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    iOS 5- what would you like to see for iPad?

    I want to see the ability to create photo albums for pictures imported from the camera kit, and the ability to direct imported photos to certain albums - and have this sync two ways with iPhoto on my Mac!!!! This seems so simple and basic and I can't understand why it wasn't there from the...
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    Creating Photo Albums ON the iPad

    This should be something Apple includes in a future update. Why is there no 2-way sync with iPhoto? Meaning, why can't we make albums on the iPad for photos imported with the camera kit, and have them sync to iPhoto?! It seems so simple...
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    Did anyone notice that account info is missing

    Can sometimes happen particularly after a software update. For whatever reason, it usually prompts a carrier update in iTunes and fixes it.
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    Silent button on 4.2

    Does anybody know if this switch can be changed back to orientation lock? I know it's in the multitasking menu to the left, but the switch was so convenient!
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    Who here bought an iPad even though they dislike Apple products?

    Not going to lie, I'm an Apple fanboy and that's why I bought this iPad. Loving every minute of it though.
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    Pulse App pulled from Appstore

    It's ridiculous, really. In reality, every paid RSS app with the ability to pull NYT feeds should be in the same boat. They'll band NYT feed retrieval and it'll be back up in no time. Its dumb because we pay for their development effort, not the content of feeds. Stupid NYT... Thats why I...
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    Rogers 3G activation issues... Anyone?

    Yeah that does seem strange. On a side note, I'm super impressed with the quality of Rogers' network lately. Here's a screenshot of a speedtest that I just did this morning on my iPad while connected to the Rogers network: Sweet!
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    - iPhone to Sprint...can't wait any longer.

    An iPhone for Sprint and/or Verizon would be a terrible investment for Apple. CDMA is a dying technology that is now only actively used in the USA while most older CDMA networks around the world have been switching to HSPA and LTE. Apple would waste so much time and resources to release a...
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    Data usage

    It should still have data usage under "usage".... if not, connect to iTunes and check for update and see if any Carrier Updates are available - it may install some updates from China Unicom to be able to show your usage.
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    Ipad Organizer App

    Todo for iPad is a pretty good application for some basic organization tasks. The price is a bit much considering what you get, however.
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    Backup Slow? Toggle it On and Off!

    I personally always back up my iPad and iPhone when connecting to iTunes and make sure I do so at least once per day - simply because I have had freezes and other issues forcing a restore and have lost data from my device which is very annoying.
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    Keynote???necessary to buy

    Keynote does not come preloaded on iPad. Nor does any other iWork apps (Pages or Numbers). Each of the iWork apps costs $9.99, making it $30 for the whole suite - which I highly recommend. The applications are awesome and very useful if you use them regularly on your computer or the Office...
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    JB battery life?

    Just a quick question here. I've jail broken all of my iPhones in the past numerous times for all kinds of reasons, and am thinking about doing so for my iPad as well. The only issue I ever had with my iPhones was that battery life seemed to significantly drop. After a restore to factory OS...
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    Boaters: iNavX

    Just another app recommendation for any boaters out there. I do a lot of boating on the Great Lakes and find this application very useful. I have had the application on my iPhone for a few years and love it, and it can be synchronized with iPhone-iPad-Mac or PC software as well. This...
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    International Power Adapter For Europe

    Unfortunately you can only buy the multiple tips (includes all of them) or an actual power adapter with the local tip. Sucks, I know...
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    Rogers 3G activation issues... Anyone?

    Strange. Seems like your initial activation kind of got stuck in limbo somehow. Glad Apple and Rogers were able to help you out and get it sorted out!
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    Swapping SIM

    No worries! Glad to help.
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    3 Word Story

    by Foxconn suicides
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    Swapping SIM

    If you switch to the 32GB, just take the sim from your 16GB and pop it in to the 32GB. Done. No problem! All the cellular data and info is tied only to the sim card and is in no way connected to a single iPad. You can put that microsim into any device that accepts microsims and all will be...
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    June iPads are now shipping 7 - 10 Business Days!

    All of the official Apple iPad accessories are in stock at my local Best Buy. I went in yesterday expecting to find slim pickins but walked out with a dock, case, charger, and camera connection kit. They had shelves full of everything!
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    3 Word Story

    was as sexy
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    Highly doubt it.
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    Safari app

    That's so weird how it disappeared on you. Any thoughts on what may have happened?
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    To be honest I'm pretty happy with the built in Safari application. I have my bookmarks bar set to always show, so my most common sites are always right there for quick access. And no, you can't see your other open tabs without hitting a button first, but it's pretty painless to me.
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    iBooks Not Yet Available in Canadian iTunes

    The Kindle app has been good for now, but I'd love to see some books in the Canadian iBook store. Hopefully we'll get an announcement at WWDC? Doubt it, but I hope we get some non 1500s content soon :(
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    New Tabbed Browser Released

    This looks alright I might check it out. I love Safari though it works quite well on iPad.
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    Pulse News Reader

    I have never had issues with Pulse. It works no problem for me, has never crashed or anything like that. It's just... Awesome. Those who like it, be sure to leave good reviews in the app store so that its not just the negative ones!
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    GPS away from Wifi?

    No, the 3G version has a dedicated GPS just like the iPhone. It uses cell towers to assist, aGPS, but also has a dedicated satellite GPS too. I've tried it with no sim installed and no wifi and it works :)
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    FINALLY!!! Charge your IPad from any computer

    I have a 2007 MacBook Pro which does not charge my iPad. I assume these drivers are windows only?
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    Anybody find Inexpensive iPad cases not online?

    Best Buy has some great ones at low prices. I got a Griffin elan passport folding leather one for $20.
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    No bookmark bar

    Sounds dumb, but make sure you have bookmarks saved to the bookmarks bar, not just bookmarks.
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    Plan on getting a Zagg Invisibleshield for your iPad?

    The Invisible Shield for iPad was 100x easier to install than on iPhone. Basically two flat sheets! Picked one up from my local Best Buy earlier this week - they had lots and on sale for $20 full body.
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    Rogers 3G activation issues... Anyone?

    Connect to iTunes and make sure the carrier settings are updated. Do not make the apn, let it fill itself it should be rogers-core-appl1.apn Just wait for the activation box to pop up. Mine took about 20 minutes before it was activated.
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    GPS Maps?

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    GPS Maps?

    If using the built in Maps application (Google Maps), you are still required to have a data connection (3G or wifi) because the maps are not stored locally and need to load. While the device GPS can track your location, you wont have the maps without a data connection. You can use applications...
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    Shenzhen CN?

    My estimated arrival date and time kept changing, but I can tell you that from when it was shipped it took 72 hours almost exactly to arrive at my house - it was shipping out from Shenzhen on a Tuesday and arrived on the Friday afternoon. FedEx also had some pressure on them from Apple due to...
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    Free Zagg Codes

    Thanks for posting. I already have my Full Body Invisible Shield installed on my iPad but I'm sure others will benefit :)
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    GPS away from Wifi?

    While GPS will work and find your location without Wifi or 3G, keep in mind that you need to use data to load the maps - unless you're using an application that stores them locally such as TomTom, etc. or iNavX for example with marine navigation. The Maps application on iPad (Google Maps) does...
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    Shenzhen CN?

    They don't always stop in Hong Kong. Mine went straight from Shenzhen to Alaska. It all depends on the route I guess. And sometimes on the shipping company. FedEx was who I had...