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    email sound ???

    in coming email sound on the ipad air is a piano riff which is driving me nuts i have tried to change it but seems no way to do it---- is this a built in sound or can i change or stop it altogether ? cheers
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    is it possible to remove your email account altogether from face book ? cheers
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    notes file empty

    I use a laptop ---- the wife uses an ipad2 which I try to keep running smooth, she said to me my ipad is asking to update clicked ok on an update which I think was icloud after update the icons have gone different which is ok but the note file icon when you click on it its...
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    Bit off advice please ?

    A friend has just asked me to put some music on her ipad version 6.1.3 But will not connect to itunes ?
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    Ipad 2 hours out my life ??

    Loads of pictures on my lap in deferent folders ie kids holidays ect after spending over two hours sorting files and sending them to the ipad using itunes I realize each folder I send just over wrights the last one ?? First one kids around 1g second wedding 250m ect ect only to...
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    Bit of help with language please ?

    Don't know how this happened ? But when I go into the App Store it's in Spanish ?? Anyone know how to Change this please
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    Anyone know how to unblock messeges ??? I can be talking to somebody send them a picture. After that the send button is blacked out ??? Making it impossible to send the next messeges unless a picture is attached ??? Any help please driving me nuts
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    bit of info please !!!!

    Hi I am just about to jailbreak my ipad 2 I have backed it up on itunes Is this the write software ?? absinthe-win-0.4 Cheers
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    films to ipad ????

    Been trying to put a film on my ipad for over two hours now !!!! Give up Downloaded flex player on the ipad connected it to the laptop come up in itunes clicked on it nothing happens ? Click on apps in the left hand column And there is nothing at the bottom which says flex player ...