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    AT&T changing their plans

    It seems that unlimited is not working out for AT&T.
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    Stop sending me to mobile sites

    This is an iPad, it has a awesome browser on it. Why is it forcing me to go to mobile site. I realize it is based on a phone's OS but for the love of all things tech how does one stop this behavior. I have tried to use and the mobile browser I am forced onto looks pixel shy by a...
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    I went to and found an entry that contained my email, so that's okay. I also found one that is called Any ideas before I delete it?
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    One of the best free app that I have seen

    Give photo pad a try. It is produced by Zagg and I am stunned at the quality of this app.
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    Weird battery life problem

    Oddest thing just happened to my 3G iPad. I have the unlimited AT&T plan and always have full bars. I unplugged my iPad at around 7:00 this morning. I get to work and fiddle with it for maybe 30 min. The iPad has a home right next to my computer in my office. I leave it there from about 8:00 to...
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    *WARNING* 3G service

    I just wanted to put this out there for those that have not yet signed up for 3G service. The iPad uses a lot of data. It seems that you could easily use up 100+ mb per day with regular usage. I have been averaging over 100 per day with normal browsing. This is with out streaming video. There...
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    Observations after two days w/ 3G

    1. Now that I have had my iPad for two days I realize that I really want multitasking of third party apps. Thank goodness apple came to their senses and have enabled this feature in os4. 2. I find that I do not care that it does not have a camera. Of course I would love the ability to use one...