

    I searched the related forum. here you may get your answer:
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    At&t 3g

    The data usage app would be great,but not free,$0.99.. You have been warned ~ no external links.
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    Ok I 2 have an Ipad2 now what?

    welcome to your join in. Good luck.
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    Restrictions password reset?

    Please do not worry,the apps you have bought could be free. You can found it in the "purchased" section on the itunes, Edited by Moderator ~ you need to stop posting external links. This is your last warning!
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    Is there an iPad genius in the house?

    Yep,overdrive app is convenient for us to read books and share books. You are able to have different accounts and check it out on different devices as well. Please have a try then. No external links!
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    That means the ipad have not dried totally in the rice... Maybe try again or buy a new one ...
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    Looking for old school

    Lode Runner can be great. It reminds the whole happy days for me on the scene of it.. Cute image designed and funny running,walking style,so meaningful and enjoyable....
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    iPad 2 GSM / Unlocked

    Unlocked and jailbreak are two sort different concept... Meanwhile the ipads in the United States are all unlocked. Unlock means that you can use the network 3g or gsm all through the country with no limits... Been jailbroken,you can process many kinds of devices you want,and custom desktop...
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    Accepting followers on Twitter using iPad Twitter app

    go to the notification option,then you can set what you want..
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    fresh start...

    reboot and rejailbroken needed... no pkgbackup needed...
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    i like word games

    Seriously agreed. Word games reminds the childhood pure time. Crosswords,a sort easy and intelligent game,helpful and interesting; Wordmaster XL,perfect tool to remember words and study.....
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    Problem Downloading Emails

    Firstly,have you ever check the mail numbers in the account? Maybe there is some finite capacity of mail storage,delete all the mails. If not work again,is it possible for you to delete the mail account? Then reset up it,try to download the mail again.
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    Will I still need a laptop once iCloud goes live?

    Icloud is one kind of storage but not share any online information or surfing available. So the icloud would be just as an Hdd drive or others,while a laptop or some kind of pc can be much more functional and useful. While since the ios 5 on ipad were not released by now,no one would make sure...
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    Would you rent an Ipad for 25 USD pr. day when travelling to another country?

    $25 per day could be tooooooo much... Would rather having a book reading or others...
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    Answer the Question Above with Another Question!

    Is that true?
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    Need help from the pros

    PDF expert would be a good choice,it is the only one I know can fill PDF forms on ipad... Meanwhile there is no free lunch,the cost is $9.99.. PDF Expert - Fill forms, annotate PDFs for iPad on the iTunes App Store
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    Help with Motion Comics