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    Blogger Buzz: new dynamic layouts

    I've just become aware of this new blogger layout on some of my favourite blogs. On my iPad, it doesn't seem to give a good experience. It's slow for starters, and the page elements float about and under other page elements. Is it just me or is it affecting anyone else's iPad? These are...
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    I'm trying to write an article for a web site using iPad. I'm notorious for my poor spelling so I need to pass it through a spellcheck before publishing. I see in the Settings that my spellcheck was off, so I switched it on. Now how do I get it to spellcheck my document? I initially used the...
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    TV Players

    I see there's an ITV app (someone had inquired earlier). Does that mean we've got the set? Oh, channel 5....? I'm glad they've included a search function in itv player, unlike the BBC app - grrrr! The other day I couldn't see listed a programme that had been extensively advertised on the radio...
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    OS? Oh no!

    I'm a map freak. I was delighted when Ordnance Survey opened up their mapping data to the public domain. No longer did I need to buy a map, I could simply go to the OS site and 'Get A Map'. Perfect for planning a hike, bike ride, or a dog walk while on holiday. Well now they've changed Get A...
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    Blogging for the iPad

    Blogging for the iPad - Audio players It's not about the best app to see blogs but a better way to blog. (I did a search, surprised I couldn't find anything on this.) I've kept a blog, occasionally, for years. Now I have an iPad I'm aware of making my blog more iPad friendly. The...
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    You Tube App sign in

    I'm having a problem signing in on the You Tube app. What am I not doing right? I open the app. I opt for my videos. It prompts me to sign in. I sign in ( I've had an account for years). It ignores this and tells me to sign in at the You Tube site. I click okay. It opens Safari and goes to...
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    Hi. I'm new here, new to iPads, and I'm English. er...what else.... I bought an iPad2 after watching a vid of David Hockney using Brushes app. I wanted some of that. But my favourite app so far is Flipboard which I want to call Flipbook because I've never even seen a flipboard, and the...
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    Kadoo, Kadoo & kadoo audio player

    Hello folks, I'm new here, new to iPad and a bit confused. I don't even know where to post my questions. I've had my iPad2 for a couple of weeks, I love it, in principle, but some things are already bugging me. Like this one; I love Jazz and I have a favourite site, Tom Powers Jazz House...