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    Help smashed my ipad screen ;(

    ]Disaster yesterday with my £649 64gb 4g iPad .. I was picking it up at my other in laws and dropped it on a stone floor Luckily I had a protective case on so there is no damage to the case itself just the digitiser is smashed as the screen underneath is perfect I have gadget insurance on the...
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    Transfer enhanced pictures in album from ipad to pc please help

    Have been away in Scotland for a week and uploaded all my pics from my memory card to my iPad . I have enhanced them and cropped some of them . I have returned home and can't work out how to transfer the enhanced / cropped pics back to my pc I have managed to transfer the pics from my iPad but...
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    Best Sat Nav

    Have 64gb 4g sat nav and a Brodit in car holder for my pride and joy .. Question is what is the best sat nav out there I use co pilot on my android phone but wonder is there any other alternative A lot of the sat navs payable so I don't wanna fork out a fortune if it's rubbish Can you fab...
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    Little sluggish

    Have 64gb 4g new iPad I have noticed a little lag on some apps and on Internet which I didn't seem to get on iPad 2 I have reset the iPad (off button and home held on till switches off) Has anyone else got a lag on their new iPad ? Is there anything I can do to get rid of it ? Seems to be...
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    Best bluetooth gps to work with ipad ?

    Want to use my iPad 3 as a sat nav .. I know the wifi doesn't have any gps built in so I'm going to have to use a Bluetooth external gps unit .. I've tried my old holux Bluetooth gps and the iPad doesn't see it , Can anyone tell me the best one to use (not too expensive) .. I'm in uk Thanks for...
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    Ipad as alternative sat ?

    Have just bought a brodit iPad mount for my car for music and DVD use from my iPad which is en route to me Question is I know iPad 3 doesn't have gps chip but Sygic finds where I am off wifi very accurately if I tether from my phone will sygic be a viable sat nav ? The sat nav looks awesome...
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    Regrets going back to ipad 2

    I had a major issue with the screen on my new 64gb wifi iPad where I had major screen bleed .. Instead of changing it I got a refund and re ordered a refurb iPad 2 direct from apple which arrived yesterday ... I can't stand the iPad 2 screen which looks mega poor so I'm gonna send the iPad 2...
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    £485 worth of in app upgrades

    Came down this morning to 7 app store bills from apple to the time of £485 , I immediately thought my account had been hacked and emailed apple .. On speaking to my 8yr old child who has figured out my password he bought the in app upgrades yesterday thinking they were 69p .. I received an...
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    New iPad screen bleed - hugely dissapointed

    Paid out £559 for my new iPad white 64gb wifi , got it home and loaded everything up wow what a difference between the iPad 2 I was very impressed until I came to use the iPad last night .... On the iPad 2 I suffered screen bleed on the sides and also could see the backlight when I looked at...