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    Upgraded to Fingerprint 2.2 from 2.1 and iPad does not recognize my printer.

    I just upgraded to Fingerprint 2.2 from 2.1 and my iPad does not recognize my printer. I have a Canon MP970 and is was printing perfectly when I used 2.1. I have already done the usual troubleshooting steps and rebooted everything with any luck. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Fingerprint stopped working with iO6

    I am using Windows XP SP3 and a Canon MP970 printer. My new ipad was printing just fine using Fingerprint before I did the upgrade to iO6. Now when I go to print on the ipad it doesn't show my printer. I tried rebooting my computer, powering off and on the wireless router, Canon printer and...
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    How do you hide the sub folders in your mail inbox?

    I setup my office imap account on my iPad's mail and have approximately 100 sub folders that I can expand or contract on my PC in my Outlook inbox that are now appearing on my iPad's screen. I cannot contract those sub folders on ther iPad and I only want to see what is in the main inbox. Is...