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    Real Racer HD

    Anyone got Real Racer HD? If you have please add me my username is racerfan Thanks :)
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    Hearing beeps

    Every couple of minutes I keep hearing beeps just enough to hear. I check my email and nothing what could it be? Thanks
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    Zaggmate in uk?

    When will they bring the zaggmate case and keyboard out in the uk?
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    AirPrint help

    Its asking me to input username for kodak printer I am using and a password what would that be? Computer username & password or something else? Also how do I set it to guest I am using a vista laptop
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    Game centre, multiplayer

    Has anyone tried a multiplayer game via the game centre I have invited players to play racer hd but no luck. What else I was wondering if someone is inviting you to a game would a popup come up to say you are being invited or something like that?
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    DVD to iPad

    I have tried several iPad converters but only copies 5 mins worth because it's only trial. Anyone know of a good converter for iPad that's free?
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    Camera for iPad app

    A couple of days ago I bought the Camera For iPad app for 59p and it works a treat. You have to have the app installed on your iPad and also your iPhone. It gives you the second upload free to download to your iPad or iPhone. Anyone else use this app?
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    Send video file from pc to iPad

    I have never transferred video from a pc to any handheld device before so bear with me. Is there a way of putting in a DVD on a pc and send a copy of the film to my iPad I have 64GB so I know I have got enough memory. Thanks in advance.
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    Sketchbook Pro

    I have wanted this since I had my iPad and today I purchased it and think it's worth the money. It's more a less got everything to draw portraits landscapes anything you want. I have done a few drawings not good but good for my first try ha ha Anyone got the app or thinking in buying it?
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    Please help with bluetooth

    I am trying to connect my iPad with my iphone 3GS I have turned the bluetooth on, on both devices and is not finding each other. Am I missing something? Thank you
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    My top 2 iPad games

    First one is Magic Piano I read the reviews before buying obviously so I decided to try it. Glad I did it's one of the best music apps on the app store you can play, preloaded songs also play with other people around the world. Amazing I also purchased Real Racing HD and wow I was blown...
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    How to add a wallpaper to my ipad

    I have seen a wallpaper on this site I would like to use. How do I add it to my iPad? Thanks
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    MSN for the IPad

    Sorry if this has been asked already but is there a msn app for the IPad? Thanks
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    Hello from the UK

    Hello everybody I'm from the UK i received my IPad on Thursday i had the 64GB Wi-Fi + 3G and its brilliant i'm very pleased with it, i'm glad i had one. Great site by the way :D