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  1. Aerofly

    Anyone else not able to logon via Tapatalk?

    I know a lot of users on Tapatalk are having trouble with the iMore site (me included), but as from yesterday I am unable to log in to ipadforums on there as well. It’s asking me if if I am ‘xxxxx’, which I am and then keeps telling me my logon has failed. Even if I say no to the question and...
  2. Aerofly

    Random iPad Pro restarts since iPadOS14.2!

    Over the last few days I’ve noticed on a couple of occasions that when I take my iPad Pro off charge and open it up I have to put in my pass number as it’s restarted for no apparent reason. It’s annoying enough having it restart, but I use Dark Mode and it resets it to Light Mode, and I’ve also...
  3. Aerofly

    Enabling dictation on the iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard.

    Since I got my Magic Keyboard for my IPad Pro a while ago I’ve been disappointed that the only way to invoke dictation was to select the keyboard symbol on the bottom right of the iPad screen where the microphone symbol will then appear. Just in case you didn’t know, there is another way, just...
  4. Aerofly

    Pre plan and save routes on Google Maps

    I’ve been pre planning my multi stop routes on Google maps for a while now , and thought I’d just share how I do it, as I find this method useful. It may look a little long winded, but it’s really simple. First, I plan a route as normal using Google maps, using either my iPhone or iPad...
  5. Aerofly

    Airplay iphone screen to ipad?

    Hi, I seem to remember some time ago it was possible, probably on an earlier iOS version, to use AirPlay to mirror your iPhone screen to your iPad and vice versa. Is this still possible as I can’t find any info on it now, only mirroring to a Mac or TV?
  6. Aerofly

    Magic keyboard for iPad Pro available to order now.

    Apple today have made the new Magic Keyboard available to buy direct from the Apple Store. I’ve just ordered one for my iPad Pro 11” today with an estimated delivery of April 20th-22nd. I previously had one on order from Amazon with an estimated delivery of 30th May which I’ve now cancelled. In...
  7. Aerofly

    Apple Pencil not working!

    Hi, I updated my iPad Pro 11 to iPadOS13.4 yesterday, and I’ve just noticed my Apple Pencil is not being recognised. I have it in it’s charging position and it’s not showing up as charging, and it’s not showing on the home screen panel either. Anyone else with a pencil problem or is it just...
  8. Aerofly

    Videos on external drive using the ‘Files’ app

    I’m trying to view some dash camera videos that are on a micro SD card using the ‘Files’ app with a micro SD card adaptor on my iPad Pro 11” using iPadOS13.2.3., and all files are mp4 files. Everything works fine viewing single files, but what I want to do is get the files to automatically play...
  9. Aerofly

    Interesting Apple pencil trick!

    Hi Guys, I have a Logitech Slim Folio Pro keyboard case for my iPad Pro 11”, and I also have an Apple Pencil. If you are familiar with the Folio Pro, you will notice they have fitted a slot in the flap that goes over the case when closed that allows you to store your Apple Pencil to avoid...
  10. Aerofly

    Printing emails in iOS13 and iPadOS13

    I’ve just spent 10 minutes looking for the print function when trying to print an email in iOS13/iPadOS13. I kept looking for the Share Sheet, and it’s nowhere to be seen. I found the print command in the end, and to access it you will find it under the ‘reply’ button. It’s actually right at the...
  11. Aerofly

    Just ordered a new iPad Pro 11”

    Just ordered a new iPad Pro 11” 256Gb to replace my ageing iPad Air2. I’ve recently got the “this app will not work on your device” on a few app downloads recently so I bit the bullet and parted with many “beer tokens” for the new one, complete with pencil and new cover. I then realised that...
  12. Aerofly

    iOS 11.3 restarts?

    Since updating my iPad Air2 to iOS 11.3 it’s restarted itself twice for no apparent reason. It’s never done this before. Is anyone else experiencing spurious restart under iOS 11.3? Steve
  13. Aerofly

    How to transfer PDF’s from iBooks to Goodreader?

    Hi, hopefully someone can give me some advice here. I have been using iBooks for quite a while now to store PDF’s on my iPad Air2, such as receipts, software and hardware manuals and other general pdf files. I have been frustrated with it’s limitations on what can be done to the files when in...
  14. Aerofly

    Problem with Safari in iOS 11.0.1

    Hi guys, I’m wondering if there is someone here who can furnish me with a solution to a really annoying problem that’s been plaguing me over the last few days. I’m running iOS 11.0.1 on an iPad Air2 (128Gb), and when I try to open certain websites in Safari, they partially open, with the blue...
  15. Aerofly

    iOS 10.3 update, strange problem

    Updated my iPad2 Air to iOS 10.3 yesterday over wifi with no problems whatsoever, but my iPhone 5C steadfastly refuses saying "iOS 10.2.1, your software is up to date". I've reset the iPhone more than once, but it still won't update. I know this is an iPad forum, but has anyone got any idea why...
  16. Aerofly

    How to Remove All Emails in iOS 10 on iPad or iPhone

    There used to be a method to remove all emails from an account in 'mail' using the 'delete all' command. Unfortunately Apple seem to have removed this facility for multiple emails in iOS 10, and you can now only delete one email at a time. This is fine for a few emails, but I wanted to remove...
  17. Aerofly

    Anyone using iMazing

    Hi, I would like to have total control over what I transfer to/from my iPad 2 Air and my PC, and would rather have something more flexible than iTunes. Before I spend out on iMazing, I'm just after an honest opinion as to whether it's worth the money from anyone who's used it for a while...
  18. Aerofly

    iOS 8.2, where's the "add to favourites" gone

    Please can someone tell me I'm not going mad? At the top of the screen where you go to bookmark a website link, one of the options used to be "add to favourites" which would add the link with an icon to a "Favourites" page, which would then appear when you hit the "+" to add another tab. This...
  19. Aerofly

    My iPad 2 to iPad Air 2 upgrade woes!

    Yesterday i finally decided that I'd had enough of my ageing iPad2, and bought myself a shiny new iPad Air 2. I made sure my iCloud backup was up to date on my old iPad, and powered on the new one and started the, what turned out to be, VERY long update process. The restore didn't take very...
  20. Aerofly

    Problems loading page?

    Don't know if this has been mentioned before as Tapatalk is a nightmare to search now, but I've been seeing the message I've shown here quite regularly since iOS 8.1.2 on my iPad 2. I've been resetting the iPad quite regularly, so that's not the problem, and i see it on several different...
  21. Aerofly

    iOS 8.1.2 Multitasking Gestures still fail

    iOS 8.1.2 was a great opportunity for Apple to correct the problem with Mulitasking Gestures failing and needing to be switched off/on in settings to resume. But they've once again ignored all of the complaints on many forums highlighting the problem, which, at least on my ipad2 is still...
  22. Aerofly

    Multitasking gestures!

    Is anyone still having problems with Multitasking Gestures not working? My iPad 2 is now at iOS 8.1, and I'm still experiencing this. The trick of turning MG off and back on works, but since this was a well known and published problem in iOS 8, I would have thought that Apple would have...
  23. Aerofly

    How to accept a mime.ics calendar meeting request?

    A friend has sent me a meeting request by email (I believe he uses Outlook), and the request took the form of a mime.ics request which I was able to add to my calendar, but I can see no way to accept the invitation. If I open my iPad 2 calendar and click on inbox bottom right, there are no...
  24. Aerofly

    Are you getting high battery drain?

    I was finding under ios8 that my battery on my ipad2 seemed to be draining a lot quicker than it used to. I always leave "Settings-General-Background app refresh" switched off, and guess what!......ios8 had switched it back on again! Worth checking if you're having battery problems. Update...
  25. Aerofly

    "Unable to download item"?

    Since upgrading my ipad2 to ios8 I keep getting a niggling message box popping up which says "Unable to download item...done/retry". I have absolutely no idea what "item" it's referring to, and try as I may I simply cannot find any programme or app which is attempting a download of anything...
  26. Aerofly

    iPad2 very slow after iOS8 install!

    Anyone else using an iPad2 noticed a distinct slowing down of virtually everything?
  27. Aerofly

    iOS8 renamed all my pdf's in iBooks!

    Not liking the new iBooks at all. I store a vast amount of downloaded pdf's in iBooks which I've painstakingly catalogued and renamed in the previous version, and the new version in iOS8 has kindly gone and put all the original names back for me! Oh goody!, now I've got one hell of a job to do...