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    I knew I wasn't crazy! There is a problem with some WiFi only iPads! Apple investigating new iPad WiFi issues, tells AppleCare to replace affected units
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    Reboot to fix networking?

    Have had to reboot my device when switching WAP's. anyone else have this issue?
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    Zagg screen protector

    I purchased a screenshot editor for my new iPad, I got the iPad 2 protector because of the anti glare anti smudge. I don't understand the point of marketing the 2 and 3 screens are the same.
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    File Transfer to iPad?

    I connected the iPad using the usb cable. I tried to move files over to the iPad as though it was a hard drive and it wont let me? Did they take that feature away?
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    New iPad not connecting to wifi :(

    Does this thing not connect to WAP's configured with wpa-2 :( EDIT: disconnected from the WAP and reconnected it works fine. WHY it didn't work the other 10 tmes I did it .. I don't know..
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    Too excited to sleep!

    Anyone else?:o
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    Walmart to sell " the new iPad" starting at midnight

    This is in the US I believe. Might wanna steer clear of this place if you don't need one..