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    Post your iPad mini mega iPhone pics!

    Lets show off a little.. lets see your iPad mini mega iPhone! And give a tad of what you bought it for. For myself, only reason I got the iPad mini is for travel, reading the news (Flipboard) and basic web surfing when the Macbook Air 13" seems like too much of a pain to unplug and use. I...
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    iTunes sucks > Mini

    Apple always goes for "Simple" and "Just works". Not everyone has access to such luxury features. I can't restore/upload my favorite apps on my iPad from my older iPad because I need iTunes 10.7 What makes this difficult for me is the fact that I don't have internet at my home and rely on AT&T...
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    Track your iPad via UPS without tracking number

    Puzzled as to why Apple store keeps telling me "Prepairing for shipment" and my iPad mini should be here on Friday. If you go to and track your package via "reference" you can enter your information (use your phone number you gave apple) and it will pull up the tracking information...
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    I'm back.. question about hotspots

    I got an iPad 2 awhile ago. Gave my dad my orig iPad. Got the Verizon iPhone 4 on launch day.. unlimited data, unlimited talk/text, full insurance, and everything for $64 a month (I get a very nice discount). However, I'd like to keep my unlimited data, but still use my iPhone as a hotspot for...
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    "software update" message this morning

    Verizon iPhone 4. Woke upto a text at 7am saying there is a software update for my phone. However I can't find any info anywhere on the web about it.. Ideas???
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    Verizon or AT&T for iPad 2

    I have a 3G AT&T iPad now.. Never really had any data issues with it. Got my iPhone 4 little less than a month ago (for work) on Verizon network. Yet to have a dropped call or data issues. I currently have over 400 minutes talk time. About 80 emails a day via 3 push accounts, facebook...
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    Contacts sync with iPhone

    How in the heck does this sync between the iPhone and iPad work?? If I understand correctly, if I put data into my iPhone, I need to do it under the "Exchange" google account. Basicly the contacts are saved on my phone, but also in the "cloud"?? And further more, this makes it possible for the...
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    iPad vs iPhone speed test

    Thought I'd compare the two devices. I'm moving to TX this week, so thought I'd get this done with to see how the two compare! I have to say this is a great test..I have 3 signal bars on both devices! Test was done with an iPad 3G and iPhone 4 Verizon Both were done with at least two Cell...
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    iPhone 4 Aluminum case review

    Well my new Karas Kustom case has arrived today. Costs, $39.00 - $45 shipped to door. Arrived in 3 days from order. It's not hard to screw up.. cut peices of aluminum. Polish, and send out. However, mine came with stain marks of some sort. Being aluminum I was able to use my polish I had...
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    iPhone 4 on Verizon

    Who's getting an iPhone on Verizon this week? I think I am.. Went to AT&T and they wanted a $500 deposit!! I did a "pre-qualify" buying a droid (didn't buy it, just testing) and I got to the very last page after it spent a minute checking my credit. Didn't come back saying a deposit was...
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    Question regarding Skype and the iPad/iPhone My boss has a Verizon the only way to really make use of the product is through the iPad or iPhone and his laptop. I'm pretty sure the iPhone can support the service. However the iPad (lack of camera) can only support it one way (video feed...
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    iPhone cases.

    Anyone have a Karas Kustoms aluminum case?? I really like it. Just want to hear reviews.. Pick up my iPhone on Saturday.
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    iPad speed test tether

    I'm getting a new iPhone 4 this weekend. Still debating on AT&T or Verizon. AT&T can allow for web and talk at the same time. I find this useful for me.. Anyone have a speed test with their 3G iPad and tether speed test with their iPhone 4? I checked my tmobile bill, used 158mb last...
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    Getting an iPhone 4!!

    What's the best way to sync my current jb/unlocked iPhone 3G with the new iPhone 4 & iPad? Pick it up saturday night.
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    Time has come! iPad in the field

    Well I got my official job offer. I'll be relocating to a border town in southern Texas. I'll be able to get some hard use out of my 16GB 3G iPad out there. My boss LOVES Excell so this is where primary use will come in. Along with email of course. I think it's Otterbox time...
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    iPad sling

    Well I was thinking about my outfit and thought I'd try something.. Still in early stages of development, however my idea is to incorporate an iPad into a military style outfit via a sling. Requirments ofcourse are: An otterbox case. And a lot of courage :p I got this idea from researching...
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    YouTube sucks

    YouTube sucks on this thing. Even in my iPhone it's crap. No problem streaming yutube on the computer, Netflix on the tv.
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    Anyone hear of any news on a new iPod touch? I'm about to buy one soon but would wait if they came out with the body style of the iPhone 4.. Plus don't want to buy old technology :D
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    AT&T account theft -story

    Read this, this morning. If you're a 3G user, this may apply. Two guys stole information on accounts with AT&T. Two Face Criminal Charges in AT&T Security Breach Two Face Criminal Charges in AT&T Security Breach (Sent from Flipboard) Sent from my iPad 3G
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    Screen scratch. Finally

    Well woke up this morning to find a few hairline scratches on my iPad. You can only see em when it's off and the perfect angle into some bright light. I assume it's from the microfiber cloth and dust.
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    How to import Google Earth files

    Anyone know how to import Google Earth files into the iPads google Earth? I'm starting to setup and use my iPad more and more for work to show it can be a great tool for the work place IN the field (and at the office). But I'm in need to be able to use some simple tools. I have roughly about a...
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    What's a podcast? Any good ones? Looks like videos of some sort??
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    Pandora vs. Slacker Radio

    On my Sony Network Media Player.. I have the first option, Slacker Radio. The second is Pandora. I've always used Pandora.. never Slacker. Which one ya'll like? Is there a huge difference?
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    iPad 2 with a few photos.

    Saw thisnon flipboard If this is the shape.. Interesting. iPad 2 Hardware, Allegedly From Apple, Spotted at CES [REPORT]
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    Airplay from iPad to other devices

    Does airplay only work with Apple products? Is there a way to use the iPad with other devices such as Sony Media Network??
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    Anyone use their iPad less?

    I've found myself using my iPad less and less as each day goes on.. I haven't started my work contract yet so I have no real business needes to accomplish yet.. Now I just use it for a quick facebook update, flipboard, and reading the news before bed. It almost hurts me.. :(
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    Apple TV? Not in this house!!

    So orig I wanted an Apple tv. I like to stream Pandora a lot. Also Netflix. We have a PS3 so DVD/blue ray is covered. So the thought of buying another DVD player seem like a waste. Plus I thought for my office, a network media player would be good. So I saw a Sony Network Media...
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    uh oh..bad habbits!!

    So the other day, we bought a new HP desktop computer. I find myself using it a lot..the screen is HUGE! It's either a 20 or 23"..forget but I am using it more and more. However, I find myself taking the mouse, and clicking the very top part of the window I'm using, in order to "scroll up"...
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    Numbers - Formulas

    Okay so this job I'm working on, boss uses Excel for EVERYTHING. I'm wanting to use my iPad for in the field data entry. Easier to lug around, rather than a laptop. I ran into a problem.. with Excel, I can plug in "=C55/H55" and it will give me the % value of the total cost. The sum...
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    Should I upgrade to 4.2 now?

    Well it's been a while from release date. I decided not to jailbreak. Is it worth upgrading? What are peoples thoughts after having it for a few now..
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    Ms office for iPad/Mac-Pro

    So I have decided to buy a 13" MacBook Pro for work use (and home, but I'm also buying a 24" desktop from apple). Now the company runs on windows. I would like to switch. I plan on using my iPad as much as possible for how portable it is. It will do for small adjustments in programs like...
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    Been under the tree like this

    She doesn't think it's an iPad. Thinks I just reused my box (which I did, back sticker says "16GB 3G" on it) and it's stuffed with another gift.. Or is it? :ipad-front: :D
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    Can't install apps..

    Trying to buy/install numbers app on iPad. It comes up with a message:"you will be able to download and install numbers when connected to iTunes via PC" I tried installing a few other apps with no issues. Numbers seems to be the only app that won't install. Any ideas? Currently don't...
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    Apple tv vs sony media

    Saw a Sony media thing at Costco for $99 Same thing as apple tv, just Sony version... Only thing I noticed is the output of 1080p vs 720p apple offers. So that's a plus for me.. Also supports an external hard drive which I want to about 100gb of photos and videos. Not sure if...
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    iPad with Apple TV

    Okay so the girl wants Apple TV. And for $100 that's really cheap so why not. But the thing she likes is netflix. We have the PS3 and Wii but nothing for the bedroom. So after checking it out.. There is a "remote" app for the iPad. So main question: can I stream photos from my iPad to...
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    Bluepoop headphones

    Can I use any bluetooth headphones with the ipad to listen to music?
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    Record keeping

    Anyone know an app FOR THE IPAD (no iphone apps) that can keep track of records, mainly on vehicle maint. and items bought. I like to see how much money ive spent on all my vehicles from gas to wiper blades to light bulbs an oil changes. Maybe something that can also keep track of other...
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    iPad apple dock

    So I had $25 in best buy reward points. Got a micro fiber cloth for $6 and an iPad dock. Question, does the dock loosen with use? Right now if I pick up my iPad, the dock comes along with it. Not a big issue, but be nice if over time it wears down and not so "sticky"...
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    Itouch for Christmas.

    Well after playing around with facetime on the iPhone it looks neat!! I'm still waiting for the iPhone 4 to come to tmobile, or cheaper on craigslist to buy. Until then, I think I'm going to buy two itouch so we can talk/see more often. Plus I think he'd like it for the airplane rides or...
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    Going to leather my back.

    I hate how slippery the back of the pad is. But I love how thin the pad is. I don't like cases much. And am about to buy a dodo case to have something nice to carry around along my targus slip case. So zaggs sells a leather back. But their leather says "Zagg" in huge letters in the center of...